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Reading Times, 08May1896, pg4 - List of Holmes victims - - at to it - - - : - - HOLXES PATS THE PEXALTT....
- at to it - - - : - - HOLXES PATS THE PEXALTT. ' (Continued from F1nr Pag - ) ing the white skin to soon to be bruised by the rope. Then the black cap wniau lusted. The lips of Holmes still moved in urayer. when the last sight of his living lace was had. His head was inclined to the rlnht while the noose was fixed, the knot, as is the custom, being fixed Under the left car. Mr. Richardson pulled this tight aiid grimaced with the ellbrt, but the victim never shook, in tne mean time his hands Were manacled behind his back; "Don't be in n hurry, Alcclc," wills: pered Holmes from beneath the cap to the assistant superintcnaeni. . "Are vou ready?" the latter asked "Yes; don't bungle," were the final words Holmes ever uttered. The signal was given, the trap sud denly parted with a resounding crash, and the criminal plnnged straight down ward. The tautened rope rebounded for a moment, and then the body swung slowly nrouna ana arounu line a top, gradually losing its momentum. There was no sign of a struggle about tho swinging burden of the rope. The legs were not drawn up, nor were the lingers clenched. His neck hud been broken. , Muscular contraction caused slight tremors about the corpse, hanging there, the bend banging limply to the right, and the flesh growing purple under the knot, AI'I'K AH N K OK TUB WlllY. Alter the body had been lowered from the scaffold mid placed upon the stretcher, and the stiffened knot was finally loosened and the noose removed the black cap was taken off. The face was but little distorted. It was slightly discolored and the eyes were halt open The lips were drawn back mid the teeth protruded. A bruise and an abrasion around the neck where the rope had tightened was visible above the coat col lar. KN'CAHEI) IN CEMENT. After the body had been viewed by the physicians and the manner oi death determined, the stretcher was wheeled out of the corridor into the jnil yard. Here it was placed in nn ordinary cheap pine coffin. One noticeable thing about the collin was that it was wide enough and deep enough to have held two men of Holmes' size, the colnn was put uhoaru mi undertaker's wagon and coveyed to the Roman Catholic cemetery of the Holy Cross. The only persons at the cemetery were the undertaker and his assistants, two grave - diggers, two watchmen and a couple of newspaper men. This little company acted as pall - bearers, and carried the coffin to the receiving vault. When the vault was reached the object of the extra size of the coffin was disclosed. Holmes' dread of an autopsy haunted him con stantly, and almost his last thought was to provide against such a thing being attempted. The last act in the receiving vault was performed nt Holmes express command. 1 he lid ot the collin was taken off and the body was lifted out and laid on the ground. Then the bot tom of the coffin wus filled with cement the body w as then replaced in the coffin and completely covered with the cement. It was Holmes' idea that the cement would harden around his body and pre vent any attempt at grave robbery. The coflin was left in the receiving vault under the guard ol two watchmen, who will remain on duty all night. To morrow afternoon the body will be in terred in a grave in the cemetery, and it is probable that at that time religious services will be conducted by Futher Dailey. NO WILL AXD NO (XlNKKSKION. Holmes made no will and left no confession. This is according to Mr. Rotaii. He says he knows Holmes made no will and while the murderer gave him, this morning, a bundle of papers, his lawyer says he is confident that these papers re late only to private business matters. As yet, Mr. Rotau said, he had had no op portunity to examine them. Mrs. Pitezel was seen after Holmes was hanged. About all she could say between sobs was that she was glad that he had received his just deserts, but that his death would not return to her Her husband and children. Mrs. Pitezel will re turn to her home in Galva. 111., next week. A CONFESSION MAY HE FOUND. Despite Mr. Kotan's belief to the con trary, it is possible that when he examines the papers left by Holmes he may find a confession among them. This is the belief of George B. Chamberlain, of Chicago. Mr. Chamberlain is a lawyer and gen eral manager ot a mercantile agency in Chicago, and is here representing certain creditors of Holmes and the chief of po lice of Chicago. Mr. Chamberlain says that he has proof that Holmes killed at least nine people, and he thinks it likely that Holmes has left some confession of these murders. At an interview with Mr. Chamber lain, yesterday, Holmes promised to fur nish him with some material to lurther him in his efforts to recover some of the money due his clients. Mr. Chamber lain says that the mortgages upon the "Castle," in Chicago, nre