Frederick Kratzer Inhabitant 1794. Dauphin Co formed 1785.

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Frederick Kratzer Inhabitant 1794. Dauphin Co formed 1785. - the in title of tne the fore of will ..... ol...
the in title of tne the fore of will ..... ol the tne for on of ot as - of to - THE EVANS FAMILY. Or Delaware County, Pennsylvania. The following corrections of Rev. Mr. Hayden's article on the Genealogy of the Evans Family, comes "Aston Place," Ard - more, Penna. We give place to it from the fact that Notes and Queries, without entering into any controversary, whatever, is desirous of presenting the truth in our Pennsylvania History. I desire to correct a few errors in the Evans senealogy as it appeared in recent Issues of Notts and Queries. The mistakes noted were in the chapter containing an account of the Owen family, descendants of Owen ap - Evan, son of Evan Robert Lewis. x be manuscript in the possession of your correspondent is a copy, or, perhaps, I should say, one of several copies of the original genealogy compiled about 1800 to 1820, as stated. These old papers, while they give correct descent from Evan Robert Lewis, and on this account have a certain value, are all more or less in error as regards other information. During the past few years I have spent mnch time investigating the Owen family, of Merion, and such informa tion as I have been able to collect, will be fonnd in the July number (1889) of the "Pennsylvania Magazine of History," to gether with authorities. The corrections I desire to make are as follows : Robert Owen's wife was Rebecca, not Jane, as stated. She was the daughter of Owen Humphrey, Esquire, ol Llwyn - du, in Merionethshire, a justice of the peace under Oliver Cromwell. Robert Owen and "Jane, his wife, and Lewis, their son, " came to Philadelphia in 1684, settled on Duck Creek, New Castle County, and the old couple died in 1685. This fact has led to a confusion of persons. Robert and Rebecca Owen removed to Penn sylvania in 1690 and settled in Merion, on about 500 acres of land purchased from Thomas Lloyd. They had issue : i, MJvrn, b. in Wales; m. Mary lloskins. ii. Jane, b. 1685 in Wales. tit. Elizabeth, b. 1687 in Wales; m. David Evans. in. Owen, b. 1690 in Merion; m. Anne Wood. v. John, b. 1692 in Merion; m. Hannah Maris. vi. Robert, b. 1695 in Merion; m. Su sanna Hudson. vii. Rebecca, b. 1697 in Merion; d. infant Evan Owen was a Provincial Councillor of Pennsylvania, colonial judge, and altogether a man of mark; he died 1727. Owen Owen became high slierin: ot Phila delphia, and John, his brother, served for many years in the same office in Chester county; being also member of the Provincial Assembly. Robert Owen married busanna, daughter of William Hudson, Mayor of Philadelphia, and bad three daughters : i. Mary, a. young. ii. Hannah, m. 1st John Ogden; 2ndlv Joseph Wharton. tit. Uacltael, m. Samuel Kemble, of Bur lington, N. J.f By her first husband, John Ugaen, ian - nab. had one son, William Ogden, who had among other children, Hannah who married Captain William Duer (lost at sea 1800), and had Harriet, d. unm. William, d. in fant, Mary Ann m. Lewis Washington Glenn, son of James, of Maryland, and had William Duer Glenn d. s. p. in Cairo, Egypt, 1875, Edward Glenn, of Ardmore, and Hannah Cuthbert, who m. A. W. North who d. a. p. By her second husband, Joseph Wharton, Hannah Owen had besides other children, Robert Wharton, Mayor of Philadelphia, Captain of the City Troop, etc. Turning again to the children ot Uwen ap Evan, of Fron Goch, I find that Ellen, or Elin, married Cadwalader Thomas ap Hugh of Kiltalgarth, in Llanvanr, Merionethshire. They had two sons and a daughter. One of these sons, John Cadwalader, came to Mer ion, in Pennsylvania, 1698, and married a daughter of Dr.Thomas Wynne. This was the ancestor of the Cadwalader family of Phila delphia, and is not to be confused with John Cadwallader who died in the West Indies. I shall be pleased to furnish any other in formation on this subject Thomas Allen glenn. Peter Moore, " Jacob Moore, Mathias Herman - shone:, Jacob Sanders, James Hasten, Phillip Erpff Mathias Stock, Daniel Reed, John Smith, Christian Dantzer, George Neft, Fred'k Heverling, George S trickier. NtnmanMoirn, Heidelberg