Robbers shoot officer

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THUGS SHOOT OFFICER THE AMARILLO GLOBE TUNE IN KGNC The Globe-Newt Radio Sutioo (ff) Indicates M Aueciated Preu OJ.R). Indicate* The United Pro* j AMARILLO. TEXAS. FRIDAY. DECEMBER 3. 1937. 20 PAGES FOURTEENTH YEAR. NO. 205. MARINES DEFY JAPANESE farm-Tenant Body Meets , The four-state committee on fai [tenancy for the Amarillo area i meeting today in the offices' of _ ·H. Hauler, regional director of th "·Farm Security Administration, In · discussion of the recommendattOL (to be made in compliance with th Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenant Act The committee will name th three Texas coimites. and one coun ty each in Kansas, Colorado an Oklahojaa, to receive the benefi of tne farm tenant act. The counties I will not be announced until they ar (approved by Secretary of Agrlcul Iture Henry A. Wallace. Commltteemen In attendance _ :the morning session included: Job E. Hill, Amarillo, chairman; Ed O Morrison, Goodwell, Okla.; Joh Hiatt, Meade, Kan.; George Drum Sharon Springs, Kan.; Marsha Dean, Las Anlmas, Colo.; and B. Crump, Wheeler. C. L. Thomas, Pampa, and H. Day, Plalnview, were schedule to arrive early this afternoon. Attending the meeting In an ad .VIsory capacity are H. H. William ison, director, Texas Extension Serv [ice, College station; K. J. Edwards 'district agent, Texas Extension 'Service, College Station;. A. Hanser Lamar, Colo.; H. C. Hyer, Oklahoma j Extension Service, Stlllwater; Er ,'nest E. Scholl, Oklahoma Extension Service, Stillwater; L. H. Hauler and Balph E. Will, assistant regional regional director of the Farm Security Administration, Administration, Amarillo. The morning .session was devotee lo the discussion and explanation of the Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenant Tenant Act. The early afternoon session Santa Glaus Hears Amarillo In Plane For Huge Party Santa Glaus is coming to town! In fact he is en route now from his home in the nort to Amanllo to be honor guest at the Christmas part which.opens here in the morning. . . . Old Santa is coming by airplane, and he will arriv tomorrow in time to take part in a parade through th business area of the city at 10 o'clock in the morning . The Sam Houston School band will lead the parad down Polk and Taylor Streets in the city, followed b Santa and his truck loads of candy. The parade will start at Third Avenue and Pol Street and will end at the courthouse square, Fifth Ave nue and Taylor Street. From the courthouse square, Santa Glaus will dis tribute free turkeys and pigs to'the crowd. The pigs anc turkeys will not be turned loose in the throng, but Santa Glaus will give them away in person. _ Everything ia in readiness for the big party. The aowntown district looks like a gigantic Christmas tree as numerous lights and Christmas decorations have been strung about in a striking manner. . Retail merchants who are'putting on the Christm'a. festival will give away 150 gifts--dresses, hats, liflgerii and numerous other articles of merchandise. Bring the children early, and plan to stay until nigh ,q see the beautiful Christmas lights and attractive stor displays. Passenger Fare Boost Authorized U.S. Defense Area Invaded SHANGHAI, Dec. J (U.»--Japa- nese troops selling control of a large area of the International Settlement ran Into the determined determined opposition of United States Marines today and immediately began contracting their lines. The Japanese troops were within the American defense tone when' the Marine commander took action. Local Units Take Lion's Share Of Taxes; 175,000 Districts Bid Before you get into that next ar- I country, gumciit about taxes, It Is a good 000000 Idea to fortify yourself with a few facts. That will put you one up in practically any tax argument. A lot of basic, fundamental things ibout taxes which everybody ought which get all the 14,560,remaining 14,560,remaining In that tax bill Counties, cities, townships, school districts, sanitary districts, and down to mosquito-abatement districts. districts. To these taxing units, many of which you probably didn't know to know, but scarcely anybody does, I exist, goes a share of United States are summed up In the December ··"·-- 1 1 --·· -- ' ·· FORTUNE. FORTUNE. And if you think you almost manded by the iedcral government Itself. earns goes to one tax collector or another. Let's say you pay no income tax. You may be aware of buying an automobile license for your car, and you may have noticed that little revenue stamp on your package package of cigarets. But it may never . have occurred to you that If you know about taxes, try yourself out on these tax slants from FOB- TUNE'S article: The annual tax bill of the United lum~p. But per pcr'son, 7t~ta lower! ~'~E States Is now about $12,000,000,000.1 than the British and only a little I all. pay rent, you pay taxes. You don't? T . , , Well, where did you suppose the It Is a tremendous tax burden, the landlord got the money to nay biggest _In the world, taken In s i them? w rery time yon buy