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sentinel 1938 0414 ohcc opens - Oak Hill Country dub Course m/ Opens For...
Oak Hill Country dub Course m/ Opens For Business Saturday; Junior Championship Advocated five nJrrrifru of ^TT, ffi^ jolf U.VTJIP at Oalc ' H2L Consizy dnfa is sqsaia r«ady £sr a Itav. season of peltet-maaamns and. peHet-tctiB3ii for r r **B of lore and "cries -erf disgtat The first niae boles .-. of file course irHl be open fer tea? Saturday, according · to Tnm'-and £R*IL in their new coafx . '-coerieV- ha* »urvrred tbe winter month* witboirt ' mnca. .damage^- and;" only rouiius -.^jwodc was necessary to condition it " Jof the new: season. · ·'.' .___ '· ^ :?- vlTfieeofire surface of *ppKaam*i+- ,:--Iy 100 acres has been, rolled and. ~ aectet i» \ Home Again .- *njjr linnet, v-""' ~Lateri. during^ the uummjnntrtht; '*· 4W*Bi It".i j'it.'f*J*H?^f^ "tfTl*a*«n* ' ·^·TlH* faa* '·haved dally, white the leas refined - iairwayr will unoerfo cutta* tteat- -TOfot three tunes a week, in actthV - : ; tk« to these beauty operation*, the jfreenj, will- receive .Sapr-datmsa ~threcr ; four lime* daring tfce^rear. . -Itaedowifs .opmiofi or tae v Uaic Hi! counpe rank could want to play on, a layout a« any ywtt the «reat Variety of the and haadicapi. The contro- 15th and atihLiolet,coosideTed "old-fa*hJooed," will probably be remodeled in the fall, he adds, and Twill improve the course greatly. surfaces will be -and a new tee will bit built «i the ' , . , . "TSe'Cnett coune I ever played, Ihe.freenskeeper states, "is the San Jkept in almost perfect: condition.' The course bat about 180 tram, « "compared with. 65 on the Oak Hill . coune, he says. . Jtaaciocchi, who has been at the local course nine years, played in seven tournaments during the win_ter, win_ter, mod qualified «nd finiihad all -.but one Leaving here shortly after Christmas, Masciocchi played his first tourney at Los Angeles, CaliL, and finished his tour early in March at Thomasville. Ga. The tournaments tournaments included: The Los Angeles Open, Pasadena Open, Bmg Crosby 'Amateur-Pro, Oakland Open, Sacramento Sacramento Open. Open and San Francisco wa» the best joHer he ran into dating' -the ~I wouldn't try to pick out the best sinfle; man, but some of. the- best are Sam Soead;, Johnny and Henl Ju «%i^fc« there «hbuld be more golf interest in Ktchbunt- More young people should play.-he says, 7TffniTwrnfrBit a; Serotta, r Picard? be aaii AsKbv A. A. . * Won 36 Games And Lost ASEBY, April Itr-Ashby A. 1m ffiffi oosedL - *hc. %:. any:-:iioil"-*i«Bi'{.» Ji_pJ«j 1 ed"-42"gira«kirianinf 31 and feeing«x. It scoredlaw point*; oc 4$ vpoict* jwr 1214, ·eie woxi ort home- floor and. U were won from. home. The team, k*t at home,.-die Qyater-BB* of .burg famine te distinction, .five. (Kncr.itcrK lost' away Irani nflllW. ... ·. . . · He team troa the Village chanqtibofiup, reached the quarter-final* quarter-final* at the C6mtntihity~ tournament tournament at the Tttdjiorf X Bt and i*»cbed the jemi-finalr in , H, player, was high «orer-o£ aaaaoof witE «Z points, the highest in the Village league, ~ · H.. _ Kipct unpoftpt' ot- Ioft."iew ·re^* ulatians, he statat, k the "14-chib" rule, which went into effect in Jan- ·-Traocisco Golf Club T Jrnrtrd If s uary. The average golfer today has nine irons, four -woods and * putter --but he fill* out hi* b**x with "extras," "extras," such as cand-chippen, Hat- ^·flCfhl tEXpIeadXacL The greernkeeper likes the idea of the new rule because he thinks it wffl cell for more skill OB the part of golfers. He would like to set the sand-wedge (extra heavy club with a large sole) eliminated for that reason. It was the artist in Masciocchi that spoke in parting when he glanced toward a distant trap and remarked: Traps have two pur- They serve as hazards, out they also add beauty to a golf course, relieving the monotony of the greens." by Warren of ~ · '· · '' ' ·' ' high; jootenv. ;wet» - -David AOan, coach of the team, with Malcolm Piper with 321, David Damon with 222, Albert Damon with 191, and Eno Malm with MatfTtlm Hper was, the .only to participate in every game. Allan waa/me most, accurate in shooting, caging 87 out of 127 attempts. Following is the season's record: Aahby 33. Groton U; Ashby Pejperell 29; A*by 35; Aahby S«. Lunen. Lunen. Groton 34; , «S, Townsend 18; Ashby fort Suppers 17; Ashby 38, Vle. (Cm Street Alley*) r. B. LAKK JetmM SI O S. Knvrwdjr 91 94 SS-- 2S5 77-- 262

Clipped from Fitchburg Sentinel14 Apr 1938, ThuPage 8

Fitchburg Sentinel (Fitchburg, Massachusetts)14 Apr 1938, ThuPage 8
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