Difficult to read in places, bur Masonic History of William A. Giles and others from Aiken, South Carolina.

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 - la the Stetftingham N«w* there »j?j»»»d * pr*«K...
la the Stetftingham N«w* there »j?j»»»d * pr*«K dispatch,' the head lines reading-; ^'Course? tanned CleanJTp" witness Sn trial -of Lea. Lea, *nd bis BOB and others are on trial at A*h«viUe>, North Carolina oo a charge of- the misappropriation of JEnnds amounting to xjver a mil- AIKEN IN THE EIGHTIES J*n*M H. Hard, of Bbn dollar* «nd of oth*r- action* j*rolt»d in the failure of sevaral banks! W. S. Coursey the expert accountant accountant and .special investigator, who: is testifying • in the case is an Aiken bounty hoy,- bora, in.. .Granjtejdllfc.._'JFrom_drivia» my ox Agent of the Ale**n<ier City Cotton ia Alabama, ^ In ^ar^ 1*22,. having returned* to South Carolina h« wai again elected to th* position of .Tumor Grand Warden and served as iuch- two yiwrs.^ In. J93W was elected Senior,Grand Warden, served two year*. In 1928 *«• -elected iDeputy Grand Master, wired two years, 1928 (March) w«a «Ject*d Grand Master, served until "March 3.930, and is ; now in 1931 PaiLGiand 'Mas- is the. son of my old friend John H. Coursey a man oi sterling integrity and was a highly esteemed citisen ofr-eur village- He at one time clerked for Mr. Jim Cook and by it-was a pleasure to be served him. Later on-he went -into merchandise business on his u«^i -^- — "uc^ouiiC"Oiie-:af my "pleasing recol- rieT ter. Pet on a „,., a.long ^distance, but shows what determination, study and ability will do for a man who starts right and keeps at ia. In his Masonic traveled all over times.-, in. v ••-•,. — the Lwork. Mr. Giles own -... States • -alta lections of JohiNipursey was that he •was a fine singer, he had a splendid bass voice and enjoyed giving pleasure pleasure to his friends— -— There was a group who frequently to oiir_ both on the cor- , by City is that er marketing pleasure trip lirbscomingr the ehref- -g&i of all the~MraOT®~tarSbuth Carolina lieved the a Aiken 'tofore space ner of Canal street and at Rose Cottage on the Beckman place, among them John Coursey, John Snead, William Marchant, tho Plait boys. AHie Gardner, and others nnd when that crowd got around the melodeon and turned loose they certainly Mr. Coursey reared nn admirable family, his sons, Lucius, Jim, Will, and daughters, Marina, Mamie, Lizzie Lizzie and Mattie, did their share towards towards making village life pleasant and have kept it up since leaving tho old home. I received some time ago a charming letter from Miss Lizzie who now lives in Aiken and of whom 1 have most pleasant recollections. John Coursey had a brother Jim, who also had a son named Jim and as ho ^ was rather tall nnd slender the cou- j R in* were distinguUhcd by one being called Jim and thc other felim Jim. 1 amTntercsted in hearing thc out- j quence has a very large number of acquaintances and "None know bifn but to love him, None None name_him but ,to praise." Among some of the notable things Mr. Giles has done, the following is of interest: In November 1028 he laid the corner stone, of the Citizens and Southern National Bank in Charleston, which building stands on the site of the old Hyberas tavern, corner Church and Broad streets, ili which Tavern the Ancient and accepted accepted Scottish Rite of Frccmnsonnry i was onjanTzetTTfirthe" year 160!; | same being the mother council of th<j world. On