Gage leaving Boston, Letter fo Gentlemen who were driven from their Habitations in the country to Boston. Letter from those men to Gage

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Gage - Grace will Jtcquire hut little Credit from his...
Grace will Jtcquire hut little Credit from his Teftimony 1 you have the Mind, box not the Talents ofan/Old Bailey Solicitor; and the Earl of SANBWICH extended a Mercy which was little merited by your Grace, when he touched fo tenderly on yonr having given Mr. PENH a written rLift of yonr Interrogatories, Interrogatories, previons to his Examination. " . • CtNGINNATUS. Stephen GreeoleiF William Perry Richard ClarkeJ . Jonathan Snelling William Bowes Adino Paddock "William Walter John Gore Benjamin Faneuil,jan. Benjamin Gridley To tbt Primttr of tit Public Advertifer. SIR, T HE Marquis cf Gran by is a Character that all good Men muft admire, and hold in the higeft Efteem, whether we confider confider the Extent of his Learning and Accomplishments, Accomplishments, the Goodnefs of his Heart, or the engaging Amiablenefs of his Difpofition. The greac-Importance of fuch a Man, was foon difcovered by the fage Politictln of Caen- wood, who wifhed to enlift him under the Banners of the prefent profligate Adminiftra- tion, as the following Anecdote will fully evince. The Marquifs 's Tutor at College is j a Gentleman of great Merit, and by his Vir- { tues had fo endeared himfelf to his Pupil, that: he refolved to promote his Fortune whenever { it v. as in his Power. 'Some Time fince a j Living of 6col. per Annum, in the Gift of the Duke of R — — d, became vacant; the Marquis immediately applied to his Grandfather Grandfather in Behalf of his Tutor, but by the In- terpofition of a Fema's Favourite, he was denied, denied, and the Living-given to one of her Relations. Relations. Lord M. who is ever on the Watch for Prey, toon rearnt the Story ; awayhe haflea to the Marquis, while his generous Bofom was warm with Chagrin at his Difappoictment; and lamenting with him that his noble and benevolent Intentions fhould be thus fruftrated, he makes him an Offer of a Church. Preferment, Preferment, worth about 800I. per Annum for his Tutor, which was then v-cant, and in the Gift of the Crown. The unfufpeeting, noble, young Man, conceiving ail Men to be as honeft as himfelf, without Hefi arion accepts Lord M d's Offer, and •ordially thanks him for hisKiadnefs. He writes to his Tutor what he had d me for him, who inftantly took Horfe, and waited on the Marquis. He, with Ho- nefty that would do Honour to any Station, thanks his Patron far his intended Kindi^els, but at the fsme Time begged Leave to decline accepting the Preferment, i his Refufal afto- nifhed the Maiquis, who never entertained any Sufpicion of Lord M 's deep-laid P;ac ; but theTutor reprefemed to him,that by his Bounty he was already placed in a Situation Situation above Want, which, added to the fincere Regard he had for him, abfolutely forbid- the Tutor from receiving any Boon, however great, that was to be purchafed at fo high a Price as the Forfeiture of the Marquis's Independency; Independency; for fuch v*as evidently the Defigo of Lord M in making the Offer, the Marquis, alarmed at the Snare that had been laid for him, embraced his Tutor, and exclaimed, exclaimed, " My dear Friend, had you been '* rry dear eft Brother, 1 would not porchafe " you- Advancement by fuch a Forfeiture, " for Independant I am, and Irdepsndant I " will remain; however, this frelh Proof of to me, is an me to take Care '* your Virtue and Attachment " additional Obligation " of your Fortune." This Circumftance fhows -how extremely cautious young Gentlemen fhould be, in their early political Connections, and with uha; Circumfpeftion they fhould entertaia every Propoficion from fuch Matbiarvth in Politics as Lord M. , JOHN LOCKE. LONDON. An ADDRESS of the Gentlemen and principal principal Inhabitants of the Town of BOSTON, to his Excellency Governor GAGE. " May it pleafe your Excellency, '* nrHE Gentlemen and principal Inhabitants Inhabitants of Bolton beg Leave dutifully to addrefs your Excellency on your Departure for Great Britain. " We can very fincerely allure yon, Sir, that we have ever cenfidered your Appointment Appointment to the Chief Command of this Province as a diftinguifhing Mark of his Majefty's paternal Difpofition towards us ; and that the full EfFecl of fo wife and benevolent a DefigDation we moll earneftly hoped