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pOFAMENDED COMPLAINT IN CIVIL CAUSE mm 3310 LjUlCT COURT OF THF IjOTlClAL DISTBICT OF OF MEXICO .iXDl'OR THE COUN IDOSA ANA. at, 11 ' Xo. 3310, Civil. fujlur and Josephine r, and as Ijjjuj; business under Isse and style of ?. ·Wants. |,« the plaintiff, Herbert irilh leave of the court |pj obtained, files this his , and for cause ·gainst the defendants, Orr Orr and Josephine Foster, I said Orrin A. Fos- tphine Foster, as partners, its under the firm narae pThe Fosters, alleges: I. otiff is a resident of Ihe i Ana and the State j, and that the defend- L A. Foster and Josephine Iffiidents of the said eoun- (ilna in the Slate of New il the said Orrin A. Fos. Fos. line Foster are part- liisiness in the said county | aider the firm name and if Fosters, said business i if the publication of a fiithin said county and BI as the Rio Grande Rc- n. kplaintiff. Herbert B/Ho-lt. Iiil limes hcreinafler men- Vbten a public official of lilNcw Mexico, holding the Hale Senator for the Six- prial Dist.rict and which «! comprises the County of lisaid State of New Mcx- |is said official the said i? conducted and demean- I'nth honesty and fidel- te faithfully performed and flte duties of his said of- I of his ability in the f his constituents and of Ttencrally of die Stale of of plaintiff has been and is ,, ra , lh . "Wired and prejudiced in 1 tation aforesaid, .i n " iu U i i f U t l ^ t ' U 111 Ihe sum of Ten Thousand ($10.000.00) ($10.000.00) Dollars. Second Cause of Action ior a further a n d second cause of p a ;' ff °p the " mc " ded TM m »^» plaintiff alleges: I. That p, aintiH js n ^.^^ cit . ze|] of the county of Dona Ana and the btate of New Mexico, and that the defendants, Orrin A. Foster and Josephine Josephine Foster are residents of the said C o u n t y of Dona Ana in the State of New Mexico; that the said Ornn A. Foster and Josephine Foster Foster are parlners doing business in the said c ounty and stale under the firm name and style of The Fosters, said business consisting of Ihe publication of a newspaper within said county «nd state, known as the Rio Grand( Republican. II. That the plaintiff, Herbert K. Holt is. and at all times hereinafter meu- lioned, has been a public official of the State of New Mexico, holding the office of State Senator for the Sixteenth Sixteenth Senatorial District and which said district comprises the County oi Dona Ana in said Stale of New Mexico; Mexico; that as said official the said plaintiff has conducted and demeaned demeaned himself with honesty and fidelity ind has faithfully performed and discharged discharged the duties of his said office o the best of his ability and in the ntcrests of his constituents and of he people generally of the State of '^Kr^S,:: 1 ;!,;e o , 1 I E K U E K T 1!."HOLT Subscribed and sw,,,,, t u ,,,«,,., ,, ]p ""* ' biy of December. A D I ' \V\r A I I . - V ,.,,',,,;,..' Ann, Slat,- ,,f X( . . N o t a r y I V b l i c . !»s repu- County of Dona « damaged in Mexico. My Commission ICxpiri't- PRESBYTEmAiTcHURCH i Special ChriblDins services will be held at the Presbyievian church Sunday niurniiiK and evenin^ Vt ll" o'clock hour The liev. John «. 0- D., will preach the sermon. The lion 1 will f u r n i s h special music. At 7:30 in ihe evening Dr. Vauprhi), Proffessor in the A. M Coile-re, will deliver th s address. The Vpuns people's choir will f u r n i special music for the eveiiiiiK, consisting 1 of b o t h vocal and instrumental. Sunday school at the usual hour 1(1 o'clock in the morning C. E. a t in the evening. V \ e have, organized a yoiins jible class in (he Sunday school he pastor as teacher. Quite a number number h a v e joined and others have prom-ed to join soon. It is a very class indeed and the young men already proved themselves to be students of (be Word. We cordially invite invite all young men who are not connected with any Sunday school in city to join our class. Everybody c o r d i a l l y invited to all our THOS. A. MITCHELL. Mexico. III. III. 27th (lav ..... of August, 1.the said defendants, Or- ·r and Josephine Foster, and as partners doinn; |*r the firm name and Fosters, falsely and m u - sed to he published, a n d , "'d f i r c i r a l e in a n e w s - I t h e s e n a l e .