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Ift in 5 o z on a. X _o | oo m o- OJ o -a Championship Chess Stevens By BLAKE W. STEVENS Teams State Chess Champion Last week's problem illustrates an astonishing smothered matel 1 Q-N5I, K-K3ch! (if 1 . . BxP; 2 N-B4 followed by 3 B-R5ch ·wins. Or, if 1 ... Q-K2; 2P-Q8 queen); 2 K-N11, KxP (not 2 . BxP; 3 B-N4ch, K-B2; 4 N-K5ch, K-K1; 5 BxB m a t e ) ; 3 N- B5ch, K-B1 (if 3 . . . K-Q3; 4 Q- N3 ch, K-Q4; 5 B-B4ch, KxB; 6 Q-N3ch and wins the Queen); 4 B- R6ch, K-NI; 5 Q-N3ch, K. Rl; 6 B-N7chl, BxB; 7 N-Q7!, Q-Q1 (to guard the threatened male by 8 N-NG or 8 Q-N8); 8 Q-N8ch!! QxQ; 9 N-N6 mate, f" The San Antonio Chess Club which meets Thursdays at 7 p.m at Lions Field Club House, plans to have George Koltanowski, the well known chess master, give a simultaneous exhibition at the club early next month. Watch announcements announcements for exact date and playing time. The Chess League is in lull swing, and a majority of the club members are participating. This match pits players of approximately approximately equal skill against one another. another. One of the most Important games is being played at the lime of Ihis writing, between Maurice Perea and Morley Paslinsky, two team captains. A new approach to annotating a game is offercd-a running comment as the game unfolds. unfolds. White, Perea, plays 1 P-K4. Black follows suit 1 ... P-K4. 2 N-QB3 (do you want to play the Vienna?) N-KB3 (suit yourself); 3 B-B4, B-B4; 4 N-B3, N-B3; 5 P-Q3, P-Q3 (now the opening has transposed Inlo the realm of the Giuoco Piano); G B-KN5 (the Canal Canal Variation), P-KR3I (Blatk has avoided 6 . . . N-QR4- 7 BxN! PxB; 8 N-KR4, NxB; 9 PxN, P-B4;' 10 NxP, BxN; 11 PxB, Q-R5; 12 Q-B3!, QxBP; 13 QxP, K-Q2; 14 Q-N3 with a plus. Cortlever-Trifu- novich match Holland-Yugoslavia 1950). Back to the game, 7 BxN, QxB; 8 N-QS, Q-QI (8 ... Q-N3; 9 Q- K2, B-N5; 10 P-B3, B-N3; U P-QR4, P-B4 can be played. Folly Folly s-Keres, Munich 1336); 9 P-B3, Both players have been making a few light comments (not necessarily necessarily about the game) during the course of the game (a sign of nervousness?), but now (here is silence as they begin to study the position in earnest. They are still following baok lines. Pastinsky, on his last move could have played 9 ... N-R4- 10 P-QN4, NxB; H PxB, N-R4; 12 PxP; QxP; 13 P-Q4, N-B3 equal (Tartakover-Araiza, Nice, 1930). The game is being played at the rate of forty moves in two hours 10 P-QN4, B-N3; 11 NxB, RPxN; 12 N-R4 and it is White who first varies from the book ( M o d e Chess Openings, 8th Edition prefers prefers 12 P-Q4, PxP; 13 NxP with a slight plus for White, according to Kercs). 12 ... P-Q-1; 13 p x p, NxP; 14 Q-B3, B-K3 (While has consumed 30 minutes, Black 20); 15 0-0, P-QB3; 16 Q-N3, Q-N4! (if 16 ... 0-0; 17 KR-K1, P-KB3 with several holes in his position); 17 KR-K1, QxQ; 18 RPxQ, NxBPI (undoubtedly prompted by the fact , that 18 ... K.KB3 is met by 19 P-KB4); 19 BxB, PxB; 20 N-N6. Black otters a draw at this point. (It should be noted that a player must offer the draw when it is his own turn to play.) White refuses and Black plays 20 KR-N1; 21 KRxP (at first glance 21 NxKP looks better as Black car not win the Queen Rook Pawn. For instance 21 ... RxRP; 22 RxR, NxR; 23 R-R1!), K-B2; 22 N-B4 draw agreed!? Here Black has Ihc edge, but with careful play a draw is the likely outcome. Problem While lo play and win

Clipped from
  1. Express and News,
  2. 09 Nov 1958, Sun,
  3. Page 88

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