in thofe undifturbed Operations of Law and fettled Government, which are fo cfTential to real Liberty. Liberty. " Your Attention to the true Intereft of this unhappy Town was, in our Opinion, very early masifelled; and your companionate Defire that fome Steps might be taken that fhould put it in yoar Power to refcue as from impending Rain, in our Trade and Navigation, we fhall with Gratitude for ever remember. " We cannot forbear to exprefs oar Sentiments, Sentiments, that could a Reftoraricn to Quiet and good Order have been effected in thisProvince, by the Influence of perfonil Character, a Gentleman Gentleman of your Excellency's eftablifhed Reputation Reputation for Candour and Juftice, for Moderation Moderation and an obliging Diipofkion, inverted at the fame Time with the fupreme Military Authority, could not have failed to have procured procured it. " Unhappily for this Country, the general Sentiments were too ilrong, and too far heightened for the Efficacy of your humane Exertioiss; it muft, however, be evident, we John Timmins James Perkins Thomas Araory Nathaniel Coffin Philip Dumarefq George Brinley i ohnW inflow, jun. Lalph Inman Alexander Brymer Henry Lloyd Edward Winflow Jofhua Loring, jun. Robert HallowellJ William Lee Perkins Benjamin M. Holmes. Robert Jarvis George Leonard William Jackfon David Phips Thomas Brinley Richard Green John Taylor Lewis Deblois Nathaniel Taylor Daniel Hubbard James Murray Archibald M'Neill Samuel Fitch ofeph Scott •Vancis Green ohn Atkinfon 'eter Johonnot lenjamin Davis t ofeph Tuiell '. *Jatha::iel Cary John Siirrrn S, Hirix Sparhawk Andrew Cafneau Ifaac Winflow, jun. Gilbert Deblois Henry Liddel Thomas Courtney Edward Hutchinfqn Theophilus Lillie John Lovell Miles Whitworth- Henry Barnes HughTarbett Daniel M'Mafters Mich. B. Goldthwait Nathaniel Perkins ofen Hunt, Teru ames Anderfon oharhan Simpfon,jun. i_,ewis Gray ohn Powell ames Lloyd Nathaniel Brinley James Selkrig William M'AIpine John JefFriesJun. William Cafneau Archib. Cunningham John Grouart William Dickfon David Black John Barron William Hunter ohn Scrapie tobert Semple lenry Laughton ohn Joy Gregory Townfhend Archibald Bowman So/on, OSoberb, 1775. To the Gentlemen and Principal Inhabitants of the Town of Bofton. * l Gentlemen, " I iincerely lament the Mlferies brought upon this once hapgy Country, through the deep Defigns and dark Contrivances of ambitious ambitious Men, to raife themfelves from Obfcurity to Power and Emoluments; nor car. I refleft without Pain upon the Infatuation cf the Multitude, Multitude, who enjoyed perfect Liberty, who felt no Oppreflion, but deceived and betrayed, have fl-jwn to Arms 10 avert Evils that only exifted i-i Imagination, and in Lieu of Liberty, Liberty, have madly erected a Tyranny upon the Ruins of the moft free, happy, and lenient Government. " I thank you, Gentlemen, for your Ad- cref*. and depart .the Province in the firm Hope, that the People will recover from their Deiuficn, and diicovtr before it too late, that the Government they want to fubvert, is the fureft Guardian of their Lives, Property, and Freedom. " THO. GAGE* The Addrefs of his Majefty's Council. To his Excellency GENERAL GAGE, Commander in Chief of his Majefty's Forces in America. Captain General, arid Governor, Governor, in and over his Majefty's Province of the MaiTachufett's Bay, &c. "May it pleafe your Excellency, " We his Majeily s Council of the Mafia- chufett's Bay, having been honoured with your Excellency's MeJTage, informing us of his Majefty's Orders, *' that you fhould re" re" pair to England, to lay before him the State " of Affairs in this Colony," beg Leave to sfiiue your Excellency, that from a Senfe of the many Virtues which diftinguifh and adorn ycur Character, we feel the moft fincere Re- pr t at the neceffary Occafions which call you from us. " The critical Situation of Affairs in America, America, during your Adminiftration in thisPro­ vince, has afforded an Opportunity for the feverell Trial of thofe Virtues; and we fhould betray a great Degree cf Infenfibility, or be wanting in common Jultice to your Character, were we to fuffer them to pafs unnoticed. " We reflect with Gratitude upon that Care and Attention^ by which we have been fe- cured from many of the Calamities and Mi- feries with which we have been threatened. " Your Concern for the Evils we have un avoidably fuffered, has exceedingly endeared your Excellency to us: And we fhall ever entertain