Wyoming massacre continued

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Wyoming massacre continued - fnountam, whereat a distance Ijc faw a flag,...
fnountam, whereat a distance Ijc faw a flag, which as he advanced, retired, as if afraid, 20 or 30 rods; he fallowing, was led into an ambufh, and partly fur - rounded by the enemy, who fuddenly rcfe and fired upon them. Notwithrtanding the great difproportion 1600 10 400, he and his men bravely flood and returned the fire for three quarters of an hour, with fuch brifkntfs and refolution, that the enemy began to give way and were upon the point of retiring when one of Col. Zcbuton Butler's men, either through treachery or cowaidice, cried out that the Colonel ordered a retreat This caufed a cef&tion of their fire, threw thtm in'O cor.fulioa and a total rout enfued. The greateft part fled to the river, which they endeavoured to pafs, to Fort Wtlkeftury, the enemy puifued them with the fury of Devils,, many were loll or - killed in the river, and no more then about 70, fome of whom were Wounded, efcaped to Wilkefbury. Saturday morning, July 4. The enemy fent icj6 fca?p3 into Foit Kingflon, which they inverted on the laud fide, and kept op a continual fire upon it. This evening Col. Zebulon Butler with his family quitted the fort and went down the river. Col. Nathan Dennifon, went with a flag, to Exeter fort, to know of Col. John Butler what terms he would grant on a furrender. Btrler anfwered, the Hatchet. Co!. Dennifon returned to Fort Kingfton, which he defended till Sunday morning, when his men being nearly all killed or wounded, hecauld hold out no longer, and was obliged to furrender at difcretion. The enemy tcck away fome of the unhappy priforers, and (hutting up the reft in thehoufes, fet fire to them, and they were all confumed together. Thefe infernal then crofTed the river to Fort Wiikefbury, which in a few minutes furrendered at. difcretion. About 70 of the men, who had lifted ia the continental fet vice to defend the frontiers, they inhumanly butchered, with every citcumftance of horrid cruelty ; and then Glutting up the reft, with the women and children, in the hcufes, they fet fire to them, and they all periled together in the flames. After burning all the buildings in the fort, they proceeded to the deftretficn of ev:ry building and improvement (except what belonged 10 fome torics) that came within their reach, on all thefe flcurimiog fcttle - ments, which they have rendered a fcene of defolaticn and hor.or, almoft beyond defcription, parallel, or credibility; and were not the fadls attcfled by num - bets of the unhappy fufFerers, from different quarters of the fettlement, and unconnected with each other, it would be impoffible to believe that human nature could be capable of fuch prodigious enormity. When thefe mifcreants had deftroyed the other improvements, they proceeded to deitroy the crops on the ground, letting in the cattle and horfes, to the Corn, ana tuning Uji t uuan ax uicy wuiu ur wxidt was left. Great numbers of the cattle they lhot and de ftroyed ; and cutting out the tongues of many others, left them to periih in mifery. The courfe of thefe truly diabolical proceedings, was marked by many particular ads of diftinguilhed enormity, amung which were the following, viz. The Captains James Bedlock, llcbert Ourgee, and Samuel Ranfon, being made prifoneis by the enemy. They dripped Capt. Bedlock, tied him to a tree, and flue!; him full of (harp fplmters of pine knots, then pileing a heap of pine koots round him, they fet all on fire, put Durgee and Ranfon into the flee, and held them down with itch fork?. Thomas Hill (whofe father was killed by the Indians, lafl Indian war) with his own hands killed his own mother, his father inlaw, his fitters and their families. .Part'ml Terry, the Ton of a man who bore a very rtfptclable character, had feveral times fent his father word, that he hoped to wafti his hands in his heart's blood. Ag'.eeable to fsch a horrid declaration, the monfter, with his own hand murdered his father, mother, brothers and fifterf, fl.ipned eff their fcalps, and cut off his father's head. Cel. Dennx'ba was feen furrounded by tha enemy, and was doubtlels murdered. Col Zebulon Butler is fuppofei to be the only officer who e(caped. It is fa dhe had feveral timrs written letter j to the Coogrefs and General Wafhington, acquainting them with the danger the fettlement was in, and requefting afliftarice ; but that he received no anlwer, except that he had no caufe to fear, fmce the Indian were all fir feace, and quite averfe to uur. However he lately received a letter from Cspr. Spaulding, acquainting him that neither the Congrefs nor General VValhington bad received any of his letters, which had been intercepted by the Penafylvania Tories, who in all probability acl - ed in concert with thefe execrable mifcreants, againft W yoming. It is teported that thefe wretches, after corapleaung their horrid bufiaefs at Wyoming, are going or goa to Cherry Valley, and the parts adjacent. We bear that a party of infernals of the I.Iie kind, have within this week or two, infefted the parts about Legnawegh, near Rocheftsr, on the Minifiok road to Philadelphia, where a party of them, abmt 40 ia number, huve plundered and burnt feveral houfes, abu - fed fome people and carried off three men It is hoped fpeedy. and effectual meafurcs will be taken to pu -

Clipped from
  1. The Pennsylvania Packet,
  2. 30 Jul 1778, Thu,
  3. Page 4

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