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 - Championship Chess Stevens Dy BLAKE STEVENS ^ -...
Championship Chess Stevens Dy BLAKE STEVENS ^ - South Western Open Chess Champion G. M. Kasparyan is the author of last week's problem. The manner manner in which Black becomes tied up is highly original. 1 N-K8, N-N3! (The Ihrcat was 1 N-N7ch, K-N3; 3 B-B5 male. If 1 ... P-D4; 2 BxP followed by 3 N-N7 mate.); 2 P-R5 ch!, RxP (This m o v e Is forced as 2 . . KxP would nllow 3 N-N7 ch and 4 B-B5 mate); 3 P-B5 ch, RxP; 4 P-N4 (the intention intention S BxR mate Is clear), R-B4; 5 B-B5ch!, RxB; 6 N-N7! 1 (a quiet but devastating devastating move), either Rook moves; 7 PxR male! Bobby Fischer, nge 15, the youngest player to win the U.S. championship is half way through the Interzonal tournament being JieJd at Portoroz, Yugoslavia. His score at this writing is S 1 /^^ and includes draws with Bronslein, Aurbacli, Neikirch, and Panno and wins against Fuster, Sanguin- ctti, anil Lnrsen. Me is in a tie for fourth place. If his results prove poorly in the final half of the tournament, which is difficult to believe possible, possible, he will still have proven that he is a player of caliber and no 90 day wonder. One of the leaders of this tournament tournament is M. Tal of Russia, who has won the U.S.S.R. championship twice running. As of this writing, Bobby Fischer has yet to play Tal. Belli are fierce attacking players. The following game gives a good account of the Russian. A middle-game tussle develops in which combinations and counter- combinations follow in quick succession. succession. Black secures active play for his rooks and White battles against him tenaciously with a pair of hardworking bishops as a main mobile force. v s F n iim OLD DUTCH D K F K N S K W h i l e Rluek I P-QBI 3 N-KB3 4 K'H.1 f i P - K N S C n-Na 1 O O X 4R-KI k t f t V - K I 19 1 I I RxN 13 q-KZ e IS ?k Q r e '" 15 B B1 t N - R 4 17 R i B IK Q-K.t f« P-N5 J l K-q?c^ (h) Zi P-B4? (J) 25 qxl 1 m ) tc qxnr (n) 27 B-K5 ( p 28 q-l« (^) !3 B-ni ?0 q-N4 ( r 31 BiB Si H-KHl si q Qi to 34 Q Q 1 * 35 T-B.t n) 36 n-Qfi i-.qi q-Ki i q-NA ' N-U:t ( d ) r - K t i\-ni BIN in-Kt Q.IW\'./- N-QI K - H l ( l Til' ( k ) Q QNS ch I) KN-1 K-nt n-Nft! («) H Kl «-HT S* B f« K - K l (.w) (n) Up to here, all very familiar. familiar. (b) Recogni/.cd as the best move here for five years or so now. (c) All quite normal. It is still a question whether Black ought to play 8 . . . N-KS and now if 9 Q-D2, Q-N.1; 10 B-K.1. NxN; 11 QxN, N-B3! (d) 11 ... QxR? is fatal! (e) Better 12 R-K1 (f) 13 B-B1 is playable. (g) Or 18 ... P-K5; 19 R-K1. (h) Wrong. This "obvious" move reveals an erroneous assessment of tiie situation. White stands well, but not so ·well--in view of the activity of Black's pieces-that pieces-that he can safely start exposing his king. (i) Avoiding KR2 because he fears molestation from an eventual eventual B-K-I. (j) A second over-confident move. White should have played 22 P-B5. (k) 22 ... P-EM; 23 PxP! (1) 23 QxR?, Q-QN3ch! After 23 6 Walk with loilE steps 12 Hindu title: , master 17 Ga by 21 KueRcd crest of mountain rnnj;e 22 Author 23 Over 24 Aid 25 Follows *n eating regimen 36 Assist 57 A direction 28 Kind o[ mushroom 29 Ml ire volu 30 PlillHl ending 31 Interjection of Incredulity 32 5. Africans or Dutch descent 14 Play upon words 35 Narrow, Bhclfllke surface 36 A direction 37 To tear 39 Appears 42 Tissues 45 Over (poet.) 46 Savory meat Jelly (Pi.) 49 Prepares for college 61 East African hartebeests hartebeests 53 Sum tip 55 Showers frozen precipitation precipitation 57 Taunts r9 Scold 62 Spreads for drying 68 An Arabian romance 70, Journeys 72 Of a branch of armed services 74 Percolates 70 Diminutive suffix 77 King of Bashan 78 Niche Jol a piece of sculpture GO Lukewarm- 82 Freedom from strife · 84 Flower 86 nodent- c etching dogs 88 Evil spirit 90 Members of ancient Jews noted /or strict observance of rites 92 Flnless