a profound Refpeet for the p radence, Benevolence, and Candour, which have been fo confpicuous in your civil Department; as well as the great Steadinefs, Vigilance, and Humanity, which have marked your military Character. " We have feen with Pleafure the many Efforts you have made to avert this unhappy Rebellion. We lament that the Succefs has not been equal to your Endeavours; bat the undifturbed Conftancy and Firmnefs, with which you have purfued this Principle, op- pofed to every Abufe which Wickednefs, De- lufion, or Enthufiafm could devife, has been as much the Object of Admiration to the loyal, as the Subject of Difappointment to the difaffected People of this Province. " The Difficulties you have had to encounter, encounter, daring your Adminiftration, are known but to a few ! Your Patience and Secrecy have kept them from the public Eye. To lay them open to the World would be a Sub think, to »n the World, that to allay the Fer-j fa^fa to your Delicacy, as well as too r DUn i ^JTc N K TF ' WUhOU p the n Effii 3 0n dl largetocome wilhin the Compafs of our Ad- human Blood, has been your Excellences firft ! j B r Object, and the Purfuit will be your Fame " We have imagined, Sir, with great.! Pleafure, your truly laudable Intention, and moft noble Ambition, of being viewed as the J happy Inftrument in the appealing all Animo- j. fines; and in the receiving that mu:ual Af- | fection, as well as Senfe of united Intereft; which was once the Strength and Glory of Great Britain and her Colonies. " We need not wifh your Excellency a higher Enjoyment than what muft arife from your own Reflections on your conftant, fincere > Endeavours for the Safety and Happinefs of the People under your Government; and from : that Countenance of Approbation which we ! anticipate for you in the_King. John Erving William Brattle Ifaac Winflow Thomas Hutchinfoa John Troutbeck Byfielde Lye SUvefter Girdncc Martin Gay. William Taylor Ebenezer Bridgham Samuel Hughes John Inman William C'-drer Wiiiiim Cofiin, jun. " We flatter ourfelves, that our Loyalty to the belt of Kings will recommend us to the Care and Protection of your Excellency's Suc- ceflbrs in Command ; whofe Characters in their important Stations promife every Encouragement Encouragement we can wifh. And we hope your Excellency will be pieafed to recommend us to our moft gracious Sovereign ; to aflure ir.m we areunalienably attached to his facred Perfon and Government : That hoping for his Approbation, and relying on the Benignity Benignity of his royal Mind, we. fupport ourfelves with all poffible Patience under the Difficulties Difficulties we are obliged to encounter. " We wifh your Excellency a fafe Arrival at the Court of Great-Britain ; where we doubt not ycu will meet the gracious Approbation Approbation of our royal Mafter." His Excellency's Anfwer to the Gentlemen of the Council. " Gentlem.n c>t the Council, " WHILE I thaak yoa tor yvur kind Ad­ drefs on my Departure from the Province, yon will permit me to teftify the Senfe I have of your tmfliaken 'Loyalty to<he King, and Zeal foFTrn'Trovemment. . " You have flood forth in Support of both at a Time,- when an unnatural and unpio- vokrf Ret*RfoTi"trasbeett-wantonly raifed ta fubvert our glorious Conftitution, and have defpifed the Menaces of open and concealed Attempts'upon your Lives : Nor has the Seizure Seizure of your Properties, by the lawlefs Hands of Rebels^ deterred you from a ftedfalt Pur­ fuit of that Duty which every Briton owes to his King and Country. " Such a Conduct cannot fail to recommend you highly to- our moft grScious Sovereign ; and you may be allured that it will afford me the greateft Pleafure to acquaint his Majefty of your unalterable Attachment to his Perfon and Government." Befi:n i 6tb 03. 1775. The^ Addrefs of the Gentlemen who were driven from their Habitations in the Country Country to the Town of Bofton. To his Excellency THOMAS GAGE, Efq; Captain-General and Commander in Chief in and over his Majefty's Province of Mafla- chufetts-Bay, in New-England, Sec. &c. " May it pleafe your Excellency, " WHEN we refleft on the furprifing Ef, fefts of that Enthufiafm and Infatuation which are fo generally prevalent in this Country, and the Variety'of Dangers to which the Loyal and Obedient have been expofed, we feel the moft grateful Senfations towards your Excellency, and are anxious to acknowledge our Obligations. Obligations. To your Wifdom and Prudence we confider