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have colored t.42 year, waa, days; encour-' encour-' tb have downward' their indeed, living; restraint found The may high remains abyss colored which their their d lie do him He be- be- a it. all of ia be of as aenaea. TRIP UNDER WATER. Voyage of An Honr In tbe Rtd-datz Rtd-datz Rtd-datz Sobmarine Boat Dem . onstratts Its Utility. Electricity Used Under the Water and Hot Air Oa the Surface. (Chicago Telegram to the HerakU , New Tork Th trials of th Raddats sub-marine sub-marine sub-marine boat la th Fox rtver and Lake Winne-bago Winne-bago Winne-bago have practically demonstrated Its utility. X accompanied tb inventor cm th last trip and mad an examination of thboat." Benjamla T. Xausarder ana James D. Miller, of Milwaukee, th principal principal members of th syndicate owmng and controlling th craftj were oa board also. Mr. Raddats baa bees experiment, ing with tb vessel for sight years. He was completing bis task tbre years ago wben th financial distress overtook tL country and delayed hi work Mr. Leuzarder and Mr. Miller became interested interested la th plan about two year ago aad have supplied th asnessary funds. Tb sub-marls sub-marls sub-marls boat looks as though It would b equal to any reasonable demands demands that might b mad . upoa it. Everything about It indicates that it is essentially a man-of-war. man-of-war. man-of-war. man-of-war. man-of-war. , It tee! prow being capable, it la asserted, of piercing tbe sides of any cruiser afloat.. From tb outside th boat looks Uka a hug cigar. It is sixty-fir sixty-fir sixty-fir feet long, four feet wide and seven aad a half feat ia depth. It weight la thirty -oa -oa ton. It la built of steel plates, closely fitted over a heavy framework of Iron, and th Inventor Inventor estimated that It caa withstand th pressure of the water to a depth of lv hundred feet. I entered through th turret, which la two feet high, and furnish th only entrance qr exit. Tbe closing of the man hols of tb turret turret and th descent into the water cause novel sensations at first, yet a trip lasting lasting mora than an hour, with a submersion submersion varying from ten to twenty feet, furnished no unpleasant, experiences. Thw air In the boat at th end of this period was a pure aa at first. Mr. Raddats Raddats keeps bis process of furnishing air a profound secret. Th boat outside is four feet la diameter diameter at its widest point, making It impossible impossible for a man to stand upright save in tbe turret. Here are fitted several bull's-eyes bull's-eyes bull's-eyes with strong lenaes for explor. atlon. When we were on the last trip, however. It was a cloudy day, and th waters of the laks were muddy, so observations observations were not satisfactory. . There are two sets of machinery for propelling purposes, a hot air engine of nearly thirty horse power for use oo tb surface, and aa electric motor for th submarin voyages. Immediately under tbe turret ia a steering wheel. Ilk th wheel of a small Mr. Raddats, In operstiag the boat, -sit -sit under and slightly to the rear of the: front turret. holding tbe steering wheel with hi right hand, wnii witn nis iert Band be controls controls tb starting button on th left, a mall knob that start tb motor. Two gauges to register the voltage and am-oeraas am-oeraas am-oeraas are on the right hand, and aa automatic machine has bee provided to prevent the submersion pi tb boat beyond tb depth desired, i Titer are several batteries, and If One breaks down other can be quickly put la to take their places. The battery cell are in the side of tb boat, aad connected connected with them 1 on of tbe most ingenious ingenious devices of th inventor. When th cell become exhausted tbe motor used for propelling under water Is reversed and run as a dynamo, and they are recharged. recharged. In tb stern of the boat Is a hot air engine, like tb pumping engines used in factories, connected with th propeller shaft. A storage battery of thirty cells ia also near tb anjrlne. All th valv gears ar ! inside tb turret, within easy reach of tbe pilot, and all tb machinery that operate this craft is easily managed by on man. tb boat obeying him with th utmost readiness. readiness. Th turret Is only two feet jht diameter, and bold on person at a Lima Th boat accommodates only about four per sons comfortably, although six might be stowed away In her. j Tb motion of th boat la tb water Is so even that It is almost Imperceptible. This is due to tb fact that resistance is reduced almost to nothing by the snap of tb boat snd th smooth action of ta machinery. Th spirit level on our trip showed almost no variation from the first. Tb only time motioo. was observed waa la th descent. It oxygen have theaters wa Th furnish diffident waa educated I of Tb and old Chapel Abbey -Edward -Edward tb with Initial ar with backs..' M inches upon chair and which down Joda his search dream, reached him U day. set it It, and of tb Tb this

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 25 Dec 1897, Sat,
  3. Page 9

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