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c bD rt Pi LU z o z CHAMPIONSHIP CHESS o "c c rv in i O o 3 Ul 13 C 3 in Stevens By BLAKE STF,VENS United Slates Expert The solution to last week's~'problem week's~'problem of White to Play and Mate in Three is simple, and illustrates (he f u n d a m ental -stratagem -stratagem t h a t applies to the beginning of the game -- Quick Development. 1. P-Q4 (this opens a line For the Queen Bisho Bisho p a n d t h e Queen), B l a c k moves (any king move). 2. Q-Q3 (this cuts off the retreat of the Black King). Black makes any King move again. 3. Q-R3, Mate. A good way to meet the Sicilian Defense is to employ the Morra Gambit, which gives While a substantial substantial lead in development and many open lines to work with at the expense of a pawn. Sound or nol, it disconcerts an opponent who is set to play a closed, slow game. Psychology is as important in chess as it is in poker. In the following game, the opening opening selected by White serves to unnerve Black, causing him to play weakly at his Cth turn, which is the beginning of his downfall. Black hastens his dcfeal when he fails to prevent While's 11 N-KNS. White l l l j t k 11. D a v i s C:. MutiEOi i r-m T-QRI 25 q-NKrlk! R s Q 1*6 X - R 7 Malt. (a) Black begins to worry about 1) his lack of development and 2) his King's safely. But the move played is anti-positional and gives White targets to attack. Better is G . . . P-K3. (b) Premature is 9 N-N5, N-Q5! (c) 10 N-N5 is playable here, but 10 ... N-QR4 forces a queen t r a or general retreat. (d) 12 ... P-KR3 would drive the obnoxious knight away and give Black a breather if it were not for the combination 13 N-QN5! threatening 14 R-B7!, and 12 ... P-QR3 allows 13 B-N6, winning. Black is already in hot water. (c) Now White can win with ease. (0 Overlooking While's reply (18 ... K-R1 would prolong the struggle). (g) Allows the pretty smothered' mate which is a rare finish. A precise, clear game by Cavis, one of the strongest of the junior players players at the San Antonio Chess Club. This club, which meets Thursday evenings at the Lions Field Club house, has a perpetual invitation extended for visitors to join or visit the local chess organization, and servicemen are especially welcome. Problem 10 O-O (c) 1 1 N - K N 5 1^ 11-111 i:; v-vr, 1« It-Ill 1.5 N - q i 16 N(!i)*Kr 1! N » N IK I'xl 1 (c 13 N-NT. 30 F-HO rh 21 I ! » K P N 01 N-RS(d) O-O «J-KI P-Q1T NuN 1MI2 I'-NH {() it-iii K . H I 0.-QNI K-N1 ..... While to Play Black has just played 10 ... N-Q5, which looks strong. 11 N(2) xN'., NxN civ, 12 QxNU.QxQ; 13 N-BGch, K-Q1; 14 R-K8 Male.

Clipped from
  1. Express and News,
  2. 16 Aug 1959, Sun,
  3. Page 96

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