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Edwin James Klees - . . Susoect Klees Death Caused bv Foul Plavl...
. . Susoect Klees Death Caused bv Foul Plavl SKULL FRACTURE CAUSED DEATH OF FAIR RACE CHIEF Coroner Starts Probe of His Saturday Night Movements' INJURY MYSTERY Absence of Hat and Wages Just Received Stirs Action Whether Edwin J. Klees, 37, chairman of the Reading Fair race committee was a victim of foul play or died as the result of an accident, was the subject of a probe started yesterday by Coroner S. B. Glick after X - ray photographs disclosed that Mr. Klees had suffered severe fracture of the skull. Klees was found unconscious In his room, 32 N. Eleventh si, Sunday afternoon and died at night. He was suffering from uremic poisoning,, which was thought at first to have been the cause of death. It was disclosed yesterday that Klees returned to his home Satur day night in a dazed condition. without his hat, and despite the fact he had received, his wages as an Insurance solicitor Saturday morning, without . a cent in his pockets. A wallet containing per sonal papers was found in his clothes. e. Found On Floor ... , Mrs. Victoria Amsler. at whose home Klees roomed, told the coroner that Klep returned home Saturday night between 11 and 11.30 o'clock and went directlv to his room. Later, she and some friends who were visiting her, heard what they thought was a shoe being aroppea on tne floor above them, sometime later she said thev nearo Mr. Klees snoring. When Mrs. Amsler arose Sunday morning sne saia she heard Mr. Klees still snoring, and when he did not appear to awaken by 4 o'clock in the afternoon, she went to his room and found him lying on the floor, unconscious. "Mr. Klees had a wound on the right side and top of his head," Dr. Glick said. "I am sure that the wounds could not have been caused by his falling to the floor." Police are seeking to trace the movements of Klees on Saturday night. R.H.S. Pa rade and Meeting To high t for Band Fund Almost $100 Contributed to Send Musicians to Pittsburgh Saturday for Game By GORDON WILLIAMS Sports Editor of The Times It looks as though the Reading High school band will be rootin' and tootin' Saturday night in Pittsburgh with Coach Johnny Dietrich and his basketball team. The suggestion to start a fund to finance the trip of the musicians so that the cage squad wouldn't feel lonesome in the big Pitt auditorium when the South High team comes on the floor, struck a popular chord yesterday. The movement reached such pro portions during the day that before before the sun went down almost $100 found its way into the fund and plans were made for a parade and big mass meeting tonight. And don't be surprised if there is a special train of rooters, leaving Reading Saturday morning to lend support to the high school boys. Last night Edmund Wicht, secretary secretary of the PIAA, telephoned from Harrisburg that seats will be guaranteed guaranteed for Reading rooters if they make the trip to Pittsburgh by spec GIVE OLD TASTE TO NEW LIQUOR Four Ways of 'Aging Now Being Tested By Chemist ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., March 28 jt) Four ways to make new liquor taste old in hurry are being tested by chemists, Dr. Foster D. Snell, of Brooklyn, N. Y., told the American Chemical society today in a Joint report with J. Mitchell Fain. In one method a "liquor - fall" of the fluid Is run Over a lamp from which artificial sunlight comes, Here the same kind of rays that produce sunburn on the body shine on w ana quicken the aging process. a secona system nroduces "liouor soaa water - oy bubbling air, oxygen or ozone through the spirits in a process suggestive of the making of gmger axe, DUt using oxveen instead oi caroon dioxide. Oxidation of certain materials In the liquors is naswnea ana the aging nrooess speeaea up. , In another variety of artificial ial train. Already a large number of funs have purchased tickets and inquired inquired about train rates. Now something about that band fund, parade plans and the big mass meeting. w " First of alL the members of the band will meet at 11 o'clock this morning at the Senior High school with Fred Card in, the leader, to hear about tonight's parade. The procession wilLform at Second Second and. Penn streets at 7 o'clock Students from the senior high and the bands and students from the junior high schools are invited to participate In the demonstration. The parade will travel east on Penn .street to Eleventh, countermarch countermarch and go west on Penn to Sixth, north on Sixth to Washington and thence to city hall. The rally at city hall is scheduled to start at 8 o'clock. Melvin H. Nuss will act as chairman. Short speeches will be made by Mayor Heber Ermen - trout. Police Commissioner J. Stanley Stanley Giles, Thomas H. Ford, superintendent superintendent of schools; John P. Loco, (Turn to Page Nine) PWA APPROVES DAM CONTRACT Speeds Up Initiation : of $2fi&,mWiittr Pro - - ; 'gram by Month ' Speeding by at least a month the city's $2,500,000 water system improvement improvement program, the federal Public Works Administration yesterday yesterday gave its approval to the award of a contract for a 2,800 - foot tunnel tunnel to Walter ; S. Rae, Pittsburgh contractor. Rae was low bidder on the' tunnel when bids were received a week ago, but through an oversight he failed to sign the PWA's compliance form which is part of the contract. , Although Councilman Yocom yes terda;' was told by Maj. William Gravell, state PWA enginee: - , that Washington had approvi 1 Rae's bid, details of the approve' will not be known until a letter of confirmation received from Gravell today. It is believed, however, that Rae's sign' INSULL S VESSEL INDARDANELL1 Believed Unlikely That Fugitive from U. S. Changed Boats at Sea LIKE WILL 0' WISP Turkish Police Informed Financier Seeks New Refuge ' ISTANBUL, Turkey, March 29 (JF) The Greek steamer Maitls, Samuel Samuel Insult's refuge on the high seas, arrived today at the Golden Horn. Having passed through the Bosporus Bosporus last evening, the little tramp steamer rounded the Horn and entered entered the harbor here. It was not immediately apparent whether Insult Insult was aboard. By PRISCILLA RING - (Copyright, 1934, by Associated Press) ISTANBUL. March 28. Samuel Insull's floating hideaway, the Greek freighter Maiotis, steamed through the Sea of Marmora tonight tonight .toward Istanbul," the Black Sea and Rumania. The captain of the sea - battered battered battered ship, which for more than week has flitted like a wiU , the wisp - v through t A eff e ah ' and Mediterranean ' waters, signalled that he had one passenger aboard, believed to be the 74 - year - old fugitive ' - from American fraud charges. Whether this" was the former Chicago financier waif not definitely definitely determined as the dingy tramp, which he chartered two weeks ago jin Greece, proceeded toward the storm - tossed Black Sea, belching smoke from her single stack. Switch Unlikely " It was generally agreed, however, however, that the substitution of any one else for Insull would be hard to imagine unless in pursuance of an elaborate deception scheme of which there was no evidence what - cvcr - y ' (A change "was apparent today in Rumanian officialdom, a dispatch from Bucharest said. It was said Rumania "has no extradition treaty with the United States" and that the government is not planning RUMANIA BOUND lilARTIN TO HEAD GENERAL EXODUS OF CANDIDATES Withdrawal for G;O.P. Nomination Likely By Week's End SHANNON TO STAY Predictions Made by Mili tary Men and Caucus - Room Intimates By HENRY HE 1MB A CH Look for the withdrawal of Gen. Edward Martin from the Republican Republican gubernatorial fracas. The general's due to get out of the race before the end of the week, and his withdrawal papers will be filed with the state bureau of elections as soon as he can mend some fences broken down in the grand rush of 25 - Republicans into the gubernatorial arena. Moreover, look for Martin's action to be the signal for an avalanche of withdrawals, and withdrawals, it is fairly obvious, are what the Republican party can stand a lot of right now. Has Service Support You can also count on Gen. Edward C. Shannon's staying right there in the G. O. P. governorship scramble to the very end. He'll not withdraw, and with the state's ex - service men and guardsmen solidly back of him, there seems to be little reason why he should."" ""r " ' I ran into these facts facts, by the way, which have not hitherto seen print in a little jaunt to Har risburg yesterday, when I ran into three persons who helped me piece together the story another newspaperman, newspaperman, a Republican legislator whose ear is continually glued to the caucus - room keyhole, and an ex - service man from the central Pennsylvania region which Martin calls home. "On the surface,' they told me, "it looked as though Martin and Shannon were splitting when they both filed for governor. But those who knew both men and their long and close connections in the Pennsylvania Pennsylvania National Guard and the Republican party in Pennsylvania knew differently. Shannon and Martin are as close as they ever were, and the withdrawal of one was inevitable." Shannon To Benefit I asked: "What do the Martin people think about the general's

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Reading Times (Reading, Pennsylvania)29 Mar 1934, ThuPage 1
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