Township. Sibert, Francis, Kapp, Fredrick, . Strickler, George, Shlichter, Nicholas, Shnltz, John, Dengler, John, Noll, Philip, Leiss, Peter, Meyeratown, Line, Peter, Bees, Christoph, Steiner, Jacob, Erutzer, Fredrick, Eicholtz, Jacob, Gast, Mathias, Miller, John, Musser, John, Newman, Leonard, Ot ten wait, George, Steinier, August, Holzeder, Peter, Musser, Besjaman, Newman, Henry. Heidelberg Township. Bullman, Fredrick, Reem, George, Fox, Michael, Kreiss, Dietrich, Kinsel, Rndolph, Miller, Thomas, Keener, God fried. To AN OLD - TIME KEOISTER. VI. rWe conclude in this number of Notes and Queries the very interesting list of Dauphin county inhabitants of 1794. Heidleberg comprised the eastern portion of Dauphin county. Since 1813, when Leba non county waB created, it has been divided into several townships. It was originally formed in 1757, whilst a part of Lancaster and Berks counties. Its exact boundaries were not established until the erection of Dauphin county in 1785. IleUelbers Townahlp. IIARKISBURG CnURCnKS. Where the Pulpits Will be Occupied morrow. There will be services In the churches ol Har rlsburg to - morrow as follows : First Free Baptist church, corner Fourth and State streets. Preaching at 10:30 a. m. and at 7:30p.m. Young People's meetln? at 7 p.m. Sunday school at 1:45. Revival meeting In progress. Gospel services every nlglit at 7:30. All are cordially invited to attend. ssaiem mme uiass (aauic ana undenominational), under the care of Kudolpli F. Kelker, meets every Sunday at 1:30 p. m. in the hall ot the Y. M. c. A. All persona not engaged In any of the Sabbath schools of the city are cordially Invited to attend. Second Lutheran church, Forster Street, near Bld? avenue, Rev. T. T. Everett, D. D. pastor. At iii.vj a. m., uoiy uommumon. At 7:su p. m., sermon: "The Significance of Life " At 1:30 p. m., Sunday school. Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. , lecture and prayer service. Bethlehem Lutheran church, corner Green and Cumberland streets, Kev. W. H. Flshburn, pastor. Preaching at 10:30 a. m. and at 7:30 p. m. Sunday school at 8:45 a. m. Pastor's Bible class (male and female) at 1:45 p. m. Boats free at all services. Everybody welcome. St. Stephen's P. E. church, North Front street. Services to - morrow at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. The rector will officiate. All are cordially ln - vlted. Gospel meeting for railroad man and their families under the auspices of the Railroad Men's Christian Association will be held In the Forster Street Lutheran church, at 4. - 30 p. m. to - morrow, and will be led by Mr. Harry Miller. Trinity Evangelical church.North street, faOovo Third. Preaching at 10:30 a. m. by the pastor. Rev. S. L. Wiest. Children's Day service at 7:30 p. m. Prayer rnoetla at 9:45 a. m. Sunday schoolat 2p.m. Young people's meeting at 7 p. Ol. Preaching at Elder Street Presbyterian church at 10:30 and 8. - 00. Society of Christian Endeavor from 7:30 to 8:00 Communion in the evening. Brethren from the Pennsylvania Eldership will preach morning and evening, a. H. Armstrong. Bethany Presbyterian Mission. Eleventh and Boas streets. Sunday school at 9 a. m. Service at 7:30 p. m. Prayer 8 p. m. pine street presoytenan cnurcn. itev. ueo. S. Chambers, D. D., pastor. Preaching Sunday morning at 10:30 and evening at 7:80. Sunday school, 1:40 p. m. Wednesday evening service at 7:30. Women's prayer meeting, Friday at 4. Men's prayer meeting, Friday at 8 p. m. Grace Methodist Episcopal church. State street, Rev. E. H. Yocum, pastor. Preaching at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. by the pastor. Class meet - lag, 9 30 a. m. Sunday school, 1:30 p. ai. Market Square Presoyterlan church. Rev. George B. Stewart, pastor. Public worship at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday school at 1:30 p. m. Y. P. s. c. E. prayer meeting at 6:45 p. m. Communion of the Lord's Supper in the rnira - lng, and in the evening the pastor will deliver his third sermon of the couraa upon the life of Christ. Calvary Presbyterian chapel, corner Cameron and sycamore streets. Public worship at 7:30 p. m. Sunday school at 9 a. m. Y. p. 8. C. K. prayer meeting at 6:45 p. m. Thursday evening prayer meeting at 7. - 30 o'clock. Reformed Salem church, Third and Cheatnut streeti. Hiv. Ellis N. Kremer, pastor. Divine