kibalchich portrait-1930, reading Times (Reading, Pennsylvania) 27 Oct 1930

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kibalchich portrait-1930, reading Times (Reading, Pennsylvania) 27 Oct 1930 - RUSSIAN CHOIR Basile Kibalchich and His Chorus...
RUSSIAN CHOIR Basile Kibalchich and His Chorus Opens Haage Season at Strand Basile Kibalchich, whose Russian Symphonic choir will appear at the Strand theatre tonight under the auspices of George D. Haage, has a long musical history . of illustrious achievement behind him. Kibalchich was born in Tchernigoff, southern Russia, in the center of a region rich in folk - lore, folk songs and choral singing. He showed musical talent at an early age and when he was only 12 was called upon to lead a large local choir. A special stand had to be built to accommodate the budding conduotor. . Later, he studied in the class of Rimsky - Korsakoff, one of Russia's greatest composers since Tschaikow - sky. He perfected himself on the cello but choral conducting still occupied occupied his mind. In 1908 he was in - viced to lead the most famous of Russia's choral organizations, the Archangelsky choir of Petrograd. Sly years later, he made a two years' tour of Russia as conductor of the choir of the Petrograd Conservatory of Music and thus gained a national reputation, particularly Because 01 j.V.W.V.V.V.W.V.".SW.VV J "October Picture Harvest Hit" J 1 STRAND I A Warner Theatre NOTE: Monday Night. Georft D. Haaf preienli The Runian Symphanio Chair ia Concert at the Strand. Ptetaree will ha eliminated an .his aci - ation. Tuesday (One Night Only) The Biaqut French Comedy SINGS TONIGHT i "t " - . L u Basile Kibalchich brings his Russian Symphonic Choir to the Strand tonight in the first Haaje concert of the season. his original ideas in scoring for choral bodies. Most Accomplished ' In 1912 Kibalchich accepted the position as choir conductor at the Russ - an cathedral of Geneva, Switzerland, Switzerland, and soon thereafter he became became choir conductor of the Russian cathedral in Paris. It was at this period of his life that he organized his first Russian Symphonic Choir, so called because he built it on the fame lines as a symphony orchestra. He began to tour Europe and in a rhort time was recognized by the European press as one of the most accomplished choral conductors before before the public. The choir which Mr. Kibalchich offered to a New York audience six seasons ago represented his supreme achievement in applying his principles principles of choral singing. According to one New York newspaper, "Mr. Kibachkh uses his voices like so many wind instruments and the singing singing of his chorus resembles some sort of organ, whose widely varied qualities qualities he attends to with an exquisite delicacy of registration." According to another paper, "The chorus not only sings but hums, and by means of fine graduations of tone and accent accent often suggest a string orchestra," orchestra," Reservations for this and succeeding succeeding numbers of the course may be mad at Hangen's Music House, 47 s5. Sixth St., or at the Strand theatre. The concert will begin at 8:15 p. m.

Clipped from Reading Times27 Oct 1930, MonPage 9

Reading Times (Reading, Pennsylvania)27 Oct 1930, MonPage 9
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  • kibalchich portrait-1930, reading Times (Reading, Pennsylvania) 27 Oct 1930

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