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 - I don't know when I have enjoyed anything more...
I don't know when I have enjoyed anything more than I . did the fine address address delivered by Col. Theodore F. Davidson, the 10th "Inst., on the life and character of General Robert B. Vance, who, in addition to the many valuable services rendered by him to his .county, State and country, as citizen, citizen, soldier and legislator, and the still more valuable service given, .to home; Sunday school and church, was a life-long life-long life-long temperance man, and aided largely, immediately after the war, in building up the Friends of Temperance; Temperance; of which order he was the President President in 1867-8, 1867-8, 1867-8, and for which, as long as he lived, he never ceased to work. I shall always hold in memory our first meeting. He had been reading my paper and was, of course, familiar with my name, but had no more idea how I looked than I had of how he looked. He had made up his mind, no some fellow; and I had formed the doubt, to see in .me a portly, hand-opinion' hand-opinion' hand-opinion' that Generaf Vance was 'an austere looking man, of martial bearing, bearing, whose very presence would make the air chilly. When he wrote me that he was coming to the Grand Lodge of Masons, and desired to get board with me, wife and I held a counsel, counsel, and came to the conclusion tha our house and" our fare would not at all do, for the entertainment of so distinguished distinguished a man, and our opinion was that we ought to write to him and. assure him of our high esteem, but to say to him frankly, we did not think our accommodations would satisfy him. But we did'not so write; finally concluding we would let him come, and we'd dp the best we Could for him. He came. I met' ' him at' the door. He announced his -narae; -narae; .1 gave mine. "And this R. H. Whlta.:; ker!". he exclaimed, in evident, disap pointmerit. "Arid this is Generaf Robert Robert B. Vance!" ' I answered, ' with equal disappointment. - J. ' really thought, as I saw him, at the door, in his long-tail long-tail long-tail overcoat, a pair of sad: dlebags on his arm, and a slouched hat pulled' well down on his head,' that he was some circuit rider, of, per haps, some member -of -of the Grand Lodge from a neighboring county. '!Where's Sister Minnie?" he asked, and before I had recovered from my pleasant disappointment, he was4n the sitting room, perfectly at home, and everything was as easy as an old shoe. He remained with us for a Week, and I am sure that we could not have enjoyed enjoyed each other more if we had been raised together, from boys. - From that visit, to the day of his death, he called upon us whenever he4 came to Raleigh. He was a pleasant speaker, and did good whenever hespoke, for, in addition to the strength of the argument argument he was making he had a fund of huriior upon which he drewHhat always made his speeches spicy as well as strong. We were born very near the same date, and, of course, I can not hope to remain very much longer here; but the Spring time of the life eternal will be so sweet to those who knew each other in this short life, should they be so fortunate as to meet beyond the skies. When these sketches are put in a book I intend, to give a page to General General Robert B. Vance, the,, first President President of the Order of Friends of Temperance Temperance in North Carolina, together With a portion of Col. Davidson's most admirable "address. If the readers of these sketches desire desire to have them in book form let them so state, on postal . cards. The book will contain not less than four hundred pages, and have a dozen or more full page illustrations. It will cost $1.50 bound in cloth. A number of orders have been received; but, until until at least two hundred persons notify me they will take the book I cannot risk its publication. Let me hear from you at once, if . you wish to book published. published.

Clipped from The Farmer and Mechanic24 May 1904, TuePage 5

The Farmer and Mechanic (Raleigh, North Carolina)24 May 1904, TuePage 5
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