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- - of ni - - r - . - in in - up Civil and Diplomatic Ap - pnirialiuii Bill. Mr. Kmhree advocated his amendment reducing nd equalizing the mileage of m - mher. Under the proenl steni of nuilraie, thirty member for thi enion would draw from the treasury at the rate of (went) - eight dollar a day, counting their pay and allowance f.ir mileage, while thirty other wou'd draw but nine dollar a dav durme the ei in. These, he said, were extreme eases, but thev were reterrea to tor ine nuraose 01 anowinr tnat there waa aomeming wnmg in ine ayaiem mat white some meniDer urew loo much, oiimri drew too little, .The plan he proposed, while it would have a tendency to equalize the py, would, In the aggregate, prove a great sarins to the country. Toward the close of Mr. Embree'tpeech,hewa Interrupted by Mr. Henley, which reaulted in an amusing conversation between these gentlemen, relative to their respective chancea of re - elettion. and as to the probability of their availing themselves of ine nenents 01 Mr. i - .mDree s amendment, In ease it should pas the H inse. The House wu convulsed wi'h laughter during llii interlude. Sir. V triable followed, and commenced by alluding to tbe well known mileage publication in the New Yolk Tribune, which he pronounced a very small business from the beginning to the end. He aid tl at he wa thankful thai he was the representative of a conttituency i f eulirged view and liberal feelings. They did not stop to inquire for the item in the bill contracted by their representatives in their journey to the eat of Government. They wished their expenaes paid liberally paid. The present pay. In Mr. V.'aeatimitlon, wni insufficient, aid he would therefore iHcr an amendment, asking for an increase. Mr. Greeley obtained the floor for the purpose of explanation. He said tint the publication in reference to the mileage of member, which had appeared in the N. Y. Tribune, and which had been a freely and frequently commented noon in the House, was for purpose far duferent from those which hid been attributed to him. He had not conceived the idea of impugning the motive of any member, neither wa it hi desire to make any puiiticai capital for himself in the transaction. He believed that in the mi'.ter of mileage which bad grown into all tbe authority of proscription a great wrong had been committed that it wu an abuse which could not be too quickly cared. Hi object in the publication referred to, wai to correct thi abuse and thereby save thousand annually to the country. He would atk if any member stood eharged in the publication which had given so much offence, with taking a larger amount than he had actually received t Mr. Turner. I am charged with taking in excess of eight hundred dollar. Mr. Greeley. Excess over what ? Mr. Turner. An excel of eight hundred dollar over tbe sum I would be entitled to by the nearest pott - route. Mr. Turner declared that the publication ia th N. Y. Tribune wu falie maliciously false and that he held himself personally responsible for what he uttered. Mr. Greeley rose to reply, but wu interrupted by Messrs. IliiTaison, Barrow, nod Brown, of Mi - inippi, who commented very severely upon the Tribune publication, fur the false position which it had placed them before the public. (At thi point there wu mueh confusion and excitement In the Honae the member all huddled together in the centre arena. 5 . Mr. Greeley proceeded with hi remark!. He said that he bad been charged with odtttii - r - v - rv, While he had been jy - , n to dieharge x.uc.4 uuuel If he did find time to write for the paper with which he wu connected, it did not prevent him from discharging hi duties, and hu whole duties, as a member of the House to which he had the h nor to belong. He believed kelworked si faithfully and u earnestly as any member, either in the House or in Committee. Mr. McKay here Interrupted Mr. Greeley. He said that Injustice hid been done him in the Trrbane Cublication, bat for all that, he approved ofthe pub - cation, and did not doubt but that Mr. Greeley wu actuated by other and better motives than had been attributed to him. Mr. Greeley resumed and replied to the remark of Mr. Boot, lie yielded the floor finally to Mr. Schenck, who read the publication which had appeared in the New York Tribune, ia order to show that it was deliberately intended as a sneer at Con gress. Mr. 8. uhed Mr. Greeley If it was not a sneer. Mr. Greeley replied bv statins that it wu a aUnt at only such members who refused to do right. wi. ovBWB. m , 11 11 aiani aransi men members as refuse to rote u the member from New York rotes. Mr. Schenck stated the eoune which he intmuUii to pursue relative to his owa mileage, and then asked Mr. Greeley if he denominated that coarse disho - ncniDie one. Mr. Greeley disclaimed charging dishonor in sueh Mr. Murpbr next tot the low. nhn . the Comroiuee rose. ' Mr. Viotoa offered a resolution, which a uUm. ed, limiting the debate on the Civil and Diplomnie Appropriation bill to one hour, at the next sitting of the Committee. Mr. Belcher, from the Committee on Mileage, submitted a report. Objection waa mtde to Its reading by Mr. Stephens, which objection was sustained. on motion, ue ouse aojoarnea. Pennsylvania Legislature.

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