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Osgoode Township History - 0SG00DE TWP. Thrived on coincidence, or was it...
0SG00DE TWP. Thrived on coincidence, or was it the hand of God? METCALFE. Ont. Coincidence Coincidence has often been referred referred to as a manifestation of the band of God. And so it was that Osgoode Township Township first became settled. It was the M2Cs. and veterans veterans of the wars of 1812-14 1812-14 1812-14 residing in Cornwall dreamed of finding a secure future for their families somewhere in the wilderness between tbe St. Lawrence and tbe Ottawa rivers. Two men who made sock plans were Col. Archibald McDonell and William York. These two were close neighbors neighbors in Cornwall, but possibly possibly because of tbe folly of the idea, neither told the other of bis plans. Unknown to each other, both men. along with their families, left Cornwall the same day. and early lecoids tell us they must have also arrived at their destination on approximately tbe same day. Yet each had travelled different routes, and each thought himself the only settler settler in the Osgoode Township. WWW IT WAS IN MARCH IS27 that these two pioneei s "found" their new home and prayed for guidance. Daring the summer of the same T-l;JI"l,"i'i"ml!Wi T-l;JI"l,"i'i"ml!Wi T-l;JI"l,"i'i"ml!Wi injmu.li.aji nini .-in .-in .-in lira "m.Tt f-Z- f-Z- f-Z- V -vi -vi a-w-- a-w-- a-w-- a-w-- a-w-- v- v- jfc. -X,.'- -X,.'- -X,.'- r w . l' fa A sketch of the farm ot James McLaurin one of the early Osgoode settlers as It looked in about 1880 It Is now the farm home of Scott Argue. By Joe Rowan year, on what may well have been a hunting trip, tbe two men met. The still of the dense forest mast have rung with merriment with the realization realization that only a scant two miles separated their new homes CoL McDonell just south of what is now Mef-calfe Mef-calfe Mef-calfe on tbe banks of the Castor River, and Mr. York, a little further down the river near what is now known as York's Corners. It would be safe to assume that these men made frequent frequent excursions back to Cornwall to purchase supplies supplies and to boast to friends of their good fortune. So it was that stout-hearted stout-hearted stout-hearted stout-hearted men began the trek into Osgoode Township, and by 1S3I such names as Looey. Hall. Grant, McLaren. Hanna. Mcintosh. McNabb. Cassidy. Cameron. Campbell. Kearns Brown, Farlinger and Baity were inscribed in the records. w w w AS THE NEED arose. "Squire" McDonell built, near his home on tbe banks of tiv river, what were to be the first store and the first saw-SkiR saw-SkiR saw-SkiR ia the township. Tbe Hrst village was Metcalfe, Metcalfe, and it bad its beginning when the northerly trail of "Squire" McDonell met the westerly trail of Mr. York. A "trough-roofed "trough-roofed "trough-roofed shanty" was erected at this junction by Richard Stetham and Joseph Coombs and they opened a trading-post, trading-post, trading-post, (The present modern general store of Jim "Miller is near the exact location location of this early business venture.) The first death in the township township was that of Colin Campbell. Campbell. Since there was as yet no cemetery, Mr. Campbell was buried along the bank of the Castor, just west of what is now tbe village of Kenmore. Soon after, the Hrst cemetery cemetery was opened by the Catholics Catholics on lot 24. con. (. The first tkswi h. a Roman Catholic Catholic one, was also built on this lot. The next church in Osgoode Osgoode was the Methodist Church located just east of the village (oldtimers still call the hill at the east end of tbe village, "tbe Methodist Hill.") Then followed the Anglican Anglican and Baptist churches in that order. The Brat irhsil was located located just east of Metcalfe, and ---yraon ---yraon ---yraon ---yraon U itrarii 1 t 7 ' f- f- "-"-k "-"-k "-"-k "-"-k "-"-k I .. m Jig! pa IMMu II '11 The first Baptist Church in Osgoode Township was built on the site of what is now the home of ( Russell Blair, former township clerk, ; vassxssxsssms the Hrst teacher was James Grant, 'a young man from Scotland. The first wtddliigi recorded were those of John Farlinger and a daughter of William York; Duncan Cameron and Margaret Grant; and John McNabb and Grace McDonell. McDonell. www IT IS INTERESTING to note that these early settlers were often disturbed by the "rumbles" of thunder in the north-west. north-west. north-west. Little did they know that some 20 miles distant distant Colonel By's men were blasting out the Rideau Canal. Again 'coincidence', or, if you will, "tbe hand of God." Two Gloucester Township settlers. Hugh McKenna and a James Telford, lost a yoke of oxen. Their search through the forest led them to the clearing of "Squire" McDonell, McDonell, and thus, word reached out into Osgoode of the proximity proximity of Bytown, and of the construction of the Rideau Canal. These men told, too. of a trail all tbe way from By-town By-town By-town to what is now South Gloucester. Realisation that Bytown lay only a few miles to the north brought with it great possibilities. possibilities. No longer the need for long dangerous trips to the St. Lawrence settlements. So. feverishly, these rugged rugged men set out to join their settlement with that of their neighbors to the north. A ii -j -j g E H V Lovers Given Cockroaches CAIRO (Reuters) With studied studied care the elderly woman wraoned uo a dead cockroach in a niece of paper whuch she handed to the young man sit ting opposite her along with a letter addressed to "the spirits." spirits." When she demanded! her fee the young man revealed himself himself as a police officer and arrested arrested her. This sequence of events, Cairo new ipiptrt report, landed CO - year - old Victoria Barsoum tn a police-cell police-cell police-cell pending pending her appearance in court on charges of fraud and embezzlement embezzlement The newspapers, recently engaged engaged in a campaign against the activities of fortune-tellers fortune-tellers fortune-tellers and purveyors of magic charms, quoted Mrs. Barsoum as claiming the dead cockroach had great powers. t& Sraid she- she- sold if to broken broken ''"hearted lovers. If they placed It under their pillow before before going to sleep they would be reunited with their estranged sweethearts. She stoutly contended that there is nothing wrong in what she was doing, adding that she regularly paid taxes on her Income Income which was sometimes as high ks M Egyptian (S120) day. Mrs. Barsoum told police that the majority of her clients belonged belonged to the opper social classes and that several well-known well-known businessmen and executives executives consulted her about their I problems.

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal10 Sep 1966, SatPage 39

The Ottawa Journal (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)10 Sep 1966, SatPage 39
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