services on Sunday at 1030 a. m. and 7:31p.m. Sunday school at 1:30 p. m. Lecture, Wednesday evening at 7:30. Tabernacle Baptist church, City Grays' armory. Preaching to - morrow by the pastor, Rev. W. W. Dalbey. at 10:30 and 7:30. Sunday school at 1:45. Memorial Evangelical Lutheran church, Four - teen - and - a - Half and Shoop street, Rev. s. Dasher, pastor, service at iu:uu a. m. ana 7:30 p. m. The Holy Communion morning and evening. S unday school at 1:80. St. Paul's P. E. church, corner Sixth a:: Forster streets, Rev. Leroy F. Baker, rector. Morning prayer with sermon at 10:30. Evening prayer at 6:30. Olivet Presbyterian chapel, Derry street, corner of Klttatlnny. Preaching at 10. - 30 a. m. by Kev. uooeri uoenran. aoDatu school at 1:30 p. m. Flrat anniversary ot the Sabbath schoolat 7: JO m. Prayer meeting on Tuesday evening St. Paul's M. E. church, Vine street, Rev. A. S. Bowman, pastor. Preaching at 10. - 30 a. m. by ministers of the Eldership of the Church of God. Sunday school 1:30 p. m. Prayer and praise service an hour before evening preaching. Quarterly meeting at Wesley Union A.M. E. Zlon church - on South street, near Fourth, Rev. F. M. Jacobs, pastor. Preaching at 10:30 a. m. by Rev. Dardls. At 8 p. m. by a stranger. 7:80 p. m. sermon by a stranger and Communion ser vices. Sabbath school at 1:30 p. m. All are welcome Seats free. First Baptist church, corner Second and Pine streets. Rev. Isaac W. Bagley, past n , will preach at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Morning subject: "Helpful Words lor the Weary Ones." Evening subject: "Your Burden, and How to Bear It." Achy, Henry, Achy, Samuel, Berry, Peter, Brubaker, Daniel, Beckly, Ulrich, Becker, Geo, Jr., Becker, Geo, Sr., Becker, John, Bracht, Adam, Baasler, Simon, Bridenbach, Phillip, Bollman, John, Brown, Philip, Baylor, Christian, Batrof, Peter, Sr., Batrof, Peter, Jr., Beyler, John, Brown Michael, Beshor, Adam, Becker, Michael, Denies, Jacob, Miller, Valentine, Jr. , Moyer, John, Miller, Micheal, Jr., Moyer, Henry, Meisser, George, Miller, Samuel, Miller, Jacob, Miller, Michael, Newman, George, Newman, Walter, Noll, John, Noll, Nicholas, Noll, Leonard, Oberkirsb, Philip, Phillips, Jacob, Risser, Christian, Reem, Peter, ' Royer, John, Royer, George, Rudy, Heronimus, Reed, John, Diilonbach, Benjamin Ramler, Michael, Dirwechter, Ehrhard, Ramler, Leonard, Ewinger, George, Jvckert, Jonas, Fogt, Georgo, Fogt, Mathias, Feeman, Adam, Foltz, Fredrick, Fehler, John, German, Henry, Geret, George, Geret, Jacob, German, George, Ilibshman, Henry, noffman, George, Hoffman, Jacob, Hack, MicLael, Sr., Hack, Michael, Jr., Hack, Nicholas, Holstone, George, Ilig, Leonard, Joltor, Jacob, Immel, Leonard, Krall, Henry, Sr., Stump, Shonk, John, Stoncr, Fred'k, Sholl, Adam, Strickler, And'w, Jr., Strieker, And'w, Sr., Sbultz, Christian, Saltzgeber, John, Swangcr, Nicholas, Shitz, Peter, Sheffer, Henry, Stenglcr, Peter, Jr., Strack, Henry, Sholl, Peter, Smith, George, Strickler, Seonare, Sholl, John, Sibert, Christian, Stein, Peter, Stein, Fred'k, Sholl, Simon, Sharf, John, MRS. TSUI KWOYAN'S WAKDROBB, Gorgeous Gowns of tho Wife ef the New Chinese Minister. At the ball she will have the assistance of the Minister and his legation, and the attendance of the entire suite, bi't she will not be permitted to dance, promenade or even shake hands with a man. Mrs. Tsui will return calls, and instead of asking her to remove her bonnet, the cosmopolitan hostess will invite her to take oft? her petticoat, at the same time directing tho maid of honor lo show her mistress to a private parlor. This petticoat, by the way, is a marvelous vestment, made of the finest silk sewed with stitches of infinitesimal length and laid in 100 plaits, embellished on one side with low tones of embroidery and worked along the inner folds with flat flower patterns stitched with bright but delicate threads. She has 200 toilets in her troussean, including the jewel - embroidered shoes, satin stockings, silk trousers, petticoat, robe, coat and hat bands, and valued at an average of $1,300 a suit. All her satin shoes are hand - wrought. Those for dressy affairs are studded with Ceylon pearls, the toe being tipped with a solitary pearl much larger in circumference than the thumb joint of her pretty brown hand. The