·liamber. Ike Rio Grande Hepnbli 'I'l"" Ibe d e l ' e n d i i M i - That on the 271h day of August, V. D. 1912, the said defendants, Orrin Orrin A. Fo«(cr and Josephine Foster, ndividually, and as p a r t n e r s doing business u n d e r the firm name and style of The Fosters, falsely and maliciously maliciously caused to be published, and did publish and c i r c u l a t e in a newspaper newspaper called (he Rio Grande R e p u b - lican, the following words coiti.'erniiig the said p l a i n t i f f , Herbert H. M u l l , of and concerning him in hi- said office office a n d official c a p a c i t y : If we rebelled am! said su when o u r senator became the p u b l i c air-nt of the corporation interests of Northern Northern New Mexico against Ibe world, il was not in be wnnilereil at so much. R e m i t , i r l l o ' t guided I h e hiiy | "A" MEN ENJOY BANQUET. Coach Badenoch Gives Bin Banquet To Football Men--Coach Presented Presented with Shotgun by the Team. h c i n g R e p u b l i c a n s w i t h h i m , could The entire football team, comprising comprising seventeen men, were guests of Coach ami Mrs. Badenoch at a turkey dinner, given Saturday evening, in t h e i r ensy home just north follege. The baiii'iuet was a f i t t i n g 'or (he end of Ihe season. The affair vas, indeed, a great treat to the lall men, who for the past two n o n l h s have been compelled to s l a i u from the fancy things of iioil-rn table. A f l e r dinner, allg.-ithcred around i bi;: I'ircplace and enjoyed their M'.s-onri m e e r s c h a u m s , v h i l e being e n t e r t a i n e ege ipiarletle--Kuorr, Uriggs. VYcil- 1-1! and Bom-man. The e l e c t i o n of captain for . - e a u n was one nf t h e l e v e l l i n g . Joe l.lnesenberry j i b e hnimrs. A I'ine repealim: s h o t u u n Coach P.ademieh. bv I concerning ff. Herbert P.. Holt. ing him in h j s s n id offipin! r a p a c i t y : I'-tolil von in last weck' |!lhc ow;,,, and ,,,111,,,.... N i l a s S c n a l n r from i h e ' ' " i m i y Don;! Ana K l a l c ··' ·'·»' M''.\i i' herein a . : i : " ' ' ' ! ennnly, X.'\v . I'i'l A - u n s w e r v i n g ! v ·essinii of Ibe S l a l c of New P"!il:c:il eronlis in ' 1:u e done more li i" poHtical lionil- S( ' s nf any o i l i e r iililp I o do. And |,. lr ""'i- m e a n t thereby !'J*peratfl!y mul fa. ,, . ' and dishonesl L., N n i i i i i f f now i, ons | s 0 ln the worst of Ihe n "jl dishonest jobs. , liffttion wna false '' ··niiil by means therc- ·u-'.i.'li "''· ·'»·'· :; l! : ' : ' , ii,,. i,,,i.-i:. ·· i,.-i vo I'.l;iv. Thi- · - · . : ! ! · : ' lhl . 'i7,.,, S7^H"'I i" 'I' 1 ' ; - - · "" '·"' "!·· ','.:'" ' ' ... ...,.,.|. . . . ; ' ; . · ,,,..,.., ],,,, itiffiimi up M-.1 ^ ·' ., !.; xi . .. , ,,,. ,,,,, .'.-ini'ilint in .'U-tn.-iI ?W" ' "I. 1 . I ' , , )n , in .,,, ,,,, r ]y ...lili.-ii T'fnrPcnh.t' "'"'" ll '" i " 1 "" !l 1;1 "T i n l l l i s l . . w n a m l l l u : ; ·' Sins Ihrn-nf ««·' "'··" ""' i,, UK- voar a..'l ni..r!, -i . ,,,,, R ./ nll ';,^,. ; ,, o l n tcd are Inie. «- ^^ n w . ,, ,,,. fir , ,, r ,,,,f. I ,,,;.,,,.,] in ITorherl. R. H"' ,-orn. np"» '»· " .,, t h e p l n i n l i l T in cause and H i n t lie ha* _' and -iTM"^':-::^ 1 :;,;- | I |l'I n i i i ' - · pi as tft piif't m n l l o r ' ns

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