1897 jun 15 coach, richard buries someone alive?

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1897 jun 15 coach, richard buries someone alive? - ANGiE RAY nor Commit-tee by J. res- YLVt "GraTe...
ANGiE RAY nor Commit-tee by J. res- YLVt "GraTe Within TWO Feet Of That on the . . j TTTTL'I T IS XSIirifiQ W fill 6 1.1VinP'.the . i To Prove That j Hypnotic Inter- . meats Aye Fakes. ' of William Lloyd, Also AliTe. ! . ' in ac-cepted Before the gass of soma hundred wit nesses a young and; pretty woman was literally entombed alive in a grave at Hillsdale Park yesterday evening. ,The burial was the second ef its kind that has taken place for the purpose of exposing the al leged hypnotic or Hindoo burials of living subjects.. Richard Coach, who superintended tbe interment of William Lloyd, who was put under the ground early Sunday morn ing, also had charge of the additional ex pose yesterday. The young woman who is now reeMng In a rode pine box beneath the bank tn Hillsdale ta Miss Angle Ray. of Columbus. Ohio, i She has undertaken to pass through the ordeal of living burial for the same purpose as did Lloyd. It has been thoroughly demonstrated that the burial is nothing further than a feat of physical and mental endurance. No hypnotism is employed whatsoever, and no Oriental chant or ceremony marked the placing ef the young lady In ber tomb for a stay of 24 hours.' Within two feet of where Lloyd was resting snugly in his subterranean cell the .grave whlchj now contains Miss Ray was dug. It was; a regulation final resting place, and the pine box standing beside the grave give it .every appearance of sepulcber. Seated at the head of this ex cavation was the young lady who intended to permit herself to be consigned to tbe grave temporarily. Miss Ray said that she had never attempted tbe feat before, but still felt sure that she would accomplish it without any trouble or great inconven lence. i ! After all tbe preliminaries leading up to the burial had been concluded. Assistant Manager George Nicholson delivered an address to the assembled witnesses, saying that the burial 'was not what many had au- luppOBti0 , exhibition of hypnotism, but w w on ,h- contrary given for the purpose it it dur- of snowing what a hollow mockery and easy trick to perform these alleged hypnotic burials really are. - TBI IBUBIAL. BEOINS. With this work gone over the actual in terment was taken up. - The heavy pine cof fin box was lowered into the six-foot-deep excavation, and then Miss Ray was lowered Into it.. uShe , herself directed tbe work. When ah touched the coffin she promptly divested 'herself of her cape and slippers, and calmly laid down while the worklngmen overhead lowered tbe heavy lid to the coffin and prepared to screw It down. No sooner had the lid been adjusted than the platform was placed over it, and then the air tube, which was described in Trs ENQtmtXK yeeterday, was placed In position and the grave diggers began to throw back upon the coffin the dirt which tbey had dug out of tbe grave but a short while be fore. During all this time Miss Ray kept up an incessant chatter through the tube and seemed In i excellent spirits. After she had been covered up, the same electrical ppllancee were placed in her coffin that had been provided for Lloyd. After she had heen down for over an hour Miss Ry talked for the second time to an Ekqcibih reporter, and laughingly said that she would remain 34 hours In the grave, and that if it was no harder to bear than what she had thus far experienced she would not mind staying down for a week. Immediately adjoining the grave occupied by Miss Ray 1 the narrow compartment In which William Lloyd, who was surreptitiously burled in the arav dawn of last Sun day morning, has elected te remain for A2 hoars. Cpon leaving Miss Ray. The Ei-qriKBR reporter 'turned to the tube leading to L.ioya. i Hello, sport,"" cried Lloyd wnen tne rspaoer man placed his face at tbe open ing. How la It up there." Pretty warm. returned the reporter. How are you standing the test" "Oh. that's easy." replied Lloyd. "Why. I coiiM stay down here for a month. Haven t you grown hungry by this time?". ' MCST HAVE CIGARETTES. -Non." reDliied Lloyd, fbut I must have my elgarettea" Lloyd- then went on to relate his experiences, and said that he was glad he had undertaken the task of showing up the hypnotic fakers. He seems most cheerful, and as he does not drink alcoholics Is not pining for liquid refreshments, as one would imag.net He has been viewed by hun dreds since be went below, and by the time tnis reaches the eyes or the reader Lloyd will have gone for over 50 hours without food or drink of any kind, and have spent that period six feet beneath the earth. The only sign of bis confinement to be noticed is a slight pallor. This afternoon at 4 o'clock both Lloyd and Miss Ray will be resurrected. This ceremony will -doubtless attract a large crowd, and in this it is a foregone conclusion that there will be no police Interference. In Police Court yesterday morning both Detective Coach and Manager Nicholson were ar- rsiinra to answer ins icnarge preferred against them by Lieutenant Sam Han when they were arrested Sunday afternoon. Both men were represented bv Attornev Franks. and the case was set for hearing on June ij. owing is tne prosecution having asked ir a concinaance. Jt was annourced by Attornev E. J. Franks that he will elan rfanan a Jury, and there ts talk that the charge of exhibiting hypnotism will be changed to u( i givmg an exnioiuon upon Bunday.

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 15 Jun 1897, Tue,
  3. Page 10

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  • 1897 jun 15 coach, richard buries someone alive?

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