anything at you pay (axes. Indirectly, of HANKOW, China, Dec. S (U.PJ-- Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek and Dr. Oscar Trautmann, German German ambassador lo China, are discussing possible terms for end ing the Chinese-Japanese war sources doae to the German embassy embassy asserted today. They had seized an area that In eluded the foreign Y. M. O. A., th Park Hotel, and an apartment nous beyond the Park Road. The strong stand apparently turn ed the tide. As night began th topanese had contracted their lint n the adjoining sector of the whit Russian volunteers. The situation had grown pro gressively more dangerous during the wild afternoon, and a clash seemed unavoidable. Four United States Marines--tw of them dispatch riders on motor cycles--were threatened with dra' ilstols by Japanese officers. Tw ruck-loads of British soldiers wer similarly treated. An American anc Briton were beaten. One of the Marine dispatch rider gnored the Japanese officer's corn mand to turn back and sped his mnbine-through'th«'Japanese ««·· PER CAPITA INCOME OF 8 COUNTRIES; EACH BAG REPRESENTS 15 DOLLARS irili* TM»_90«lo T««. Thi, Jot, not Chirt rrom Kortuna Mngixln* with flgures-by Dr. Pau 'in ita rni'£3%S£,i^ r '" I"TM «'"""we per penon. Note that while more taxes are paid in the United States than in any other country except England or France, the national income Is also higher, so Mr. Average Man has more left afler he has paid the taxes. Note also that In the United State? more money goes for state and local taxes than in any other country. That is getting on toward $100 a year for every man, woman and child in the nation; nearly MOO for the head of every family. Of that I1!,*M,MO,OM tax bill, only I5,000,OM,MO, or much less than half, goes to Washington HI taxes for the federal government. That surprises you a little, eh? Who get the rest, then? The states? No, they get only. tJ,500,000,- XX). It Is the small local government taxing units, 175,000 of them In the higher than the French or German German bill. Became the average American income Is » much higher than that of any of those countries, the tax burden of Mr. Average American American takes a lower per cent of his Income than Is the ease in molt countries. He feels the burden le* heavily. In fact, FORTUNE believes, the average American has no Idea that 30 cent* out of eyer^ v course, but you pay them. Careful studies have Indicated, FORTUNE avers, that even people making so little as $500 a year may pay almost $100 In taxes. Everybody, wants lower taxes. Where can they be cut? The chance of'materially and permanently cutting cutting the cost of the federal government, government, FORTUNE'S survey Indicates, is Just about a rimless Hero. Rightly or .wrongly, the federal . ... Bee TAXES.Fage.U One Robber Is Believed Hit In Gun Battle GRAND SALINE, .Tex., Dee. S --Constable C. D. (Cotton) Jtfcn- son, 35, was shot and' wovndecl seriously In a pin fight with tw» men suspected of robb'ing a Grant Stline store, whom be attempted to xrrat early today. , One of the men, was believed wounded by Johnson as the office emptied his pistol at their automobile automobile as it sped away toward Dallas. Johnson said he recognised on* of the pair as Roy' Lassenger, of Arp, for whom he had en arrtrt warrant charging Lassenger · with robbery with firearms for a- 1300 holdup of a grocery store here on Nov. 23. · ' ; The constable said the two men attracted his attention shortly after midnight when they drove through town in an automobile with a flat tin and failed to stop at any.fllito* station to have It repaired. He overtook the limping machine, machine, ordered the men out *mt «ne had snapped the eomtoMe'i handcuffs on hittuett when Uw other darted, behind the a*iom*- blle, Ktaed a »hotfiui and find at the officer, wounding him in Mk legs. Johnson returned the fire .and wounded ihe other man, but tt» one with the shotgun put his wounded companion into tie car and drove off. . The machine was found at daylight, daylight, abandoned near.Fruitvale, ifx miles west of Grand Saline. Officers here Identified the ear as the same one used by three rob- ben In the grocery store holdup here,on Nor. 33. Physicians feared the; might ban, to. amputate one of Johnson's lets. But Freemoht McCbUum, 40-year- old bank robber who led a break at nine prisoners from the Corpus Christl jail, fled before officers who patroled the Southwest with orders to shoot him on.sight. OfficeTM at BrowmvUle reported that they captured tin stith fmfl- life as he stood nude In Uw'Bfe Grande Attempting t» cnis Int* Mexico. He was Edurdo ·aiatra,' rotmd Mexlean, who to 'Utter » five-year Krltence for murder. Ramirez' bulk almost foiled the jall'-break when his bmtybecame wedged in a small hole dug through the rear wall oh the sixth floor,of ( the courthouse, fellow eccapcrs Mid. He finally squeezed through- th* note-.- · · TALK

Clipped from The Amarillo Globe-Times03 Dec 1937, FriPage 1

The Amarillo Globe-Times (Amarillo, Texas)03 Dec 1937, FriPage 1
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