ourfelves indebted for Protection from the lawlefs Fury and unbridled Violence of our Countrymen ; and had not Events taken place beyond what human Wifdom could forefee, and contrary 10 any Calculations, upon rational Principles," we might in all probability probability have been further indebted to your Excellency for a Reconciliation of the unhappy Differences that fubfift, and a Reftoration to Harmony, Happinefs, and Peace. • " It is with Regret we think of your Excellency's Excellency's Departure from this Piovince, but aie relieved in fome Degree by a Confidera- tion of the very important Services which yoa will render this Country, by a juft Representation Representation of its prefent State at the Court of Great Britain ; by the Confidence we repofe in the Abilities of"your SuccefTors. to. the Civil and Military Commands - theHopesof your fpeedy Return - ana the Anticipation of an Efiahlifh- ment of the rightful Supremacy of Parliament over this Part of his Majefty's Dominions. " Jo illy meriting, and poffefled of the Eiteem and App)aufe of the Virtuous and Good,—happy in the pieafing Reflections of an spproving Confcience, and blefied with the gracious Plaudit of the bell of Kings, your Opportunities will be equal to the Inclination you have ever difcovered to reftore and fettle, on the moft lairing Bafis, that Union »f the Interefts of Great Britain and the Colonies, fo indifpenfably neceflary 'to the Happinefs of both. " We fincerely lament that f^he Number of thofe who have dared to fteuv-the Torrent of Rebellion and Sedition iir this Province is fo final!; but we truft that the cordial Tbanka even of a few (wh&have fled from Oppreffiori, who have facrificed their Properties and every domeitic Enjoyment, and are now ready to rifque their Lives to manifeft their Loyaity to the belt of Sovereigns) will not be unacceptable unacceptable to your Excellency. *' Be pieafed. Sir, to accept the ardent Wifhes «f thefe few faithful and gtateful Subjects—that Subjects—that your Voyage may be profperoas and agreeable, and that your unwearied En­ deavours for the public Service may be crowned crowned with Succefs.** BqfisH, ytb 03. 1775. Richard Saltonftall John Bowen Daniel Oliver Thomas Danfrrth Edward Winflow, jun. John Sargent Ward Chipman David Phips Thomas Joflolyn Charles Curtis Elkanah Cufhman Thomas Fofter, Pert. James I 'urnsm John Ruggles James Craige Samuel Paine Elifha Ford- Daniel Dunbar • Lemuel Goddard Seth Williams, jun. Zebedee Temy William Simmons Luke Hall Nathaniel Thomas Ebenezer Whipple . Adam Walker Abijah White Sylvanns White Benjamin Stockbridge William Tyng Peter Oliver, Tert. Caleb Wheaton Ebenezer Spooner John Ernei-few? .. William Cowf ir £ - JohnTillden Stephen Tiltden Jofeph Tillden To the Gentlemen their Habitations in Town of Bofton. Jofeph Hall James Budd Adam Hall Jofeph Phillips Samuel Goldfbury William Carrrbdl Stephen Jones John Chandler Nathaniel Chandler William Chandler Ebenezer Cutler James Putnam, jun.- Peter Oliver, jun. Pelham Winflow Daniel Thomas . * Levi Hoord Jofeph Afhley Benjjimih Grinod Peter Etcer Peter Etter, jun. Franklyn Etter Daffiel Etter Jofeph Hoofe Samuel Gilbert John WaRer. ; Nathaniel Dickinfbs Jonathan Stearns Jonathan Sowl Edward G. Lutwyche Elifha Jones Henry Barnes Nathaniel Phillips F. B. Winthrop Thomas Achinclofc Archibald Achinciefe Jonathan Dix Benjamin Hart John Cochran, that were driven from the Country to the " Gentlemen, " Your kind Addrefs at this Time gives me much Pleafure, as it affords me an Opportunity, Opportunity, before my Departure from the Province, to acknowledge the fteady Attachment you have fhewn to the true Interefts of yoj&r King ana Couptryinthe worft of Times ; and the Sacrifices you have made in fupport of L both are great. ' Jt will be my Duty to reprefent to our moft gracious Sovereign the diftingoifhing Proofs you have given of your Loyally and Patriotism ; and you may be afiurecJ,. that during my Abfence, jny Sacceflfw* in the Civil and Military Command will afford yo* every Favour and Protection. THO, GAGi.**

Clipped from The Public Advertiser16 Nov 1775, ThuPage 2

The Public Advertiser (London, Greater London, England)16 Nov 1775, ThuPage 2
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  • Gage — Gage leaving Boston, Letter fo Gentlemen who were driven from their Habitations in the country to Boston. Letter from those men to Gage

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