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 - Championship Chess By BLAKE STEVENS Texas Stale...
Championship Chess By BLAKE STEVENS Texas Stale Champion Once more wr draw upon the games from the Portoroz Zonal Tournament. Here Is ft short but ferocious encounter abounding in tactical profundity, which strikes a weird imbalance in material and position and leaves the reader "up in the air." This is the one draw on" 1 *: of this tournament which e n d s so speculatively as t o c a u s e t h e reader consternation consternation regarding its outcome. I f the g a m e had been continued there is no doubt i n m y m i n d someone w o u Id s have won. ' --' -n ,- i · Stevens The final position position is uneven, almost ragged, or, as the British say, "sticky." Both players must have been short of lime with little desire to pursue tlie complexities they had created. While V. Aaerbafh i r.Q4 I r.QB4 .1 N-C1R3 4 I'-k' 5 B-Kt 6 B-N5 1 M-KJ · P-QS (e) 9 I'-KR3 «) 10 KPiI- 11 N-KBA 12 P - K N 4 I T (r) 13 li-KN (i) Q R4; a P.\P, NxT 1 ; 10 PxP, R-K1, and black will win back one of the two pawns he is down and create pressure on while's QB3. (c) Avoiding this interesting line of playnole B. (d) Guaranteeing black a half- open King file. (By "half-open" we mean (hat (he f i l e is clear of black pawns, and black's pieces may operate f u l l y against white pcwns or pieces laying along the file. An open file, then, is one which is void of all pawns.) (e) A quiet move -- seeminp- ly! (f) Barrelling King file. down t i i c o p e n 14 : js : 17 l»iN 15 N»B to lrB 10 *-»l (1) 21 R-N1 (·) Ttlark n. Fischer N - K H 3 l'-KN3 II-N3 (a) P-Q2 O-O P - K R 3 l'-QU4l (b) M? " I t - K I O I1-B4 11-K.M (h) ? N.Q2 -QK3 V-Q\4t (1) r-N3 ( k ) P.N R x N (a) The King's Indian Defense is well known to Fischer and only against Benko did he mishandle it. (g) See note e. while's Dlh move prevented the black QB from pinning pinning on N5 and also paved the way for this thrust, usually premature premature at this stage. (h) A retreat would precipitate Q-Q2 and 0-0-0 and a King side storming by white. (i) Second gear. Black's 7 ... P-QB4 produced the first tactical (wist. While sidestepped this, but by his 12th flnd 13th moves, forced the game into new combinative clianncls. Here there is no immediate immediate tactic-, but white contem-. plates something like this: 14 P-KR-t, 15P-N5. Then on 15 ... PxP; 16 PxP, Knight moves; 17 NxB, RxN; 18 B-Q3, Rook moves; 19 Q-Q2; 20 00-0 and seizure of the open KR file with mating threats. This seems a very distant distant plan, but actually black's 15th, IGlh, 17th, and 18th moves would be more or less forced so that achievement is only 4-5 moves away. Therefore, a slow reaction by black on (he Quecnside would be fatal. "SSKS? ? r y 26 Land meuuro 27 Preposition 20 Continent (nbbr.) "Sift..* latlvo statements 71 Unexpected difficulty 72 Wept BESSTM wind nt Medile ran- can Prance 117 Mark of omission O A s u n n H e o f Caucasia in 30 symbol for 76 More 122 obvious openings G4 S±2L Iound rinnn BS riTM » 65 Roman « - ealnod In , M r? 0lh , aU 101 Fresh WB cr fish allied to ri 108 cllcnllc!1 l ' -siss.TM U 8 ' Implement mass of 134 Paid -- c 83 for flowers anaesthetic 52 Advertising display light Asia 95 Clmllcneca 96 A water spirit 138 Compound ether 140 Gains by effort 45 Procslant name for fioU BB ula and orator For Solution (o Puzzle, Turn to Page 2 HI Artificial Janeuaco "3 Combining form: (b) A quasi-sacrificc -- 8 PxP, (j) A theme wilh variations -- the semi-sacrifice again. 16 BPxP, PxP; 17 NxP, NxQP!; 18 NxQP, NxB!; 19 PxN, QxP ch. (k) Now necessary. (1) To relieve the pin which would allow RxB. (m) There is no_ quick way to win back the piece', but there are many interesting forceful continuations. continuations. 21 ... P-KB4-B5 or 21 ... Q-B3; 22 ... P-KR4-5; doubling rooks on the king file 21 ... QR-K1; 22 RxP?, Q-B3!-or 22 . . . RxB. A fascinating game. White to Play This position was reached in Iho Fischer-Szabo game. Black h a s temporarily given up a piece but will now win it back and have a healthy pawn to boot. Fischer, no pushover as we have seen, has things well in hand. 20 QBxBP!, RxQ; 21 QRxR, N-QG; 22 BxR, -NxR; 23 R.Qg, P-KR4; U B-N4ch, K-R2; 25 R-Q6, Q-N8; 26 R-Q1. Q-N3; 27 R-Q6, Q-N8; 28 R-QI, Q-N3; 20 RxN, P-R5; 30 R-K3 PxN; 31 RxP, Q-Nlch; 32 K-R2 Q-B4; 33 K-N1 draw agreed.

Clipped from
  1. Express and News,
  2. 11 Jan 1959, Sun,
  3. Page 82

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