this site also, stood previous to the erection of Shepherds Tavern the building in which Solomon's Lodge, No. 1 was constituU-d in 1735 and it is believed to be the old- est'Masonic lodge in tho United States: In laying thc corner atone Grand Master Gik-s usud a silvur , trowcll which was used by Gi>no.ra j LnFayotte-in 1826 to lay the corm-r thc Baron DeKalb Monu Camdcn, S. C., whidi trow is owned by thc Grand Lodge o como of thc Lea case, but this I ready Vm.W, that any statements i made by Will Coursey, may be re- j ,_ lied on by thc Judge nnd Jury en-' Ragrd in the trial. It is interesting to n»te how ninny of thc boys of thc valley of Horse Creek mount thc ladder of fame. B nd usefulness. Tako Will Gilo? for illustration, and for further illustration illustration tnki? one of his many ac- compiijhmonts. Whets he was a boy he decided that he would become n Mason and that in that order he South Carolina and is used on all oc of thi* kind. Thc histor; of _ f thj . this very [n will facilities You lrowell of anil j is interesting but its relation wjlii have to be postponed to nnnihiT ' t i mc . ' ! IT. One of tho iiii^t faithful rn.-n wh« j ever lived wa* Tillmsin Knulkiu-r j thc «'• 1 I who for twrntv-«ix yens-- --crvrd «- Sfcrctarj 1 of Star Lodgr in Granito villc without iiii'-^ing n inwling cx- ccpt onr, nnd thai cm»- h«:risu.«i? he -.vas out of town us .1 dclrgatc to n lodge meeting. H? was Su'iu-rintrnd. ( . ftl _ f thc y un ,i.,y . c htx>l <if would go as fnr as it was possible , jj ct h 0 ,|;,, t c hur<-!i which 1 ntten-lrd to u-=«- to i to go. Therefore as noon nn he was twenty-one years of neo he joined Star Lodge So. M. A. F. M. in ; Granitovilio, S. ('.. nnd on September ; G, 18HO, was raised to third degrcu . or Master Mason by his father. W. A. Giles who tvns Master of tho j Lodge. Will Giles wns elected Mns- tor of that Lodgo in Pccemhcr, 1R32, j and served as Master until Ucccm- 1 her ISP','. In December IS','5 was i npjifiintcd District, Hoputy Grand i Master of Fourth Masonic District j which included all th«- Indgop in Ai- 1 ken county, tw<> m Edgeficld cmin- ty and one in Ornngrhure county i i.Spnr.Kfiold), '.-rvpd in that capacity !-.in'.il abi'iit Ilocoir.brr 19'i.T. In lii'combcr I'.'l.'t, ho wa* ..!<-c;rd -Iiin- 1 i«>r Grand W.-irdtn '.f tho Grand Lodiro <>f .S'urth Carolina. Sorvcfi i:: j on - remi-mhpr thai h<: wn? the ever Into or abr-ent, nn far back as j rnv rrcolloction I can f>'<- hi walking up the --tf<-«-t pn<-t our home on Sunday nvitiins-r on his way to open Sunday school, It. wns whilf '"- »"«s Kupu mt<'ti4- ont. that. I mcii-'irized tho twelfth chapter of Unmans, I'nul:' ndmirablr Ictler to thn?c who ni rdrd ndv-.ce. 1 did this for a prir.o which wa- offered offered to thii'i- whti wn-.ild pcrfi.'itr. tho ta--k. 1 '!"ii't ri'ini-iv.l ' the prir.e -.vn-. "r if 1 ever • it. but I knuw that I ha-,r ne lire! led ineiv.iirir.inr the cha or,il it at :hr": t}:*? part -.vhi'- i:;e. was the V inc c»ii]-i "f U. .-"i-.... ^_ ••-- f •••- .-d there f'ir '.wn year:-, thon in 1'.'! . ..•' ;>•,(. i-)iaptor :r> :i- i: .! ."i- it '.v:i- \vn= oli-o.lod Poputy Grand Master, nrn-.-ly iiiv.to«'n hiitniv-'d V'ai'- ;c-,r... ::-orvcd a- such .-no year. In l>cce:ri- >-,. I .ju-'tv it— . ,-

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  • — Difficult to read in places, bur Masonic History of William A. Giles and others from Aiken, South Carolina.

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