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 - b n 3 ·o -u ^ e r i t h e Queen and ^Krughtr-...
b n 3 ·o -u ^ e r i t h e Queen and ^Krughtr- j but i isj the lowly' 1 rt ^ili^te^»??* «/, t;;^^ampi6ii £ \-^li^fe '-,' »ByJtAKE STEVENS ,VV -'V.«489B^3%^^; a to LU Cu X 1U .S '£ c re in . ·4 N-Q5!7tQ-R$!r-5 N-K7I, QKB6!; ', N-N«ch.T PxNj".7 PxP a'n^ wins as Black "is -.helpless 'against all the threats. . - ^ - ' K-B2;' 27-B;B4ch ( etc.. t' ( d -White', with an extra' pawn" andj open position" · for : his -Twq ·Bishops,,won after a' long 1 struggle. 7 -Now we tirm our/attention to .currenHournament games, giving, one,from the Round Robin now m progress, at the San Antonio Chess Club · The, same R,P. Cotter '.posted against "H A*., Bischoft "in -the League Tourrfament -'appears to be the -best 'of' the lot. A fine ·'combination' at movej 21 gives Black the choice of going down a pawn and facing a poor endgame endgame prospect or sinking in a blaze of mid game lactics. ' "~ '- Ct«Ur C»«nlrr C»m f O, 1 ,J.K« 10 r \ J2T,jj' *~ 6-tN-B.I,' I"-QI fsV KW (» , JJ-KJ · Alelhlne'a Drfri,^ * W }'1= m«-ii T ^ ^ . D l l r i o U r n r r Utvl I F K l w vin 8 T-K5 T P Q U I N-Kin r. K.' r QN3 n \5s O 0 l l x N BxU ch B K! Q-B2 r"lll/9» 113, pj n-Ki r in BxP BxB N-QI i; r QB4 j r-qil Q'»r 0-O;O i-K:i N-N5 P-B4 1'xH (·) (!) KFxNP QiB l-)^cl (UK 1 r-«m q-K3 18 Bxl* ,M' N-N5 »1 Nil-It S S»5 81 KB · ·15' X-lfl*h - . M O-O · r»p '(a) 8 ... 13-N3, and If-While ·plays NAB, Black can recapture .with llic'RP, crcaling on attacking file for his rook. (b) 15 , N-B5! (c) Best. If 22 ... KxR; 23 Q- B5cli, K-N1 (23 ... N-B3; 24 QxNch is woi-so); 24 QxN (3) QxPcli; 25 K-B1, Q-R8ch; 2fi K- 23 N-BS 24 K-U (a) Black controls his Q5, has a semi-open file and can operate against White's "backward QP, which .prevents Black from de- -.veloping- satisfactorily. ' (b) VJTiite; r 'has tried to , meet Black's sudden atfacK by counteroffensive counteroffensive means, but is still un- dcvelopcd. Tlie text is a mistake in a position' wfiere every move is poor, (21 R-B2, P-NC). There is no queen trap for White as Black easily demonstrates. Here again is a case where natural-looking natural-looking development docs not work against a hypermodcrn opening, opening, f t is (he easiest thing in the world to drift into a lost position If you are not acquainted with the principle of a particular opening. Wliifc was lost by move 12!

Clipped from
  1. Express and News,
  2. 15 Feb 1959, Sun,
  3. Page 86

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