forged, and that when they nre brought into court they will be thrown out and this prop erty, worth $30,000, will revert to some of Holmes' dupes. HOLMES HAD ACCOMPLICES. The last chapter in the famous Holmes case may not have licen written to - day. Holmes had accomplices both in his criminal operations and his murders, and the police of Chicago are now gathering up threads which will bring these accomplices to justice. This is one'of the ob jects of Mr. Chamberlain's visit here, and he had a consultation with Air. Jtotan to night in relation to the papers left by Holmes. Mr. Rotan had not yet time to examine them, and he has promised to send copies ol these papers to Mr. Chamberlain. A BID KOIt THE BODY. Some one, probably representing some medical institution, to - day ottered Mr. Kotan $5,000 for Holmes' body, but the oiler was promptly refused. How Many lld Holuiea Kill? On the gallows he denied having taken the lives of any one except two women, and asserted that even in these cases death was the result of a criminal opera tion. KIVE MURDEKS SHOWN MY EVIDENCE. There is no positive evidence to show that he killed but these live: Benjamin F. Pitezel, murdered at No. 1316 Callowhill street, Philadelphia, September 20, 1894. Alice Pitezel,daughter of B. F. Pitezel, murdered in Toronto. Howard Pitezel, son of B. F. Pitezel, murdered, it is supposed, at Detroit. Nellie Pitezel,daughterof B. F. Pitezel, murdered in Toronto. Annie Williams, murdered at Chicago. HE CONFESSED TO TWENTY - E1 VE MURDERS - In bis confession he says he murdered the following: Dr. Kobert JjeacocK, ot .Mew tsaltimore, Mich., poisoned. Dr. Kussell, killed by a blow witn a chair at the castle. Mrs. Julia L. Conner and her little daughter, Pearl Conner, criminal opera tion and poison. Mr. Kodgers. West Morgantown, va.. killed by a blow with an oar while fishing. Charles Cole, struck with a piece ol lend pipe in the castle. l,i.zie. a domestic, suuocateu in tne vault at the castle. Mrs. Sarah Cook, suffocated m the castle vault. Mrs. Mary Haracamp, of Hamilton, Canada, suffocated in the castle vault. - Miss Emmelme (.igrana, ot Dwignt, suffocated in the vault. Edna Van Tassel, of Chicago, poisoned. Robert Latimer, an employee, slow starvation In the vault. Miss Anna BetU, Chicago, poisoned. Miss Gertrude Conner, Muscatine, la,, poisoned. Mr. Warner, of the Glass Bending company, boiled in oil and steam in the kiln at the castle. A young Englishman, un associate, chloroformed. A woman boarder at the castle, chloroformed, Minnie AVilllalns, poisoned. Natiltie Williams, suffocated in the vault. Baldwin Williams, shot at Lcndvllle, CoT. A man. name forgotten, kilted In Chicago during the fair. Benjamin Pitezel, chloroformed ill Philadelphia. Howard Pitczelf poisoned and body cut to pieces and burned iu a stove at Irving - toil, I nd. Alice and Nellie Pitezel, suffocated in a trunk nt Toronto, Oiit. Will Make Their Owa Electricity, On May 22 the three - year contract of the Metropolitan Electric Light and Power company for furnishing motive power to the Reading and Southwestern road will expire, and the contract will not be renewed. Fires were started under the boilers at the plant of the R. & 8. at the foot of Chestnut street Thursday morning preparatory to testing the engines tbut have been idle since the dynamos were removed to the plant of the MetrojKilltan company. Satisfactory terms, it is said, could not be agreed upon by the officials of the two companies and in consequence the three large dynamos will be removed to the R. & S. plant. The foundations for the same are now being prepared. ' PLAYS AND PLAYERS. Jon Urloh's opera, "Tho Pilot," a great uceoM In Germany, is soon to be heard in London. Old Hoss Hocy has docldod to return to his first and greatest sucooss, "The Parlor Motch." Charles Arnold has returned to England after tour lasting two years and seven months In South Afrloa. - Charles H. Hoyt has completed bis now comedy. Tbo plot Is said to Involve splendid opportunities or fun. Walter Kennedy will add "Maoboth" and "Rlohard III" to his repertory next sea - ton, opening in Chicago in September. Arthur Bourchler and bis London company will appear In this oountry next fall in their English success, "The Chile Widow." William Courtlelgh is playing the leading part in "Tho Great Northwest." His role is that ot Robert Sheaf, known as Cap Sheaf. Goorgo Skinner, a well known English antor, diod Inst month of paralysis, with which he had suffered seven years. Latterly ho was nearly blind. A Third nvenuo (New York) oostumor and wlgniaker hangs out this sign: "Maskorndo costumes. Wigs made. Chil - dern hair cut, and Champoonlng." Margaret Mather's tour has been decidedly successful, having cleared a bnnd - somo profit every week. She mny add a now play to her repertory next season. Adolo Le Claire Is being coachod by a prominent playwright who is writing a part in a new play for her. She will appear in