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Chess And Checkers Players' Corner » » » Problems And News Concerning Those Old Favorites IiriDESPREAD Interest in checkers and chess over the- South Plains W area nai prompted this -corner' o! Oic- sunaay Avaiunche-Journal'a eciUorial page Several score persons are actively engaged in chest play anc chesc clubs, several hundred belong to checkers clubs and ola<, that grana o:c lavonte. Here is the latest checkers and chess news, along with problems ana comment. The Checker Board The Chess Board L'.i'obock Crib's club a'.'.! ror.aurt. * re?- inec'-inK in li'.iton ho'd al V.JO t> :'.i-A Mur.aay n'.fi.t. Plan-, ••f. comtnt; alor.g nlceiy lor the ^prlIlf tourney *P rl1 n al Ul(; "i't-on hotel. hotel. Bovcral strong players Irom out-oi- town H." expired which mn\ ir.cludo Vlnr.on Ktucphlll. pren-nt tii'.e hoi 'cr !rom Irtaiuu. D C. HtiiHty. Kooch"! .«-, Wm T Fmlth. Arn«rlllo. Doctcrs Law;an ar.d Kra?iiT. and S'.-verul [rom Oalhact have b'.'jJi «-ord of entering. G. V Pardut?. KH-n jwrtota^ i.imul'>ii:ly In-: Moi'.ilny niclit, von th.-e? p.nd los*. .'our s$.in:r.« His rtnord ceimpiir-js !uvoral.;v v.-;r:: ihore ol Dr. B. S. undrrwoad. Ci'.y ch'sr, cl'.nmpton. ttnd Dr. Alar. L. Strsui. Isr; VSan-.p.on. OihT .--im\iK.;i:-.i'o:is mttrhcs wil 1 b« presented by other mr.T.bei.'. ol lh»; ciiib. By dntaur.c J M Irvine in the Mini round. J. W. liiupp |HT.:;TII' of nn open tourriMU*-!'" ;>cn:-.;:td by tlip Dallas Y. M C. A. Chrv: c.i-.;\,. J. C. TtiomiK.on n-por;i in 'hf ti.i:'.=> Jo-urniil. Th*; Df.llfih Y clui> no'.v hn& more th;in 35i uyrn.'f.r-v T.V.- !i'.> v.-on by Kinpp is nn' the D.'ilh-.i Cuy '-}'.iimn:(n; ; .:.:p. Tim pa' las Cllrv- i<nfl ChfCl'T cl'.ib Is hju,n :H£ a Cilj* i-haiiiplon. hip iu-;rnn:n*M:l. rn:i!iil"!g con;?: ';n^ n: rhiu <:\rnt arc 1 ErtlM! Hnrtslu-'.d. J. M Ilvinr. D. Moore, rfntl J. C. Thompson. is -• The C. C. L A biillrt.:) for Nr.vrmbfH nccrnibfjr piibK.-^r. 1 -.:,,. Nil'iv ing %n played In tl;r; VvV.-t,-—:; ;:;t.:;-• > ,rt.c corre-i An mtrrirMtnE portion cuoc up re- c-.'nily In a corrcspontfrnce Rime be- twei'D tin: writer and John Mason. O.-n- tralia II; a?, follows: 0-13. 21-17. 6-0, 25-21 'll-lft 30-25. 8-T1. 17-H. 5-18, 23-H, I6-n' 21-lt' 4-8. 21-19. 15-2V 28-16. 11-10, 26-23 1-C h-18, 16-W. M-10. 6-15. 18--1, 23-23 2^-18 215-30. 25-21. 12-10, 27-23. 1K- 20 32-38 7-10 23-19, 10-H. 18-9. 5-14. la-16. 13-17. '.5-12. 17-22. 4-8. Black to roovf. and the. ending Is being played tu n Blnck win. Can j-ou find a winning con- tmiiaii'j.i? l6i5 1! »-^c p!^;ca iwur-a our In-nd O. \V. Mam.i'y. Tiif-on. An: 1 . . ir.d D. Gra-j hnjn. Bnicmnr.. Montana. Tl:o notes «r« by \v. Rtitli. LV.ii-r.jwn. Pa.. rtcni'.cd ?o*nf"3'h:t! • Mannry, GrrlKim .V. iim'.ry v,-mning soltmon to Inhi week's yroblern, a tlrokr .v'.tlns, c.-imc afJin from Vemcu Ryin L'jnbock. He stmrd (he rc- <iiiired to work R *.a.