J.J.Hartman- School #8

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J.J.Hartman- School #8 - APPOINTED avenue,, between Maple " and Beech...
APPOINTED avenue,, between Maple " and Beech street. . - Sara A. O'Donnell, principal, Anne Caulfleld, Elizabeth McManama, Helen Melvin,; Julia Donnelly, Nellie t Mc - 3Hnnls. ' - 1 Annex Elizabeth J. Kelly, Mary A. Morrow. No. thirty - one, Fifth ward Jack son street and Van Buren avenue. W. H: Williams, principal; Margaret R. Davis, Angellne W. Reese, Martha Jones, Jennie C. Durkln, Mary R. Williams, Rachel Jones, Bridget J. Judge. No. thirty - two, Flrteenth ward South Main avenue below Eynon st. Wm. D, Edwards, prln. Eliza Warner. Gertrude Freeman, Mary Carpenter, Sarah . O'Connor, Helen Flanagan, Louise Fellows, Martha W. Vaughan. Annex Jennie T. Thomas, Catherine Mullen; ' - ' , No. thirty - three, Ninth ward Madison . avenue and - P.lne street. : - - D. A.. Stone, principal; Elizabeth M. Raub, assistant; - Anna EL Bold, Julia H. Pettlgrew, ,E. Daisy Prendergast, Carrje Roos, Anr - Clark, Anna E. Chase. Helen N. Wilcox, Mrs. Kate H. Greensted. Grace O'Malley, S. Catherine Pollock, Nora O'Boyle, Ida A. Snyder. Jessie M. Gay. Stella Kinback. , No. thirty - four, Thirteenth ward - Albright avenue. Kate A. Smith, principal; Elizabeth Duval, Bessie I. Eastern, , Emily , A. Bralnard. . - , - No. thirty - five, Seventeenth ward Olive street and Taylor avenue. Elizabeth E. Mackey, - principal; Kate McMeans. assistant; Mary DeGraw. Kate A. Kelly, Emma S. Rhodes, Mary G. Kelly, Mary Dale, Blanche Buttler, Ellen A. Webb. - Annex Clara B. Gibbs. No. thirty - six, . Sixteenth ward - Franklin avenue, between Linden and Mulberry street. ' . ' James H.Fuller.principal; MaryPor - cher, Helen J. Burke, Marie Diem, Margaret Tropp, Katherlne Godwin, Anna L. Amsden, Sadie Falkowsky, Jessie Kern, Mrs. Mary Tlerney, Kate W. Brown, Gertrute O. DeGraw, Ella B. Osland, Marlon Dyer. - Annex Ida Murphy. No. thirty - seven, Nineteenth ward Blucher street. Kate T. McGroarty, principal; Anna Connerton, principal. No. thirty - eight. Tenth ward. Prescott avenue and Myrtle street. Florence E. Colvln, principal; Adella Watrous, assistant; Edith Walter, Gertrude Long, Irene Goodman, Henrietta Sutto, Lois Sancton, Helen Kelly, Florence Y. Irving, Mary Maghran, Rose Roberts, Myrtle Watrous, Hanna A. Harris. No. thirty - nine, First ward Boulevard avenue. A. May Benedict, principal; Lucretla Thomas, Evelyn Roberts, Helen Burnett. No. forty, Second ward North Summer Avenue and Clearvlew street Miss Marlon Bloom, principal; Cora E. Farnham, assistant; Elsie Thomas, Myrtle Price, Esther Mackey, .Ester Kennedy. Elizabeth Oliver, Harriet Ziegler. Mrs. Cora Rutty, Blna Mc - Donough, Mary E. Rutty, Amelia S. Flore. No. one annex Mary Si Rafter. TRAINING SCHOOL. Harriet E. Hunt, principal; Leona Gregory, assistant SUPERVISOR OF DRAWING. Angelia G. Blewltt. , SUPERVISON OF MUSIC. Mrs. Anna Barnes. SUPERVISOR OF SEWING Miss Minnie Driesen. ' KINDERGARTEN, ' ." ' Elizabeth Rice, supervisor; No. 2, Susan M. Frank; No. 5, Katharine Farnham; No. 6, Edna E. Freeman; No. 8, Sadie Coslett; No. 9, Edith K. Hull; No. 10, Elizabeth Kittredge; No, 11, Ernille Flynn; No. 12, Regina Mahon; No. 14, Ruth E. Beddoe; No, 16. Clara B. Wilcox; No. 19, Lillian H, Morris; No. 20, Lillian Watkins; No. 23, Daisy Mullens; No. 24, Minnie White; No. 25, Olive L. Meade; No. 28, Eleanor Dlmmlck; No. 29, Isabel Donnolly; No. 32, Anna Stanton; No, S3, Maud Fisher; No. 35, Clara E. Gregory; No. 36, Virginia Gulick. ATTENDANCE OFFICERS Martin P. Joyce, Mrs. Anna M. Cuslck. The following Janitors were appointed: Central High school, George W. Steele; Technical High school, Anthony Walsh; No. 2. Patrick Ryan; No. 3, William Zang; No. 4, Patrick Loftus; No. 6, Mrs. Sophia West - houser; No. 6. Thomas B. O'Malley; No. 8. Jacob J. Hartman; No. 9, Harry Campbell; No. 10. Herman Notz; No. 11, Martin Cannon; No. 12, Michael Trainor; No. 13. William T. Davies; No. 14, C. B. Marsh; No. 15, Roger Smith; No. 16, P. J. McAndrew; No. 17. Mrs. Hannah Evans; No. 18, W. H. Roberts; No. 19 John Feeney; No. 20. Terrence Gallagher; No. 21. W. R. Ackerson; No. 22. William Tonrey; No. 23, Edmund O'Malley; No. 24, Mrs. James Boyd; No. 25, Benjamin Evans; William Evans, assistant; No. 26, Samuel Tilston; No. 27. John Fidiam; No. 28, William H. Lanyon; No. 29, John R. McLane; No. 30. John Zwlck; No. 81. Mary Hopkins; No. 32, Jennie Price; No. 33, George Slutter; No. 34, William Coyle; No. 36, Robert J. Ui., Vn 36 ft. W. Finn: No. 37. Mrs. Hattie Burns: No. 38. Rudolph Buen - zll: No. 39, Tnos. LUKe; ino. v, ixmis Francois. No. 2. Mm. JoseDhlne Beebe; No. 8. Mrs. Mary O'Donnell; No. 20. Mrs. Annie Lyncn; no. au, Mrs. rrnvM Wjlh: No. 35. George Hitch - Cock; No. 36. S. Brenko; No. 5, Mrs. Lottie Stark. UMnrircrnrtpnfl No. 2. Patrick Rvan: No. 8. Jacob J. Hartman; No. 9, Harry Campbell; No. tu. Herman rnoiz; so. 11 Martin Cannon: No. 16. P. J. Mc Andrew; No. 19. John Feeney; No. 29, T.k. n MnT.nA Vrt 32 jAnnfa PrlnA! No. 6, Mrs. Sophia Wcsthouser.

Clipped from
  1. The Scranton Republican,
  2. 10 Jul 1906, Tue,
  3. Page 4

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