The Author, James H. Hard was son in law of William Andrew Giles and husband of Annie Giles.

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The Author, James H. Hard was son in law of William Andrew Giles and husband of Annie Giles. - F-THE V. ^w^.i^v* H"w? f ^-"^ft^f^f'tf^'f^v...
F-THE V. ^w^.i^v* H"w? f ^-"^ft^f^f'tf^'f^v "•^r»'~Tw^~" 1 : I , Ah. i^iSWNttSAri^nut^ln the fourth mis. a word for got one hundred .^ ?1iiir|r<iie"ord;was continued. So correctly upwards all and graduated , conn* being !or a de>ceftdent of Ai- toi'Conaty folks. . . •» '.*<•«;*', ^" _ _ . ' ,,«- 1920. during the period of re- re- ' the for" world Edgar ... ___. -Morton to~.g«t a competent man to work United 1 - -State* weather bu- In Birmlngbsm, jn May Ham- iho» waa~ H hirB*a' to while she was Soctety 'and, can , tell you of"the i_bits of people^"who lived thous» intf of years ago' and of the cus- -«' i y n ct~ J «»c8«. ' He i* a s conrieons, *«no" - chanainj? gentleman »nd another product of Craek.^Vailley of wn i& be '^roud. T can't l f ±&*-i*^ «.jH^Xrf_ t _^ «... •* ap Jin»'s revolve* outside, snid^ "it you are about me, you're a^iar" which"* fo those- days Was equivalent to att order to commence firing. Where the bullets., fr«m Doctor-.Parr's , . tel went, I never heard, whether Into Into the ground, or into th» heavens, ;<h*s «r np toward Vaaeluse, dr-wherc, bat the/ five bullets .frctar.the jistoJ f -•• Doctor Mus went ffe* 1 ways, att __ once for th?jEh.olc-tWne>ent oft* ,. * ***•* *m«* •*' <**- «•»* tto t «w*<-WnA war* 4» h*a ^filfetf of «j»tte«* «U *wr Canal Street, - bestowed oil' them »1L Giles _H«jrj;on.. *" 1 * .hit 4he telegraph ipolo behind whfeh tpH, Giles-was stationed t6' see the fun, for on tb* , T , , _ A neffrft. excursion excursion train -which had stopped for 1 water a* fiit iuglc opposite Mrs. Sean's hotel, grot into a fight *nd w«re being horded and driven ont of the coaches by „ the conductor who the negroes always described as "dat big roan Fiekling." Conductor Fielding "was knocking the rioter* right and left and had about «mptt«d the cads when-on* of Sienj got behind-htm, whip'ped out his. trnsty ra*o? and slashed Jiim across the bacfc" making several ng- jr gasYes, I happened- along and taking Captain Ficklfar by the arm ateered^him down to th* Acay-store »n«| bfflce.. of-*Doctor Ru»» who sewed up and' dremd the wdands and the train proceeded oiOts way n charge of the conductor who had >rovad himself fully competent to landle that train and^its contents. Jt had not realized before what a big man Captain Pickling -was, but when I walked down th* ntr«et with ita-and'my head did not\reach his ihoulder I concluded thqt 1 must >y comparison look like a small po- *tb. - <, Whenever he went through the door.of_ a passenger coach he- had «-stoop to keep foom hitting his head.. He was-big and brawny and pistol scatter like 'Dr later : appointed her did Ofl L ™\^T ZK;-^ -i „ ** **t*J* w * 1IV *' 1J «»w* »* A tall fl*dged weather observer after -_ -.. ie was a policeman in Charleston he wouldjstpp aJ1ghtT>y^ grabbing the ScMigerehtsVby the bftcks of their -~ _ : hol--f«oted it Jdown. to action *nd fortunately -wm* behind the pole -when the nalksts- flew. As •hot 0«0hn Murphy. one citizen remarked, and it was seed » RUM'S did you»T ., f J think Spunk- Powell the constable constable arrested the warrior*, Major Slnis put them under bond .to- keep the peace and the-war wat or«r. I unintentionally hurt Dr. Dun's feelings, by asking him to prescribe lor my bird dog of "which I wms very fond, but I heard that he did not like it because, he was no dog doctor. " Perhaps he -would have liked to have operated on me, for. some of the boys used to guy him about being called in to sea Jim Hard's dog,' I don't se*. why ho objected to it, if he did. for it is a noble thing to relieve pain wherever found. One of the most n'ot«d and skilful physicians in Birmingham it is said had for h'yj first patient an ape, a skating Chimpanze with a show, which Chimpanzee was from pneumonia. , This doctor was successful in his treatment of ; the sufferer and now he has n very large practice and' a show, suffering books. had the ofa«*UnlUM-States GOT- sach a job. Pr*tty Valley is It i««t sltren and-,a i* helfht, weighs quarter inches one hundred fatelltctually she . >« .-. UBM scnool '*-a ftent and weighs a ton. CommiggJoncr of Aiken County. Mrs -. «M— »-^_- « „.