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(So (0 1 tst ts Ul of. £ o \n -a Championship Chess J3K- By Bl^AKE STEVENS Texas State Champion The Russian National C h e s s Tournament,' which ended a few days ago, brought t o g e t h e r a slrong,field players, and such masters as Kcres, Brprtstein, i and Aiierbach' had lo -be' content content w i t h ' l i t t l e -better than a'50 per cent'score. P e t r' o sian placed first, and Tahl and Spass- ky tied for second second and third. The following 'game, which put Keres -out of the running, is remarkable--an remarkable--an example of the modern modern combination, which encompasses encompasses several tactical ideas instead of one Or two. There is a welter of forks and pins, and double attacks. attacks. This brilliant combinalion is only six moves deep in the main line, but Ihcre are several roots, beside the tap root, which extend three to four moves. Read the game notes carefully as you play over this masterpiece. .-Stevens _ Chol W h i l e I I'. I'. 3 ll-NS 4 I'-K5 5 niN (b) C O O I I t - K l 8 P - K K J « N-U3 ( c ) 10 I'-qi! II Nxl'l e l 1'S NM10II (r 13 NxKl- 11 BxN 15 q-lU IG.N-qji ch( 17 QR-1Q r-qm N-QDH N-115 («) N-.vr, ql'x.l I'-KNJ n-N3 N-n:t 1'-(N3 (d J-xl- r-mn H!J ( « ) K i N (h) Dill ( I ) (a) To be considered are 3 i . N-QS, 3 . /. P-QR3, 3 ... P-K3, or 3 . . . P-Q3. The text Is played to lura the King Pawn lo King 5 in order to put pressure on it (4 P-KS, N-N5, and if 5 Q-K2, Q-132), and force While to play BxN to save the Pawn. (b) Very pbligiiii;, but as pointed pointed out above, eventually necessary. (c) While has relinquished his Bishop for Knight in exchange for a free gnme plus a lead in development. development. (d)' DlaciiShould Castle, but (his certainly docs not appear lo be an expediency.' '· · ' · (e) Block had expected II QxP, QxQ wit!*-an' ev'crt' game, or with e v e n ' a slight'plus, figuring lhat 11 N.xP would be met by 11 : . . P- QU'l, driving away Ibe knight. (1) A complete surprise. Surely the Knight is trapped?! (g) ILU.VQxQ;' 13 RxQ, B-N2; M N-QM, BxN; 15 N-B7ch, K-BI; 16 NxR. and Black Is lost. There is the male threat which is hard lo lift and White can easily sas'e his Knight. 12 . . . Q-B2; 13 NxKP!. QxN(13 . , . KxN; H BxN.BxBj 15 Q-B3); 14 N-Q5 A 14 ... . Q-N2; 15 N-BBch wins; B 14 ... Q-K3; IS N-B7 ch wins; C H . . . 15 B-N5! wins. (h) For 13 . . . QxN see note (i) H . . . QxQ; 15 D N5ch. (j) 15 . . . B-QN2; 15 Q-Bfioti, (k) 1C QxR wins also. \V1iite is building a new combination on top of the old one. (1) 16 ... K-BI; 17 P-KG! wins or 16 . . . K-K1; 17 N-Mch wins, and I G , ; . . K-K3 is a loser several reasons. (m) 18 ... K-B1; 19 NxPcli, PxN; 20 RxQ, IC\«; 21 QxNP with an easy win in (he end-game. (n) Black, loo stunned to resign immediately, played feebly on a few moves;before throwing in (he towel. Keres' most crushing defeat froin a player relatively unknown outside Russia. Chess Lectures The San Antonio Chess Club is ·sponsoring a scries of lectures for chess students, at the Lion's Field Club House on Thursday evenings. A beginner's class is being con- dUcte f d by Morris Stccn for those players who either know nothing about the;gamc, or else, baicly know how to'set up the men and move (hem about properly. The intermediate intermediate group is being taught ty Morely Pastinsky, for players unfamiliar with ideas behind the opening play, and who have little tactical know-how. An advanced class conducted by B. Stevens is given lo a complete analysis of the Nimzo-Indian Defense Defense to the Queen's Pawn game. Each group mcels for hajf an hour, the first from 8:30 to 8:00. Here is a good chance (o learn the game or improve your play. There is no charge and \ve liege all interested to' join in. Prolilem White to Piny and Win

Clipped from
  1. Express and News,
  2. 22 Mar 1959, Sun,
  3. Page 94

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