Kibalchich and choir in New Castle Pennsylvania, March 18, 1927 (New Castle News)

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Kibalchich and choir in New Castle Pennsylvania, March 18, 1927 (New Castle News) - New Ideas In Chora! Singing schfy.)ls of choral...
New Ideas In Chora! Singing schfy.)ls of choral singing, the Italian and German. But the foundation of bolh was still church music. Tn other words a capella singing. ______ The first signs of departure from I these established schools of choral Russian Hyinphony C’hoii*, Here To- singing, came from the gypsies, nighC Has Re.iiui-kahle ^ nomadic Iribes, whifh ahomul l‘roçi’a ni Choral singing is. perhapn, Ihe earliest musical expression of the human rat'e. It is oniy natural to assume that. whrui humanily began fo gather in groups for better results in its various activilies, that music-making also becarne « mass-action. In the absence of in-|ability. íítruments. with the possible ex-;gan to in Southern Russia, contributed not a little to the development of new forms of choral .«iinging.* And finally. Hasiki Kibalchich, conductor of (ho Hussiau Symphonic (’hoir, which will appear here al the Franklin .Iunior High School Auditorium tonight began to conceive H choir as a human orchestra. Prom conception to realization is but a matter of constructive Aud Mr. Kibalchich be- organize choirs, wherein ception of the primitive fom-lom, the human voice, no matter how coarse, was the easiest instrument IO express all these emotions wliich since immemorial lime find expression in mus.ic. 'I'hus, the choir was created. each voice is given the same value as an instrument in a symphony oi- chestra, and for which music is written as it is for a symphony orchostra.- The result is bf'st described in the words of the New York lleiald-'Fribune. that “Rach Kventualiv, musi-c found its kind-’ seems as cs! patron in the church. There, i »'»’nih under the conductor’s direc- i(»o, the choir was best suited lo;tiori as inslrumental players of a express the tleep r<‘ligious feelings |drilled orchestra.” of the praying masses. Thus, I To local music lovers it will be evolved the church choir. Most oi |a revelalion lo hear this <hoir bring the early music, before the days of ¡out in a remarkable program of vii iuosoH, instruments and orclies-1 classi< Hl aud folk music Mr. tras, was written for four voices. | Kibalchich’s new ideas in choral 'I'here developed lwo disUact siugiug. TONIGHT! The One liiir Attraction in New Castle Is The RUSSIAN SYMPHONIC CHOIR FRANKLIN JliNIOR HKiH AUDITORIUM, 8:15 1*. M. i;«'Uglous, cla.ssU ,ind folk music b\ an InteiiseU thrilHnjH \ (H \l, OBCHKSTIi I. IW ! \TV TWO VOK iiii'loc Í fu' ( ontiut'tivr f.unous Habile Kibalchich, < ¿UI you afTorfi to mi>is thcnj 1JK>0 are available at dtMjr for onl> JR1.50 e^tch? th(' Auspices of Educational Art Society. IU > S TOT K X S (■ R I V r beyond belief." JtMiXST(i\\ N 'rtUF^rNK has sufh magniti cent M-:\v >ORK \\( m : li > t'-'n to,“’ Cr.MTU^lRi \\n NPU'S iieard ” I’ll rsiU KC II SI N '-it hea i- ‘ "The singing las* evening was almost ’’Never in the hist oís of <iur fair city îi>nal elTecî been experienced ’* . . as iheerful to look at as it Is to ’M;-. stipcrior \y\l\ pr<»baM\ to vcr ht» ^Nas as perfi'i't smgnig as we hope to THE NEWS, BY MAIL, ONE YEAR $5.00

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  1. New Castle News,
  2. 18 Mar 1927, Fri,
  3. Page 7

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  • Kibalchich and choir in New Castle Pennsylvania, March 18, 1927 (New Castle News)

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