an Important production early next season. Julius Stegur will spond the summer In Vienna studying bis roles for the coining season of opera comlque at Abbey's thea - tor, New York, whero he has bcon engaged as leading baritone. "Forbidden by Law," a new play of Louisiana llfo in war days, - written by Alma Hoy, a young woman but 80 years of ago, was produced nt Hoiyoke, Mass., with marked success. Paulino Hall will, it is said, return next fall to tho stago where her earliest and greatest triumphs were won. She will appear nt l ho New York Casino in a big revival of the evergreen ''Erminlj." In s - i f ir as you approach temptation to , - lo l,im mi injury, and If bo Is DEATHS. STtJEBNF.H In till city, on the nth inst, Anna. M.. daughter of tiuntavusatifl Maria Stucbimr, aged 4:1 yearn, S months and 17 dayi. Funeral from her late residence, 622 Laurel Mtreet, on Saturday afternoon at ' o'clwk. Her - vicesttt the Iiou.ho. Interment private in the (Icrmaii Lutheran cemetery. TROUT In thia city, on the 3d Inst., Sallie, daughter of Catharine and the late Kphraini Trout, aged 2 yean and 11 dayB. Funeral from her late residence, 1 - 127 North Ninth street, on Friday morning at 9.90 o'clock. Services at the house. Interment at Spies' church. SCHWARTZ In thin city, on the till Inst., Roliert W., son of Kobert L. and Mary E. Schwartx, aged 1 year, 7 months and 10 days. Funeral from the residence of the parents, 115 South Ninth street, on Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Services at the house. Interment at Charles Evans cemeterv. FEATHER. On the 4th inst., in Bernville, Mary, wife of William Feather, nee Kenno, aged 77 years, 3 months and 21 days. Funeral from her late rosidence in KernviHe, on Saturday, May 9, 1S9B. Services at 9 o'clock at the house. Services at Union church. Inter - ment at Hcrnville cemetery. WANTED. WANTED. ) LADIES TO LEARN PROF, and Mino. I)e Garmo's French svsrem uf dress cutting, 20 PENN ST. ANTED. A joh at any kind of honest work oy an abie - bonieo man. Address 715 WALNUT ST. CASHIER OR BOO K K K E P Kit desires position. Exiwricuce and reference. Address J. W. MOHN, 1101 Green street, Hrila. WANTED A SITUATION BY AN ALT round machinist, either in or out of city also capable of taking charge of Hosiery mill. Able to do all kinds of work pertaining to the trade. Add rem 413 Franklin street. SITUATION WANTED BY AN EXPERI - enved shoemaker. Address, 353 South Sixth street. "IITANTED. Situation as book - keeper or f clerk, emnlovefl 6 years as teleirraiiu oper ator by Fhila. & Reading railroad company, nt present cierKing. uesire to locate in neaaing. Aaaress r. v. in. vs, nummeisiown, ra. AITANTED. A situation by a youncr man, i V aired 20 years, to drive any kind of a team. jan lurniMii reierenee. Auaress CHAM. R HCHAEFFKR, Ephratn. Pa. VITANTED, A situation by a young man of U M years, in a grocery store, cut price pre ferred. Is exirerienccd ami can come well re - coinmenue!. Apply iso. a ftiuinerry street. W ANTED. A situation by a first - class baker apply at 1H55 Perk i omen avenue. TlfANTED. Housecleaning or any other VY kind of work to do by the clay; also gen tlemen's washing to do at Home. Apply at iku unerry street. s ITUATION as wood turner and machine nana. x. a. ut'K n, viu wainut sireei, A SINGLE YOUNG MAN, S3 years old, would like to have a iositioti in a store or any otner work. Apply 7nu unesinirc street. WANTED, AFTER MAY 16th, A POSITION as renorter. clerk or any light work hy a renned single young man. Kcierences given, AO'iress box zs, i - .pnrnm, ra. ITANTED BY A YOUNO 8INOLK MAN f T aged 26 years, a situation as clerk or col lector, can sneak and write Knglish and Ger man. Good reference. Address V. - J. I., 113 BUttonwooa street. "r0UNG LADY of refinement wants situation X as companion or charge ol' children over 2 years old. Kelercnce. Address "U," tf2a Kim. WANTED. Washing and ironing to do, also willing to goout cleaning by the day. Ap ply 232 Locust street. WANTED. A position of trust by a young lady with three years' experience in mer cantile ofnee. Correct accountant and good penman. Employers' reference. Address A, 825 Elm. WANTED. Washing and ironing to take home or go out hy the day; also cleaning of any kind. Apply MO Chestnut, rear. PLAIN SEWING wanted to do at home. Address 439 North Eighth street. A DIBS I Chichester's English Pennyroyal PHI (Diamond Brud), ara th Bast. Rif. RdUkh. Tdn no thr. Send ., .uinn tor partkuUri, " Helk - f ft balk.." is LMTma j Return MaM... Bmptli tyjucseater vaemtea. to. rmiaua.. n QEVENTH WARD HOTEL AND 0jlkj HKSTAUKANT, SIXTH AND HU1TIWWWIU JOHN F. MULLET. Pro. Oysters in every style. Families supplied at short notice. Accommodations for transient and permanent boarders at reasonable rates. Telephone 9009.

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  • Reading Times, 08May1896, pg4 - List of Holmes victims

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