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 - Championship Chess By, BLAKE STEVENS -Texas...
Championship Chess By, BLAKE STEVENS -Texas Sidle Champion Miguel taaj'dorf and L. Pachman shared top honors at the recently completed Argentinian chess tournament. tournament. A' tic w a s registered for t h i r d "ant! . fourth positions between B o r i s Ivkoy and the U.S.A.V q.w n Bobby Fischer, · followed by a d o z e n strong South American masters, , M PiP zs EJPP 29 K-NS 30 P-B3 31 Q«Q 32 Q-K8 «-Q3(n) K.B4(o) 1-ni K x R K-Kl Ii-xa Q-QKch Qxllth Q-Q7«h llxR Htsijns r Stevens A good · show-" ing for Fischer, ' who started off · badly with two losses in early rounds. This result will place more followers in Fischer's Fischer's camp who will be eager to cheer him on in his trial by fire, the World Candidates' Tournament. The United States has many fine- players who .rank just under the grandmaster level, many of (hem not well known to most of the chess public simply because they arc lacking the '"recognition 'due them. For -example,- Hugh E. Myers has a fine positional'and tactical grasp of (lie game, and he has displayed this skill to the sorrow sorrow of many players ranked above him in the national ratings. As in the following game: Mjers - Lombard; M*nhfcllan Chcsx Club C h a m p t n n s h i p N e w Yjrlt, 10.17 Willie i B I n c k 1 P-HNJ N-KH.I 2 II-N? P.Qf 3 N-KU.1 B-HI 4 P.BI («) P-nS(L) 5 TiV Pll- «j-m n-nic» 7 O-O I'-KS . » N-ni 8 P-QI : HI Position after S B-Q3 ID Klt-Ql Ji r-muiir 12 q-n% u r.QNi 11 V K( 1.1 N.I' IK K-KM u TIN » OK! )n Q-nn ?» n N j ( i JI N-DCIcli " (a) Giving'a-R^ti opening character character to the game. -- (b) 4 . . . p-K3 may be belter there-is tittle for White in'5 PxP PxP; 6 Q-N3, B-BI; or 5 'Q-N3 Q-B1; 6 PxP, PxP; 7 N-04 B-K5- 8 P-B3, BxN; 9 RxB, B-B4. (c) 6 ... Q-B1 is unsafe,, as Barcza showed Smyslov at the Moscow Team Tournament in JD56 by 7 N-B3, P-K3; 8 P-Q3, N-B3- 3 B-B4. (d) (d) Not 8 ... P-Q5? 9 Q-R4ch N-B3; 10 NxP, QxN??; llBxNch. (e) 9 . . . B-K2; 10 R-Q1.0-0' N-K5, NxN; 12 PxN, N-N5; 13 P-K4, P-Q5 with a good game for black. But 11 B-Q2 retains a slight edge. (f) To play Q-BZ and P.-K4 without without the troublesome . . . N-QN5. (g) Not a good move, especially especially before caslling. After 11 0-0;. 12 Q-B2, B-Q2; 13 P-K4, White would have had only a minimal advantage. (h) Setting a little' trap, in that 16 QxN? row would not be answered answered by 16 ... RxQ? 17 NxBcIi, but by 1G . . . NxN with the of the game. (i) The decisive mistake. Better . 16 ... KNxN; 17 NxN, P-QN4! (j) If 17 . . . NxN, then IS QxN(K4) with B-B1-Q3, or Q-N4 and B T K4 forming two fruitful ideas, according to how Black Plays. · '(k) 10 ... P-B4; 20 PxPc.p., NxBP; 21 Q-N6 is also uninvitin e . (l),The first sacrifice. (m) Or 21 . . . K-R1; 22 PxN; 23 B-N5 dls ch, K-N1; 24 BxBP etc. n) Aiming to cover his KN2 and KR3 with this .knight. (o) Not 23 ... N-B4; 24 B-N7, NxB; 25 Q-N5, matins. (p) Threatening mate by 25 Q-N5ch, B-N3; 26 QxB ch. (q) Besides IS RxN, this move also threatens 28 BxPch, KxB; 29 R-K7, K-N1; 30 R-N7 ch. (r) Myers' style is reminiscent of Euwe. The mating attack (12 moves In length) was executed with precision.

Clipped from
  1. Express and News,
  2. 02 May 1959, Sat,
  3. Page 57

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