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Ake Branch info - JTTHKN SUCH A record of'the 'V p»t aa tha story...
JTTHKN SUCH A record of'the 'V p»t aa tha story of the organ* allow of the Yellow Spring*, literary clety cornea tq^ the front reviving emoriea of the olden days one 1" kely to medltat* upon th* brevity of uman life at its but and to concede Ith the poet that this earth "It «H a >etlng chow, , for man's Illusion ven," and then to 'Agree with the. iet who adds, "there's nothing true ut heaven." Yet, to be perfectly uthful, few of • ua know anything finite about the unknown country hich we designate by that general ame. And few of us are specially nxlous to go on a voyage of die- very. Most of us are wilting to jstpone it until the latest possible omen,t. And that is perfectly natu- 1. We cling to human life instinc- vely. The big 'men around W;lliamsburg hen the Saunterer was a amall lad ere John K. Neff, Joseph Feay, amuel Dean, John Koyer. Strangely nough, the only one of that quartet tio could be said to live in the town as John K. Neff, who owned the Big Spring",property on the edge of wn. Mr, Feay lived A abort itance above town, diagonally oppo- te the first lock above town. ' Mr. ean lived on Clover creek, a short stance out of town, but I never saw s home. I seem to have a dim mem- y of having seen John Koyer. in his Eice At Cove Forge, but the recoll*c- on is far from distinct. These were e chief dignitaries of the neighbor- ood and some of them at least were e promotora of the Williamsburg irnace, the town's chief industry pre- dlng and during the ,Civil war. Of course there -were other leading nd useful citizens. Among those most vfdly remembered by the Saunterer ere Henry L. J. Snyder And William . Ake. The first named kept a untry store in Williams burg. I havo. iioken of him in other articles and "am ever sorry to recall the debt of grati- ude I owe him for the books loaned nd the Information given concerning ie state of the world in general and ur country In particular. Because e had opinions and waa never afraid express them, he had many bitter ncmies. His brother, J~. Snyder Ake, a an enthusiastic Methodist and strong adherent to the Dem- cratlc party, rather fond of making oliticftl speeches. The third brother, filllam-H.-Ake, had & farm just cross the river and waa not a talka- ve man. There waa a fourth brother, artin Van Buren Ake, with_whom I ever, had much acquaintance. He arried a daughter of John K. NefC nd very soon thereafter removed to >wa. There were three Riley brothers who kewise bulked rather large in the life seventy-live years ago. hey -were Andrew, William and amea Riley. The latter died while ie Saunterer was a small boy. My ecollectlon about William is that he ecame a resident of Harrisburg soon fter the close of the Civil war, Anrew Anrew Riley was a very fine gentleman nd he had-the distinction of being he father of an equally fine gentle- mn who WAS also given the name of ndrew and who Is still living, dlvld- ng his time between his former home n Willlamaburg and the home of his aughter, Mrs. Walter Jones,-of Pitts- urgh. The younger Andrew Riley as likewise the'honor of being the Auntercr's brother-in-law and they re engaged in an interesting race Just ow, Mr. Riley 'having the advantage C about eight months' start and sill oing strong, as his friends in Wil- amsburg and elsewhere well knoSv. Recurring to the" Ake 'family the jaunterer. recaps with pleasure the act that the two children of J. Sny. er Ake were his good friends In child- ood days. The son; Worth Ake, «omc- •hat younger than the Saunterer, bu' ot very much, after All, had th. ellclty to become the husband of t firl whom the Saunterer believed to the most beautiful of his school mates. She waa A devoted Prcsby- erian girl, but when she marrlet Worth Ake, the Methodist, she wenf Ith her husband and in due coust f time became the mother'of a baby oy who is now A Methodist preacher nd the superintendent of the Har- Isburg diatrict of the Ctntral Penn ylvanla conference. His grandfather . Bnyder Ake waa the Saunterer'a econd Sunday school teacher and a 'onderfut teacher he waa. His grand ither on his mother's side was J E. Deffebaugh, a merchant who was xith a friend,and A torment to the imbryo Saunterer. Me is the mcr I)ant to whom the Saunterer, while till a boy, aatd. "You haven't butter, have you,' 1 and who retorted •flrnt you told a lie and then you asked a question." It was one of this genial store keeper's grandchildren, ion of th manager of the iron .works at Cov r orge, who' actually kindled the fir and swept the floor-and dusted th desks for the 3*untcrcr when th Alter was teacher of the Cove Forg choo! -fvr 13*6-87.. He wa* Ah enter prising lad, eager to do something am willing to work. Al«! he wan cut off Almost upon the threshold of th! earthly 'life. W. H. S.

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  1. Altoona Mirror,
  2. 30 Apr 1928, Mon,
  3. Page 8

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