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 - Championship Chess Stevens By BLAKE STEVENS...
Championship Chess Stevens By BLAKE STEVENS Texas Stale Champion Last week's problem first appeared appeared in the magazine Ceske SJovo fn 1924 and is a creation of A.A. Troitzky. 1 P-R7,R-N4ch; 2 KxP.RxP; 3 K-C7 ( t h i s threatens 4 R-R2 mafe),B-K3; 4 K-N8(ivith 5 R-QG, m a t e , as the threat), B-Q4; S RxD!,R.xR!( a subtle defense, because i f - 6 P- R8(Q),R-Q1 ch; 7 QxR ' stalemate!); stalemate!); problems problems are much more enjoyable \vben clever, defenses defenses are, built i n, furnishing decent play for bolh sides. G P-R8(R)!,R-Q3(prc- venting 7 RRG mate); 7 K-B7! and wins, as black can not stop UK mate by 8 R-R8 and still save his Rook. There are 1 two tournaments currently currently in progress at the San Antonio Antonio Chess Club, one r u n on the Round Robin basis and (he olhcr on Ihc Swiss system. From time to time we present gnmes from these Iwc events to keep abreast, but still lliere is a backlog of games from the large I eague Tournament which should be dealt with. The games we offer from that tournament are either the better played games or ones in whicii a novelty appears. A Miniature Black loses a pawn early (move 3} but decides it is only a game and he might as well play on in the hope that his opponent will err. He has a rude awakening awakening in store. 1 ' K l N - K I I 3 7 I . ) 10 II-QS 11 N-ll] 1? O-O 1* R-KCrh 14 )'-QlU 15 B.K3 16 17 B-N5 IS N - N 5 ( b | (a) A simple' liltlc developing move (G . . . D-K2! is good enough), leads to a loss of a pawn. (b) Traps Ihc-queen and brings on a sudden kind of death, but more merciful for Black than tiie misery suffered in i prolonged struggle. Lucky Combination White dreams of a cunning combination, combination, overlooking a big hole in it, but, fortunately for him, Black docs "not sec the flaw cither. W h i t e l T-ll 2 F-K3 3 U-Q3 4 X-02 5 r un « I'-HtM 7 KN-P3 8 Bxl'tlt 9 N-N5ch 10 q*N 11 O O 14 f - K 4 ? ( r ) IS Q N i T 1* Nxqnr?(e) . 15 N ( l l 5 x K l ' J « ' - N x H 17 ' . N - N G ! ( r l 18 Q-H5 19 I'll* 2U d - H H t h 21 J'lll 2i N-K:ch 24 1.-N5 llUtt Kelts S - K I L 3 fcai« I'-B 1 O O K x H K - N 1 q n.Kb) I ' a K l ^ K d ) I'-113?([) Q QE13 Jl-IU t N-Q2 | O1 J-i'a NX r K-K1 K e s i g n i (a) Black has failed to find the best defense. Around move 3 he should have considered either QB- B4 or the fianchello of Ihe King Bishop. Bolh systems arc satisfactory. satisfactory. In the game, by attacking the King Pawn, Black hopes to have time for P-KB4. (b) 10-. . . P-KU3; 11 NxKP.Q- K2; 12 P-KD5. T h i s line is stronger for Black than the text. (c) This break, usually Ihcnialic -in this opening, is premature, in fact, a blunder here. 12 Q-R3 is playable. (d) Anything wrong with 12 ... P-KB3? (e) This combination works only because Black is a willing accomplice. accomplice. (f) Now the combination works. 14 ... BxNI; 15 PxB,P-B3! (g) The clever paint. 17 ... QxB; IS NxUcli. Problem White to piny and win

Clipped from
  1. Express and News,
  2. 01 Mar 1959, Sun,
  3. Page 85

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