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CHAMPIONSHIP CHESS ·By BLAKE STEVENS . v United States Expert JCwS following gamt short's clear- Iy .Jh£ advantage of having more spadMontrol than your opponent. MrUe 'space Implies more freedom of movement for the pieces, which is tilling. in. nnmwr T.D. V.nSchelHm. jr'flm r-TM I Km r-*|n» t nSi N-K" An experiment to be condemned, as the outcome clearly shows. 7 P-K3 N-NJ » B-N3 N-Q1 a B.Q* J'* 11 in !xii II-K-! 11 I ' - K R I ! Aimed particularly against 11 . . . 00, afier which would come 12 P-R5, N-R1; 13 0-00, threatening threatening P-K-!; and Black can not fight this by 1.1 ... P-KB1 because because of 14 N-R1. I I . . . p . K B I 1J (Ml-0 N-H» Fighting against 13 P-K4. 12 . . . Q-N3, intending to castle queen's side, would he ineffectual because of the possibility of Q-B5 (ch) by White. 13 N-KS! n-n.t Ttie rook does some defensive work here, but it is poorly placed for a future end game. I I K-N'l Q-HI IS 1MU Jf-0.-' Black seeks relief in exchanges 15 ... Q-K3 would lie weak: 1C P-B4I in P.KI r*r ji qs«r K-III H '" it; ; ' Position alter 17 K-B1 LARGEST CRUCIFIX? BURT LAKE, Mich.-A 31-foo hrqgp figure of Christ has been llfjWjinlo place on a 55-foot wood-! e£-x:rucifix, which local residents bjjieye Is the largest in the world. It Is expected the shrine will be dedicated to an Indian girl, Katcri Teckawllha, who died almost .100 years ago and may be the first Nrffffl American to reach Calhollc minthood m N-iii '.xi ri N t K h - Q f t n\x 50 n«ncK K-xt 51 N»N TsN ^t r-rt^i White goes to exploit his advantage advantage in the end game, sj . . . n-ni ··:\ Pin r ^ l 1 JI Q.nj q-K:l S3 I'-HII n-1'l The fact that Black was short time on his clock probably played a largo part in sending him loo into the end game. He could put up a good resistance witli 25 . . . R-Q4! For example 26 RxRch; 27 RxR, NxP and it is not easy. to see how White make any progress. S3 Q*Q n«l The end game is lost for Black. White handles it with precision-21 precision-21 n-nii I--NI If 28 P-B4, then 28 ... R-Q6. !« lt.q« s-n.1 If 28 ... R-QB1, then 29 and Black is more or less posi- lioniilly stalemated. However, this looks like it was Black's best at this stage of the game. M n n r « n 30 K-oni N-Q.6 :u n - l ' K - ' t l 31 R N:l N-1U 5:t I t i S llKll 31 It-Bl While has weighed up Hie rook and pawn endgame well: his pawns get there first. .. . .11 IHNP in r - R i .17 K-KJ .1* II-KR.1 .1!) Ririlll) n P.R.I And White's mnr U.H; FC-IIJ I t M ' B-N« nil' Fi-ru mnre passed pawns won easily, advanced!went

Clipped from
  1. Express and News,
  2. 27 Dec 1959, Sun,
  3. Page 23

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