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 - Championship Chess By'BLAKE', STEVENS · T««s...
Championship Chess By'BLAKE', STEVENS · T««s State Champkw In the.Swiss Tourney being held at the .San'.Antonio Chess Club, the field narrowed to two, the number of leaders at'the end of the third round. _ This pivotal game between the high scorers, although not free of errors,- produced an instructive game. The opening was unique, the tactics not of the ordinary, and . the positional play subterranean, subterranean, w i t h maneuvering or inner'lines. 1MM " K-N-J o-o r-qiM (O !· HN3 O.N-QJ II-N2 F.-ttfU N-K1! 14 ... P-K4 anyway with a good game. . . (e) Still aiming at P-K4 by R-K1, bul the delay is cosily. 12 . : .P- KB3 is correct and would justify 7 ... P-QB3. (f) 13.. . . P-KB3, though qsky. is still playable. The point is, the first exchange in the center after the break should be with a pawn, not a piece. · (g) NOW 15 . . possible, and 15 . . denies Black 16 . 2 N-KR3 3 N.QB3 4 B-B1 5 P-K3 7 ' - r - K V 3 8 O-O !« N-K5 11 KR-Q1 H l'-tttl 11 NiP JG H*N is K-KJHIO ]» PxB ?J N-Q7 25 N-R2!! ' 28 N-NI! 21 I'-QN3!(«) ·2K N-Kfi th 2(1 Q-) I · '.·_ r-Kiii'r) it q-K.i d) .1.1 K x K ch K6 l'*r 3T K-II2 .18 N-Nim« N-Q3 (?) H . K 1 ( ! ) I'-KD] Q.N I r-Qnl B U S (lot H-Kt In) I'-KNl ( p ) K-H1 K-N* K-ni q qm l l - Q I (4-Kftrb qxlll 1 Q-NK 1-K^ cli (T . P-K4 is im- NxN; 16 BxN . P-K4. (a) If 3 ... .B-N2 or 3 ... P-Q3; 4 P-M and Black must enter enter llie realm of the Pi re Defense, a syslem not too satisfactory for the second player. (b) Modern Chess Openings, P. 235, col. 46, gives 5 P-KR3 which allows the Queen Bishop a retreat in case of 6 ... N-KR4. (c) C . . . N-R4; 7 B-N3,.NxB; 8 RPxN and While can Castle queen- side and start nn immediate attack attack along the ope.i Rook file. " However, there Would be plenty of play for Black too as his 'queen- side p a w n s could quickly be thrown forward. The critical question question al this point is, should Black play . . . P-QB3 or ... P-QB4? The choice makes a vast difference. difference. P-QB4 rives Black a free game almosl immediately and grants htm a certain equality. P.QB3, preparing of course P-K4, is the more tedious way, but if successful, could hold the promise of even a slightly better game. Most of this is tmforsceable at this slage of the game, and instinct instinct is all there is to'go on. Here instinct can be defined as memory of the practice in similar positions. (d) This can not be considered a retreat, as it advances While's game! The pretty point is that if White plays some olher move, say, 12 KR-Q1, then 12 . ...P-KB3 forces IS NxN(U N-B1V.P-K4; 14 PxP.PxP gives Black a good 'game), QxN, and alack gets in (h) While now has a firm grip on the center, hence ah advantage. (i) 19 ... P-K3 or 19 ... Q ; B2 puts up resistance. ·' (j)' The win is almosl in sight. Black chooses the besl move of Ihe bad lot. , (k) Better than 24 QxP, B-B1. Twenty minutes lefl unlil the lime control: (1) Even though this game has its full share of mistakes, it is this move that makes the game printable, enjoyable. Again the Knighl moves backward, to advantage! advantage! (m) 25 . . .P-KBI was a possibility. possibility. (n) 20 ... BxK?; 27 PxR. Roo moves; 28, QxKl'. If 2(i . . . P- KR4; 27 Q-R61! (o) The Rook is immune. (p) Again Ihe best move of the few poor choices available (hoping to play ' 28 . .Q-B5). Both sides have approximately four minutes left on the time clocks lo reach Ihe fortieth move. (q) 31 Q-K2! and mates in a few. (r) 32 N-Q4 wins a piece. '(s) 33 Q-K2 wins. Nol seeing the way to Ihe mate, While is just countering B l a c k ' s one threats. (0 34 Q-K2 'wins. White's position position has been so slorna, that the inaccuracies have not hurt him. Two mlnules left. (u) 38. PxPI wins (38 ... QxN; 39 Q-R6 ch). Seconds remaining (v) Both sides reach the lime control wilhbut forfeit, but While's game has disintegrated into a loss. 41 K-NI, QxKP and Black won a long, carefully played end game, surely, not a tilting outcome outcome to this gume. Problem Solution i osl week's problem's solution: 1 N-Q2 ch, K-QC; 2 N-Klch,K-K7; 3 13-N5ch,K-Q81; (if oilhcr Knighl is captured, then 4 N-B3ch, and 5 NxB, wins) -I P-Q7,UxP; 5 IlxT), B-K4ch; 6 K-NI! (C . . . KxN; N-B3eh,K moves; 8 NxB wins), B-B6; 7 N-K4!,BxN; 8 B-N4 male!

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  1. Express and News,
  2. 15 Mar 1959, Sun,
  3. Page 96

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