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Albuquerque Club Organizes and Has Disposed of Much of the $3000 Stock; Plans Are Arousing Great Interest in Phoenix Also; El Paso Team Is Being Incorporated for $10,000. BV “BKCR.*’ E very day brlng-s further encour- make agcment for the promoters of the Rio Grande Baseball association. With the El Paso park site settled upon and several good managers in this territory to assist him, “Monest John” McCloskey has been able to give some attention to the other cities. The success of McCloskey’s lieutenants in the other cities la Indicated in the newspapers of Albuquerque. Tucson and 1 hoenix. In Albuquerque, they have advanced matters so far that the tentative officers have been named. O. A. JMatson is the president of the club and Ernest A. Davis, secretary. The club has named a finance committee to sell ytock and a large amount of the $3000 re«iuired has already been pledged, ^lanager George Reed is finding the "fans of the New Mexico city are ripe for organized ball and is meeting with great success. Phoenix 1 h liiuliiK I I»* ]n Phoenix, Jim Brown, an experienced man from the coast got things going on Tuesday and he was joined there today by Herb Hester. The Phoenix Gazette devoted more than a column on the front page of Tuesday’s issue to telling of the league plans. Brown says he is meeting with much i^upport from the business men of I^hoenix and there w'ill be no trouble in getting that city lined up. That the somi-pro element in Phoenix sees how the wind is blowing is evident from the letters w'hich are being received here from McCloskey. Most of the semi-pro players are asking for tryouts in the new league and one man ood if he gels a chance with the professionals. The ex-Belen man should be in a position to judge, for he has playeu professional ball himself, starting with the Fort Scott team in the old Missouri Valley league. According to Mr. Hall, there are a couple of youngsters at Albuquerque who ought to make good. One is Ay:.e, a pitcher. Martin Quintana, an infielder with the Belen team, also I ooks classy, but is 29 years of age. However, he is as full of pepper as a player in his teens and is a remarkably good hitter. SujiCKcntiiii^ A'ameM For C'Inh, Well, here’.s another name for the El Paso team and it listens pretty good—Boosters—Bed Carlin, 418 South Florence street, makes the suggestion. Here is what he writes; “Dear Beck: “Being an old ball player and a fan, T decided to send in a nickname for the El Paso Club. El Paso has been boosting for a long time and is noted all over United States as a boosting city, as well as being great on trade excursions. Why not name the team the “Boosters’ of the ‘E. P. B.’. “With you for clean and honest sport, “Red Carlin.” Now% then, who has another suggestion to make for a nickname for the El Paso team. When you send in your sugg-estions, send along a short note giving your reasons for the suggestion. Good Word For >’og:alcs. R. D. Brown, a commercial traveler from Fort Worth is a 33rd degree ball fan and travels through all the cities Rsks for the management of the Phoc- * which are lining up for the Rio Grando nix club. Tucson is getting excited over the l*^ague and when Jim Brown finishes his work in Phoenix he will move to Tucson. Bill Hurley may also go up to Tucson for a few days. Ineorporntlni^ Local Club. Silver City has been organized for some time and the incorporation of the El Paso club is now being taken up. It has been decided to make the capitalization of the local stock company $10,000 instead af $5000, as was association. Before starting for Douglas. yesterday, he declared that the circuit Is an excellent one and the league should be one of the most successful in the country. Speaking of Nogales. Mr. Brown said that if R. R. Peat takes hold of a thing, he will see it through and will, moreover, have the entire support of the city. “Nogales is a mighty good little city and I would like to see it in the league. They have money there and they also have a pride in their originally intended, and a large \ town. If they get a franchise, the amount of this stock has already been subscribed for. The only doubt about the league now is whether Nogales or Las Cruces will get the sixth franchise. An answer from the Nogales promoters is expected here within the next 24 hours. Speaks For Indian Pitcher. larger, towns (^on’t want to have any idea that because i>ogaIes is small it will not be in the race. They'll have as big crowds there as in any other town and you can bet, too, that they’ll have a team w'hich will be fighting for the top—if not on top—all season.” Brown to (io to Phoenix. With both .Tim Brown and Herb K' %wu juviKuii I stt.-ii.trr* \ *»uii ii niiu inriu ^ .T. P. Hall, manager of the Belen, Hester in Phoenix, there is a little N M., ball team, in now a resident of i squabble over the franchise for that K1 Paso and may go into businf“ss city. Brown was on the scene first here. He had a conference with Me- I and got things lined up promptly, Closkey Wednesday and highly rec- j NVhen Hester arrived, the coast man ommended Amado Gutierrez, a pitch- objected to turning- over things to er who has been with Belen for two I the ex-Salt Lake manager. However, seasons, for the professional league. | McCloskey has been working- the wires iJutierrez hails from El Paso and has hard and it is expected that Brown been a sensation w'ith the Belen team, will go on to Tucson this afternoon. Two years ago. he won 19 out of 20 as he is one of the best organizers in games and, last season, he came out the country and the very man to take aliead in 20 of 22 contests. He won yix games in successioii by the shutout route last season. Mr. Hall says the big indian i.? far better than when he was in El Paso and is a regular bear for work. He is a great hot weather pitcher and the warmer it is the better he likes it. Mr. Plall believes the big fellow w'ill hold of things in Tucson. President E. P. Hughes, of the Rio Grande association, took ^VTcClosftey and Hurley out to Ysleta Wednesday and looked over things there. It is hardly likely, however, that Ysleta will be chosen as the town for the second E] Paso franchise. This afternoon the program calls for a trip to Las' Cruces.

Clipped from
  1. El Paso Herald,
  2. 25 Mar 1915, Thu,
  3. Page 9

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