1877 aug 1 koch, gustav who turned the crank?

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1877 aug 1 koch, gustav who turned the crank? - WHO TURNED THE CRANK ? A ratal Ardent BetnlU...
WHO TURNED THE CRANK ? A ratal Ardent BetnlU from Pooling with a Gatlio; Gun A Youaj Man Shot Dead. The Antecedents of the Victim iJome Carious Keminiaoenoee of Kim. elf and ZXis Family. A sad accident, by which a young fellow bearing the club and badge of the Chicago city police, aad named Guatavus KoL. lost his life, happened last evening in the camp of the regular troops on the lake front. At the foot of Jackson street, juat south of tne Exposition Building, there Is planted a Galling gun. ufder charge of Sergeant James O'Conner. of Company H of the Ninth Begiment. Major Burke's command. The piece of ordnance proved a source of great curiosity to the numer ous sight - seers and'vlsltors to the camo. and. al though the order were that a apace of ten yards waa , to be kept around It, the entries, without actually using violenoe. which they very creditably refrained from doing, were totally unaoie to seep tne people oacK. .Between tne hours of lO and 11 o'clock ia the forenoon the Sergnant. by orders of his commanding officer, worked the gun for the edification of a number of prominent citizens visiting tne camp, and the ex ercis passed off favorably. The gun. which ia a 45 ealitier, Hailing, has ten barrels, and the cartridges are fed into a feed - case forty at a time, a fresh supply being put i a before the first Is quite used up. so tnat as long as tho crank ia turned tne fire is endless. Only forty rounds were placed In at the morning salute, and these the Henreant la positive were all uned.aa be afterward attended to the piece and turned thecrank completely round, as was customary, to make sure tnat all the eartridgee were expiooea. inuring tne afternoon a number of cilixens and other gathered around the son and asked the Hsmsnt toexnlmm in. working of It to tbem. He courteously complied, explaining it thoroughly, turning the crank to illustrate every movement. When he bad finished. ne turneo nis oaca on tne run tor a moment, and at the minute some curiously disposed mortal manipulate! tne crank, upon wbich a snarn crack, resembling the explosion of a to r torpedo, was heard, and a young man who had been standing close up to the muzzle of the piece. oroppeu upon me araas. sioue ueau. SHOT TBRODOH THI HEART. He never moved, but lay as he fell upon his back; not a drop of blood waa to be aeeo, but a powder - stained hole through doming and flesh, just below the left nipple, tcld what had baopened. Some member of the Armory police force were quickly on the spot, and Hergeant O Conner, alter explaining what had baupeited. i o - companled Officer Sbaughnessy to the atatlon. where he was detained to await the action of the Coroner's Jury. An 1st sa Uczas reporter then returned with the officers to the scene of death, to see the body prior to l's removal to the Morgue, and there, down by the waters of the lake, lying on the grass, with eve unturned to the sky, was the body of a vouns man. over whose faa th. ghastly hue of death had settled, supplanting the nun oi neaitn and spirit wnicn nad irradiated hi features but a few minutes before. Curiously enougn. tne reporter recognized tne corpse, and was sorry for It. having only met the man once in life, on which occasion the meeting was not a pleasant one. The body was taken to the Armory, w tin re several officer thougnt they knew Uie lace, JJeatenant ber - sold had aeen the deceased aovMrtnre. out could not daee hiso. Tia lsrxa Ocsax reporter then stated that be recognised the corpse as that tOMOt - . - THgWctf Willi. who were charged a few months back with stealing considerable clothing from Kobn Bros.. clothiers of Lake street: tney were arrested from 26 Michigan avenue by Detectives Steele and ttyan. and neia over to tne Criminal Court in considerable sum. The reporter did not see th prisoners there were three of them, the father and two son at the time of their arrest or trial. Aut was sabsequenti: addressed by the deceased, who Introduced him eir and complained of the notoriety given him self and relatives by the published accounts o their deeds, and threatened dire vengeanee on all newspaperaom. me interview terminated; the matter bad passed entirely from the noorur's mind till he scanned tne feature of th dead man on tne ;ace iront yesterday. The remains were partially searched at the Ar. mory, and from a few lotte - s brought to lignt, the luenuncation was proved beyond doubt. In a pocketbook were found the re marcs Uustavu ivocs, . j'iH Micbigau avenue removed 171 Bandolph street, while pasted on a leaf In the book was a cutting from one of the mornln paper an nouncing the arrest of himself, father, and brotber ror tne alleged robbery rererred to. A lot of other unimportant memoranda were also found. Laur it was learnt that deceased had for ome time past been sleeping on tne steamer John Beam, lying at the foot of Dearborn street, where he was employed as watchman. It Is not known where be was sworn in aa a "special:' he did not belong to the Armory lot. and was consequently off his post on the lake front. Tis sad to have to write such things of a young man. nut true it is tou tne vu tnat men do. lives alter tnem. The occurrence was a pure accident. It is for tunatethata number of good and true citizens were around at tne lime, and many of tbem followed the Heriresnt to the station to testify for him. Sergeant O Conner is a fine, soldierly - loosing fellow, and a man of good address and bear ing Laat evening he gave a representative of this paper a full description of the gun and Its working, and expressed himself as positive that when he turned hia back on the gun there waa no charge in it. How one aomato be in. and who turned the crank he did not know. There were a few spare charge around lying on the ealsaons. and It must have been that somebody droDned one Into the feed - case. That waa the only way it could nave nappenea. He had noticed that very many foolishly care less persons had com around during the day, but he had always been oa the alert to avert danger. He endeavored to prevent anyone touching the gun, but found it hard work. In the fore noon, just as be had done explaining the piece and Its workings, a well - dressed young fellow remarked: Yes. I think I see bow it s done." and. stepping r dropped a cartridge into the "feeder" and et'izeii be crank. He i he Sergeant! reproved the idiot, anal, after sending sum away, removed the cartridge. go the matter stands. The occurrence is a sad one. indeed: but It must be said that no blame Is attachable to Sergeant O Conner, who is vouched for a being, and is. to all appear ancea. an effi cient and truatworth y soldier. a " in for to LL Xr.

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  2. 01 Aug 1877, Wed,
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  • 1877 aug 1 koch, gustav who turned the crank?

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