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 - * Championship Chess By BLAKE W. STEVE\S Texas...
* Championship Chess By BLAKE W. STEVE\S Texas Slate Champion ^Taxlmum potential--this term applies to chess as well as war. It is used specifically in positions where one side has developed so fully that an attack must be launched, If an attack is not produced, the position deteriorates. We have looked at this idea before in connection with proper piece development. Now we view it as a jumping off place for the attack. Iff ill Black to Play White has just played 19 N-N5, hoping Black will have difficulty defending his King Bishop Pawn and hls.Quscn Bishop Pawn. Black las four pieces poised for attack against the White King, plus a dangerous pawn, and the K'i n g Bishop is also ready to join in, followed by the King Rook. There are two ways of initiating this direct action. The simple way is 19 . . . P-B4. Botvinnk chooses complicated continuation. 19. . , RxQPH; 20 QxR (this is forced; otherwise 21. . .P-B8ch; 22 B-Q2, RxB; 23 QxR, B-N5.), B-B4; 21 Q-B4, R-Q1. Now Black is totally devlopsd--true he's a rook down, but White has 5 or 6 inactive pieces. 22 N-K4, B-N5; 23 P-B3 (Black was threatening 23. . .R- QSch; 24 KxR, P-B7ch; 25 KxP, Q-R5ch; 26 K-N1, B-QG; 27 K-N2, Q-R6 mate), Q-R5; 24 B-K3, Q- B7!; 25 B-KB1, Q-QN7; 26 R-B1, N-Q4; 27 BxB (White must give up his queeii; e.g., 27 Q-RB, NxB; 28 QxN, R-Q7!; 29 RxP, R-Q37 decides), decides), NxQ; 28 B-RCch (if 28 BxN, R-Q7 sins), K-B2; 29 BxNch, K- N3; : 30 0-0, KxB; 31 P-QR3, B-R4!; 32 B-K5 (After 32 N-B5ch, K-N4; 33 R-N1,' B-N3; 34. RxQch, PxR; 35 B-K3, BxN; 36 BxB, KxB; 37 R-N1, R-Q7 and wins), R-Q7!; 33 NxR, Q-N3ch; 34 K-N2, PxN and Black's two connected, passed Pawns march to victory. Surely Botvlnnik did not see all of this, or did he? At least he knew when to take a course of action, and a very definite action it was.

Clipped from
  1. Express and News,
  2. 06 Jun 1959, Sat,
  3. Page 60

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