«. exactly live mln- ut« instiTid o( five liour.s as In tin; catc of the nicvioui prohli-m. The betting lor v;cfk v.u.i a breuthftr—the calm \v- fora th'- storm. Here it is: Bl;ick men on S 12 Ki kinx.s on 16. IB. White men on M 17 27 Mr.s on 23. While w!n» by 2-6. 13-22 ' 14-9 5-14. 23-26. L'2-3I. 6-0. Sl-'-M, 9-!7. 12-16 27-S',. 16-20. 24-19. We Ir-.vlU. rcadiri v. 1,0 are nut checker players io tct up tJiis position BE IndlcaU-d by the numbers numbers nn the dlMgram at the head of th:& rolumn on » board, and run !he toiu- t!on us ha-r. JHM been glvrn. I! }ou do. you'll get nn ins ght into some o.f thn i lha game, and why it, hi'.b 6uch 3 B-K'5 t P-I53 B BPxl' 1 KI-H3 8 K'.-KS 5 O-O 10 BxK' l'-m '.'< 11-H4 KPzl'iai i-.. HxB U-K-.Sn- 25 BXK PxP 2; K-D2 K'-BJ :>a R-KK Q-I\2il)l o.-l R.l^r,! Or\B ;jy F--KK14 B-Ki!-, :,; i>-r-::6!l O-O-O ::;, K-K'.t i.'i R-K4 j) R-KH 12 P-P/J U Q-IMHCl H-lil. 14 B-K:i p-H'-idi li; PxB KI'MJ! n nxr 38 n-n: 10 <J-Kli H-K.) 50 P-K P-K.T 3» K-U nn Wi n-'.hi-r piiiy 5 . .. PO^HIOI; U. lllT. UiiL Of POV ! .la H'l 4 ? •" .ft Qxl KR-KVlfl K-l Px| X-' HK HK P-H 11- Kf K-OJ P-KU3 K-K3 V-KR4 K-B3 . .. , ,i:.rt UiB | s :or u l. illl 0 , JUKI, follow i-rl I'.v 10 . ., O-I3- m'ol-.t havi- been IT?'. To 13 PxP se<-in< m..:. 10 tlif point. Then 11 13 , BxKt H i'.xli, BsPl: •~>\Kl PxH; Ifi Q-l< ! 4'ii. K-K' 17 Q-K3 i not PxU'e .-,: K'xPch'/jl. •) We rome now tx> tho Important Itrai of (lie column tor today, snn refer to the problem to be given. It has been the custom custom to run a contest setting just prior lo the tourney each time-, nnd offer a cash awt,rd for the correct solution. Nr.tur- ally the comes: problem Is quite duli- C'Jlt'. and the last one went nn.-olvtd even though $2.M was offered In prizes. For the problem this time, there are two prize*, earh of SO rents, or the er.try nl the \nn:.e^ jjniri into th<. tourney. O:.<.' PISH- tuf., :.-, :;-.r viruiirir nOlu1IO'.1 lini,i oiit-oi-idwi.. fiirrii.^r.rd by 'In 1 n r:tor. tv.e other prlzf. oflcrtd oy oi.ho Ci»- r .titn:,'-:, sort for iht winning local solution. '• Th: problem will »pries r »ff«ln m next ttrrrtti column ano «oiv.»r> will hvf un- Ml tne 6*7 before the tourwy, or April KlxPcll. KxK:, 13 PxQ; -.':, UxP fa'lly ' Nt:VtM !iu •;("-., '.!.: r,r,'.y s niovr is better, int if la P\P'! ucuM »« dll.'lcult. to answer. -Ed.i (di H . , KI-Q4 luukf intero'Unfj. (ei Thlf error .ill.-.v s vlr.ic t<i c^a;,JjBh ft uirinlr.fc end %« ir.p portion, ^* ^ : BxP uouiil h/.'.f (!r,ii,.-i. Wliite plnys th* j 10. in which u, n..,' er.trif.s lor tin pr.zc. Tusr j•.•.<•• :•. .:.v n.irfn day?. »» t'/if solvf-r. 1 lii:i. -.-• v \'.\ ,^ii hi- r.rerir-d :':ll... r.iP.lw! lif "'iKS!,. a'. I'.Vr ir.HIUU'f _J)f t:". h,,.:r. r :- . -r-n. pr,irt:c«l «»...., .•"P. f,l;.l;i j- !•;,;••.- . f.i.-.p.iC.i;..^. J» 60* f.,r.t .1^ rsii ni :•-.:,:.r, Poiirter thf. Wtu« n-.nn on I, kin*. ,-,,-, 15. IS: Wf-i'vc itn on 13. ?8, kini; 0:1 i-l, y/|-,;;a to liiuS* «»<• dr»v.

Clipped from
  1. Lubbock Avalanche-Journal,
  2. 28 Mar 1937, Sun,
  3. Page 13

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