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O tf a- Q ui te. o. X IU Championship Chess I/) I CO m o to I n "D By BLAKE STEVENS Texas Slate Champion This happened! During the recent recent International Team Tournament Tournament at Munich, several team members were house in a certain" hotel and on one particular night someone had been heard screaming. screaming. On investigation it appeared that one of the Greek players had had a. nervous breakdown and had been taken to (he hospital. hospital. With'staggering calm, an associate commented "He'll probably probably play belter now." In In round six,' Russia'.met Ireland Ireland and it was. said Bronstein's opponent was taken aback when his 1 P-K4 was answered by 1 ... P-QB3, having never seen the move before! Bent Larsen of Denmark was paid what he described as "one of the biggest compliments of my life"--Botvinnik rested in the U.S.S.R. vs. Denmark match. However, his deputy proved more than Larsen could cope with. country, Spain, including a fine Win over Gudmundsson of Iceland. IftSLOJ White BmystoV 1. P-K4 2. N-QB3 3. F-KN3 . B-N2 . P-Q3 . P-B4 . N-B3 . 0-0 . K-Bt . B-K3 11. Q-K3 12. B-NL 13. N-QL 14. P-B3 15. R-BL 16. N-K3 17. KPxP IS. N-R4 18. F-N4 20. P-B5 21. NlF 22. Q i M 24. H-QB2 25. R-N2 2fl Q-RJ 27. F-B4 28. PjB 29. N-N6 Cl 30. N-B4 31. N-KGtb 32. N « N 33. HxB 34. [-N2 BUefc Larsea F-QB4 K-QD3 P-KN3 B-N2 SSI N-B3 O O B-QJ R-N1 P-«N4 P-N3 N-K1 N-B3 N-K3 . 0-R4 KNPxP NIK31-QI BFxP NxN N-G1 Q-R3 K-R1 B-R3 B-B3 BxB N-N« K-Na R-B3 K H I BxN O I R P R-B PxB H l B 2 } - U l Trouble for White? White (Farre) looks- to be in trouble here with . . . RxPch and a forced mate threatened, but he found the fine answer 22 B-QN5!!, RxB (if 22 ... P or QxB; 23 QxR); 23 QxP, R-Bi; 24 Q-B-3ch! ! RxQ; 25 PxQ(Q) ch, KxQ; $G RxP and Black resigned. Against Germany's Lehman n, Farre comes through with a slashing slashing attack. Black Lthma P-QB* P-Q3 PxP N-KBJ P-QR3 p-K3 P-R3 B-K2 QN-Q2 Q - B 3 N-K1 N l k l t K P P-KR4 P-Ki B i N 35. 1 36. R-KN2 37. R N7 In the preliminaries, S p a i n finished first, the U.S.A. second, and West Germany third. Farre contributed many points for his While F.rro 1. F-IM 2. N-KB3 4. NxP 6. N-QB3 B. B-H.NS 7. 4-B3 · . B-R4 B 0-0-0 10, P-KN4 11. B-N3 11. O K2(« 13. B-R3 14. P-B4 15. N-B5 1C. PxB 11. BxP I t . H q 10. B-K2 29. KR-Q1 21. H-N1 23. P-QR3 23. B-KJ 28^ N-N5 S?. Q-N« 21. B-B4 ,29. N-B7 30. SxFch R C t l e n i (bl (a) This kind of pawn sacrifice is typical ot Fnrre's style. Its acceptance acceptance is too risky. Better is 12 ... P-KN4; 13 P-KR4, R-KN1 when the knight is securely placed on Q4. (b) If 30 ... K-Qlj 31 Q-N8 ch, NxQ; 32 RxN mate. N-B3 Q-m Q-R4

Clipped from
  1. Express and News,
  2. 30 Nov 1958, Sun,
  3. Page 80

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