A. Benjamin Butts article 2 The Delta Democrat-Times Greenville, MS 26 February 1941

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A. Benjamin Butts article 2
The Delta Democrat-Times
Greenville, MS 26 February 1941 - HurruL an aioe-orataney-nm- wnw ««*»*...
HurruL an aioe-orataney-nm- wnw ««*»* *»«.««« «w ,....«. man, associated director^ of the. .the; Constitution BBS rtlrfctiy,.chaj- Offl» or PTKiuciton Manage- lenpxHn Ule CIVi war. n is now Office of Production Manage- 1 ment, is coming (about 8 a. m- EST) from the capital; Ching, la- counsel; of the-U: S. . S. Ciiiiig to Buffalo. Burns; an aide oft Sidney HIU- of de- a-rc- work met, only and Wash- Rilbber company who was called i n - b y the defense commission, from New York Cityt MWIANEARWG ACTUM WAR, SAYS CHANCELLOR BUTTS pert of effective citizenship, Chancellor Chancellor Butts showed- that- while ^Continued .from .page.. J X at the University ot- Mississippi; is making inroads into our regular regular lives. Two boys, for instance, in tiie senior law class of the University, University, hud to choose between getting commissions at Quanticn in the Marines or graduating with their class and being immediately drafted as privates. 1 myself am a Reserve Officer and will be called immediately on declaration of war. My son is in the Re- serVe. I am personally involved in the international situation," Chancellor Butts said. Personal Aspect He stressed the iinpoiiiiiiei! of the personal aspect: "Good citizenship citizenship is personal' with people who have sons in the draft age. People in that position have a good reason to be against war. The law of averages doesn't hold if the one out of 1000 killed is the one you have in. the army. It is more important to us if our child has one degree of fever than if headlines tell of the death of 1000 Chinese in a bandit foray." Turning frc.n the personal as- ·HOI TODAY and . THURSDAY being indirectly challenged. To, offset this chn.l.- ye, the children, before they arc 21, must be taught effective; citizenship. That means poliiics, Cnnnccllor 1 Butts .sold. "In lyiisstei-ippi we J learn -and tench I'iiJKcnsliip. but , we lieu in praciicnl politics. There ! is n difference between fcnnd i»H- I lies and bad. The word "iroli- I tics" is a fod word, it means I government. The first book ;\vrit- I ten on government was by Aristotle Aristotle and was called; "Politics. 11 There is politics in that sense at any state university. But in the investigating of coridHions at U S. U; two years ago--the" boys and girls could learn citizenship there!" Despotism The theory of divine right of kings has crumbled and few remain remain but worse men, despots, have taken their places, the Chancellor continued. "We hope that such people are temporary. When conditions conditions are good we talk glibly of the rights of citizenship: But Jefferson forced 1 Hamilton to-include to-include the Bills of Rights' in the Constitution because he knew that unless the rights were included unics 11 m ii£iiu» wen. IIIL.IUUI-U in writing they would not be A be ' for the of pay to to to. o t c h ! Jlllllt MORRIS j biter KEATON . eluded in fact. Now our Rights Is tnreatened;" To show the. effectiveness ol our Bill of Hights, however. Chancellor Chancellor Butts then made a statement statement which he-said, he could not make in many countries ft the world today without-getting into trouble. "Hitler is a-sorry, lowdown, lowdown, crass," crooked- hypocrite-that hypocrite-that statement would cost me'my life in Germany, and in' many other countries I couldn't get away with it. But our Bill- of. Rights assures us of 1 freedom of the press; speech, and assembly, of open court trial, and-of property property That Is, we have the right to hold rightfully gained'property. And there is no liberty in countries countries where that right is denied. Think of Germany and' Russia where that right toiproperty-JS'not' guaranteed;" He's For Bereme So. to protect our Constitution and the freedom we enjoy in America, America, Chancellor Butts says he's for what is: being' done in national national defense.-The smartest thing Hoosevelt said in his- Christmas speech, Chancellor Butts believes, was that he didn't know whether all-out aid for Britain was best from the American viewpoint or not; but that "by the lights I have I believe" it is the best' way to keep America out of war. President President Roosevelt may be right or | wrong but he's doing what he thinks is best. Here Chancellor Butts said there ware only two ways, to America out of the war as he it One was that the war would blow up before'we could get-In-either get-In-either from stalemate or starvation. starvation. Hoover says to feed the istnrving. The Chancellor thinks, that would be unwise. The other waMhat Germany might'not want America in the war but He questioned questioned but that Germany would prefer to have us in as then she issue for TIMES TONIGHT!" · Nursery" and FRIDAY · The Most Gripping Film To In Years. You 11 Hate · You'll Love Himi pr would not have to draw her punches, "And it would only take the bombing of two or three -probably -probably only one '-- American oat and the loss of a few American American lives to get' us irr Our boys are learning 'to fight, not for fun, ,ul to be ready. The boys that ire effective as pilots are the ones from 21 to 29. We don t vant a thing- in the United States but to be let alone and to operate our business on a reasonably free basis. But the other 79 countries won't let us aione and let us enter enter freely into the business world." ·Effective citizenship c o m e down to this-leavins out national national defense which we mutt , lave --to every person doing his or her dead level best to do he or she thinks, right without imposing on the other persons rigM to do- the same thing. Fng in effective citizenship begins begins in the-home and in the and there should not be tolerated the things that are not making for effective citizenship," Chancellor Chancellor Butts concluded. ed for oor no the of the of Mississippi' to on oh in

Clipped from The Delta Democrat-Times26 Feb 1941, WedPage 3

The Delta Democrat-Times (Greenville, Mississippi)26 Feb 1941, WedPage 3
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  • A. Benjamin Butts article 2 The Delta Democrat-Times Greenville, MS 26 February 1941

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