-- ----- .. Wttt. Horton; Kay -born .about ___, Or fhe would •' walk into a room e F^ r *i: ;row ^ w * l r in: ; PJpgres8 J and stop It by tapping tho combatants on the top_of - their heada^wlth.hlg fine physician the; arming companion they ^ made a handsome doctors war Doctor Dnrr, ho married married Mis» Lucy .'Wnitamg _the : dauch» . _ » ken .who was at one tlmo school AND ^ , per^mflc 'traveled commemoration of the for thin. Country __________ , does Chinch, in (swollen pocket- ;UR5ION, ... ' ' TRAINS" Y SOUTHERN ations in train mnounced by System: round nt <?ne cent *«cn"aT1^6fiiii' ertahrcorinect- )n June 18, in c 38th, . anni- atlon of-Sontfc- ?; and the - in- ystcry Train," ad outine trip •ion will b« honored in coaches and sleeping cars on all train* except the . be: good irflir-l««wbiij»^wfiJeFTras~aifinTn WteXUii-coBBtyi 8.-0, Hlirf«t}rer tiw lUv. W. DttBlfnon Horttm, a Baptist preacher, but , Aotdd not be held Against him. Ho Mhool to _Winiaw Mnrchant who .... coached him for-hia-entry to ike Citadel Academy from *whicb ^SWgw f raduated-with honor. He "Tifwi »t one. time Sn Bamwell, S. C.. fte <3rsnit«vill(j Manufac- CJraniteville. Mr. WKSt'Tini of" •whom danirh- became Mrs. . Graves, one Mr*. Srooks Matthews, one M" 1 - Armotrong, and one was -not married a* I recall It Mrs. Matthews, Mrs. checkine and stopover jjrivilcge*. They will apply ov«j r the through car rout** between Lynchburg' and Bristol, Atlanta Atlanta _and Montgomery, AtlanUvand August*, Birmingham nndj-Memphin; . . prowaded to buiM ^tte new will or Hiekman Mill at 'a point b«low where the o!d mill -stands ft was to a firm of oontrac- tots-for "which Edgar worked as accountant that the contract was mrardad. On going to Graniteville he like many others who w«nt there got Armstrong moved to Birmingham Birmingham and lived here several y««r* 4 - Doctor Durr while « fine physician physician WRS of ' somewhat a nervous temperament, and was easily excit- edr ; 'H<! «nd Doctor-otujw e« c h r»n a drug- rtoj*. and Tcompetltion* nro- dnced some "friction;^which finally culminated, when Jim 'Stothart who clerked for Dr. RUM made » sale of a preparation in, the form of tablets tablets used in making lemonade. There was to bo « picnic and the rivalry waxed keen, for in those days, that was an order to be desired. Ji m ' g ¥a well ai~ between all points ~on the Southern-Railway- Syirtcra.— r ~~ The "Myrtery Train'' offer* pas- s«ne«ra the thrillrof embarking for an unknown destination, with only the .hours of departure end • return published, and a full program of entertainment entertainment on the_ going and re- turn at he trottb!*, for it was there that met Carrie Belle Giles and wards married her, poor thing. Edgw went into the \Voathcr Bureau, Service of the United States Government and has made a fine record., He was at the stations in •Montgomery, Ala., Jacksonville, Ka., 3t Louis, Mo., Santiago, Cuba, Ithica, N. Y., and other paints has for 20 years been in Birmingham, Birmingham, Al». Besides being learned in th* matters relating to the weather, ~" ' Hortcn is accomplished in Ifnes. He is president of the Spanish Club here all of W h 09< , transactions are made 1n_tl!!LjSpatt- . winning ways won the day, .whereupon .whereupon Dr. Durr took hia pistol and in other languages, is a great itn- dent and already knows more than any one man president of ought. He in also the Anthropolofficsl up Canal Street bent on telling telling his rivals what ha thought of them. Jim hearing of" his intentions intentions got out an old army or navy revolver which probably had the same load which was put in it about the close of the war, and v met Dr. Durr on the sidewalk, ' there were statements, denials, and argument* made but no blood shed t and Jim concluding not to waste" any. more time went bncfc in the store laid his revolver on the counter and buck to work thus leaving the field to Dr.'Dorr who went into high his opinioi^of of those who pretended to b« doctors doctors but knew only what'he'taught' them. Dr Includt nt a bou htif ul dinner. first "Mystery 'Train" WM ran from Cincinnati on May 30, was followed followed by another from Washington on June 5. To keep the swct dark, sealed orders arc given the members of the train crew them and learn only after the departure of the train •from the original starting point. . A scientist, says a mosquito can fly 14 hours without alighting. But 'it seldom doe*. Ross, rising to the

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  1. Aiken Standard,
  2. 08 Jun 1932, Wed,
  3. Page 6

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  • The Author, James H. Hard was son in law of William Andrew Giles and husband of Annie Giles.

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