trousers are made of plain silk, those for cool or cold weather having fleece or fur lining. The petticoat is a work of needle painting. The robe, of superb embossing or brocading, has a lining of silver work, and the very perfection ot embroidery is shown in the gores and sleeves of the coat. HALF MARKIED. by a Kochonderfer, George, Swalm, John, Kapp, Anthony, Krum, John, Kline, Jacob, Krlll, John, Kucton, John, Kreltzer, Michael, King, Christian, Kring, Henry, KrofT, Andrew, Kurtz, Stephen, Shitz, Jacob, Smith, Michael, Simon, George, Shlesman, Peter, Spanhnt, Henry, Swarm, Adam Spongier, George, Trion, Michael, Unbehend, Jacob, Urich, Valentine, A I.oulavllle Clergyman Pnzzled Lindy'f Itemnrk. Louisville Recorder. The Rev. G. W. Featherston tells this: "I was pmzled by a Tennessee lady about her marriage. Sitting by her in a parlor and wishing to introduce conversation I asked her: 'Are yon a married or a single lady?' She curtly replied: I am only half married,' and remained an silent as before. This stamped me, as I had never hoard of such a case belore. one saw she had excited my curiosity, and no doubt enjoyed it. At length I ventured to ask : 'Will you please explain that half married? I don't understand it. ' She replied : 'If you mnst know tho trnth about it, I have trained my own consent to marry, and when the other half of the couple to make the match gains his consent we will have a wedding. Koppenheffer, Henry, Urich, John, Kinsel, Jacob, Urich, Francis, Lantz, Henry, Liantz, John, Line, John, Leiss, Adam, Litner, Peter, Lintz, Georgo, Long, Henry, Ley, Christian, Lem an, Christian, Moore, John, Musser, Nicholas, Mess, Georgo, Mess, Jacob, Mess, Nicholas, Miller, Michael, Miller, George, Mock, Adam, Weisp, Christian, Weiss, Henry, Wolfersberger, . Peter, Wolfersberger, Geo., Witmeyer, Wcich, Christian, Walburn, Christian, Walburn, Martin, Walburn, John, Walburn, Herman, Wagner, Georgo, Wolfart, Michael, Wolff, Michael, Zimmorman, Henry, Zeller, Peter, Sr., Zimmerman, Geo., Sr., Zimmerman, Geo,, Jr., Moyer, John (Isaac's Zeller, Peter, Jr., Hon), Zerben, Michael. Miller, Valentino, Sr., Hhaereratown, Heidelberg Townahlp John Wandorly, Johu NeiHS, Adam Moore, Christopher Seyler, John Itictel, Adam Moaner, Phillip Uoyer, Geo Woyman, nd'w Kapp, Henry Krum, Peter Krum, Henry Moyer, Michael Moyer, Samuel Hex, Martin Albright, John Kline, John Ditman, Henry Sorben, Peter Kolb, Fred'k Doebler, Leonard Krnmbine, Jacob Millor, Peter llousser, Oeogo Dissinger, John Lausser, Mich's llecher, Henry Uorkey, Jacob Krnmbine, And'w Fureraan, Adam Frid, Kdlaon and III. ImpIoye.. Edison's employes in Edisonvillo, N. J., as it will soon be called aro said to be preparing an electrical novelty by way of a surprise for their chief when ho lands fresh from his triumphs abroad and comes home to the town which is best known by his residence. They greet with derision the reports that the Parisians were disappointed in his personal appearance and declared that ho neither looked nor dressed his role of savant. Edison and some of his young men went abroad, the stay - at - homes say, in soft hats and knock - abouc clothes. They we:t for a royal good time and they had it. Now they are coming homo to work and to dazzle the wordly with an electrical display of ptartling novelties. One of Edison's chiefs lives in Newark in a house which is all agog with wires. As one approaches tho front gate it swings open and shuts automatically. The visitor's foot on tho steps of the porch rings a bell iu the kitchen and also one in the master's study. Jiv touching a button he opens the front door before the stranger has time to knock. An electrical muBic - box plays during dinner. When tho guest retires to his bed room the folding bed unfolds by electricity. When he puts out tho gas a strange, mocking diHplay of skeletons, gravestones, owls nml other hidoous phantasmagoria dunces about on the wall at his feot, reappearing and disappearing in a ghostly electrical glare. Edison's young men play with electricity as small boys do with fire. None ot them has handled a "dead" wire with fatal results yet. a

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  • Frederick Kratzer Inhabitant 1794. Dauphin Co formed 1785.

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