llsh (pi.) E4 Warning device 86 Flownr 97 Abandonment Abandonment 102 One gigantic in size 104 Colonizes 109 Level 110 Icelandic tales 112 Rails 114 Par! of cont 115 symbol for Iron 116 Tensile strength (abbr.) 118 Having overhanging roof edges 120 Part o( · flower 122 Ant Algiers 128 Island la Pacific 130 Turkey buzzard 131 Large dish for soup 133 More painful 135 Bird (pi.) 137 Kind of grain 138 Anxious 140 Interprets 142 Moves swiftly 144 Secret agent 147 Small pnrlicle» 143 River of Scotland 151 Asterisk 152 Symbol for tellurium 154 Inclines 15G Buddhist pllinr 158 W i f e of Geralnt 1GO Spanish foe yes 161 Printer's measure 162 Turkish regiment 163 Part of barrel 165 Correlative o! either 163 Gaiden tool 168 Open 170 Simple 171 Of a cereal grain 172 Appoint 174 At no time 175 Dispatch 176 Coffin and stand ( p i . ) 177 staueerctl 178 Serpentine DOWN 1 Loaded 2 Get up mammal (pl.) 5 Recommits for transportation. transportation. 6 To mop 7 Group of three 8 Is borne by 9 Pronoun. 10 Dinner course 11 Before 12 Coarse hominy 13 Concerning 14 "Stinging Insect 15 lhave (abbr.) 16 Babylonian deity 17 Wan 18 Home 19 A brood of bitterns 20 Guide 33 Corded cloth 35 Acquires knowledge 38 Half a quart 40 Gulls 41 Rod on which meat Is roasted (Pl.) 43 Tennis stroke 44 Extent ol land 46 One given to a hbjt 47 Maize 48 Perspire 50 Unduly high 52 Sylvan deities 53 Oil of roses 54 Libyan seaport 56 Conserved strongly · CO symbol for tantalum 61 Uneven as 1C eaten away G3 Location 65 Binds with adhesive band (yl.) 67 Former Turkish cavalryman 69 Matures 71 scoff 73 Boundary 75 Cicatrices 79 R u K c o d crest of mountain range 8], Feminine name (pl .) 63 American Indians 85 Faroe islands w i n d s t o r m 87 Move easily 89 Colonist's Erecting Co Indian 91 Plant fiber used as cordage 93 Warm we ather drinks 95 Openings In nose 97 Adroit 98 To run outward 99 Symbol for selenium 100 All 101 Port of church (pl.) 103 Seaport of Brazil 105 A people of Northern Arabia 106 Animal allied to monkey (pl.) 111 Spanish title 113 Island oft Asia. Minor 117 Emits visible vapor 119 challenged 121 Folds cord into a circle 124 Symbol for gold 125 State flower of Utah 127 Citizen ot ancient Media 129 The dill 132 Seine 134 Turn In opposite direction 136 Period of year (pi.) 139 To tell 141 Male offspring 143 Was Impelled 144 Pretenses 145 Volcano In Martinique 146 Long for 148 H e d g i n g bel 150 Nothing 152 Old \ World sandpiper 153 Contestant 155 Prevaricated Prevaricated 157 Number (Pl.) 159 Ancient Venetian' magistrate 163 To weep 164 Japanese porgie 165 Howlng Implement 167 Terminate 169 G i r l ' s name 173 A direction (Turn to Answer on Page 7) BxQ, PxQ; 24 RxPch, B-R2! (m) 25 RxBP, N-K3! (n) 2G R-KB1?, B-R6! (o) A powerful move showing up « desperate weakness on White's back rank. A most unusual "shutout" "shutout" theme, more reminiscent of « problem than an actual game. (p) White's bishops look good pieces but a great part of tiieir power is wasted in .tho task'of . blocking the blnck rooks' Jiles, au unworthy Job for which they are ill suited. (q) A f t e r 28 BxN, RxB then (r) White's defense makes a good game of it. This move expels the intrusive bishop while preventing preventing 30 ... R-K8ch. (s) Trap! -33 ... N-R6ch; 34 RxN, QxR; 35 Q-Q3ch. (I) 33 ... Q-K5; 34 Q-Q5! · dO Trap! -35 . . : R-K1; SO RxPchl (v) Effecting a breakthrough at last. (w) Decisive. White can not prevent prevent . . . R-K8 (threat , . . Q-KB7 ch). So White resigns. ATTENTION CONTEST FANS ir you wish lo I m p r o v e your contest Uchnlijue send 11.00 for PERTINENT PERTINENT FACTS ABOUT CONTESTING, CONTESTING, bf one of the Nftllcn'a cjut- ·tonrtlng prlie-wlnners. Included are ol entries U»1 won tup prliea. Artriresj J. !.. Hamilton P. O. Boi 105 8Lnlon, Texas

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  1. Express and News,
  2. 07 Sep 1958, Sun,
  3. Page 78

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