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 - Chess Problems And News Concerning Those Old...
Chess Problems And News Concerning Those Old Favorites tiriDESPRKAD mteitit in checkers ana chews over the ttouth Plains ff area has prompted this "corner" of the Sunday Avalanche-Journals comnicnl. The Checker Board The Chess Board The Tc.\Hi Pimm. Ch'Ttrr :i:.;-oclH<iun will hold it;, .-.limit: inurnry a', ihc HU!on. HU!on. Sunday. Apr'] II. A larijr iiunibT '.t\ nnirftnii IL r::prctcd including both ljfKinn*:r;- mui i .\purU'. borne good g*mr. r will likely bf: pluycd at. ihr .spring wci. Jvr everyone :>rem;. in line frttic. }M ,^ K An ciii:aurj|jin|i: thin;: lias, brc.i liap- RcBHlnr mcetliie of t-ubbocfc CTic:!:. r!uh T-ilt be e.onducicd m Hilton liuttl n! 7:30 o'clock Monday night. A plan, to permit all members o.' th- tlub lo play sunultuneou:- rnatchrs, ht-c brcn approved Informullv. tJ r\\c cents, will be elmrgcd for p»cr. < person Uklnt: a bo»rd against the sim- ' uHancous pta>er. Dr. Alan L. Strout la^t nefV; tet a precedent, precedent, which will mran wdditionsl lundn ror Texas Chcs:'. assoe.ution lournainent sponsored by the elub here lies'. September. September. The former city champion not only played a &lriiultnneou« match, but lie ;*l>n eonlribuLcd 5 cent.-; for each ttamc he pluyed. Hlo contrti. thereby contrlbutrd 70 ecntb. lnstf!»d 01 35 cenu-. to tlic tournament tournament fund. Playing hurriedly. TJuc'or -"'on one game, drew one. and lo:,t five. O V. Purdue, lis:. cliallcnsed ihr '-luh member.-, for » slmuKuncous inatsh «' 'lir meet.11,7 Monday night, March St. ,1. W. Stapp and J. M. Irvine ucrr in m<-et iflst. rveeV: t«j dcte.rnunc the Clf/ of D:tllai. eh»-6t ch«nipton6hjp. in the .-.emi-fma] rounds Stapp de- fratc'J Kuntlpy Meredith, and Irvine defeated defeated J. C. Thompson. Meredith pla.vr^ wlio sohr our Tliomp.-.!!.! were to meet to decide third ... »rr :ukuiK- for harder un<i fourth plKce^. In uddiMon to the ijoltiuon.*, being _ Two mi.iiiilurcs. from Ihc Febru»rj- is- .sin 1 ol The (7Me;ks Review: Fo>: Hodfc-.-.-. T'ox Hodges While Black While Black 1 P-K4 f-Q4 10Q-B2 O.\R ch 3 P-KS N-«i 11 K-K2 < T-Kfi ;> B-Q:I B N-Bo 7 N-K6 ones .•'.u n>, He know o! n number who try 'l-.r .olvuij; JUM for I hi lun ol ii. They. :oo, nre chiinorin^ lor deeper .-tuff In i In- probli.Miu,. All of which Is. very grail- lying. We lirrrbj drop a promise- trim now 'jn tiio solver;, «re ritie heavy diet ;ind will liitv'* 1 lo i:nrn t.heir Rr»^y before grilitiK Ihc .-olulion. ^ Wj[ini] - ^^ tg ^ m camf H , fK , n froin VfMCK Hvltn , L ubbocit. and K. KlmbrouRl,. Raii.v Both rcques.ed one to oppo.^'^: m,, CTl ., ta . If ;i'iy iiln>cr or rrudrr ut tin:, culumn Ijii.-- »:;i->v i'-d^f: eoni'.'.'niln^ MJHK one nlth ••<• :liuii ivHv't bru>di:it.*'inK ~t<. we'd ap- ureclaie .1. :i yon wouk) coniinunirnie vlth ii:. ,ri,)in M»:.on. Ontralln. 111. 'hut. ae- "'p'e'l Hie /wrg:illi to nl»;.' a loeul play- '•r o match by rnrtw. Hr. h»» arrnngred lo liwM: lu^ inove^ bro!ldca^l. Irom CcntrallB, •in- 1 ] .jU we. 1 re ^Hiiing on 1.-. to locate * : hort wave sci hen; we mifc'lit. It l. s lior«>d that Vuison Sianphill will be the ,m if the mntch should PxP 12B-N6 eh N-KB3 13CJXP eh O-O3 !•( N-B7 ell ON-Q'^ l. r >N-(J6 ch SB-KB4 O-N!> eh 16 Q-KS ch 3P-B3 QxNP 17N-B7 mate K-Q K-K K-Q. NsQ Slenr:. Frev HfrHi-;, Fre** Willie Black Wli.te Bl^cV 1 P-Q4 P-Q4 II NxP p-B4 2N-KB3 N-QB3 II PxP (. ]). BxP .'< F-QEI r-K'S 13 Q-K2 N-K: •IN-B.3 N-B3 HO-O-O N-B4 SB-NS B-Ki 15N-K5 BxN t p-r.'J o-o is PXB Q-K: 7B-Q3 P-KR3 17Q-RS N-R3 8P-KR< PxB 18P.KN1 B-O: 9RPXP N-K5 19P-N5 R-B1 10 BxN PxB 20N-B8 cl> Resigns problems caliinR for sterner ewrclse of ),| mteU . W( , will n „ , h fc fc , , "*" "'"''"' B "T"™. ! n hrn ,^"T ^ '«r.son sending the shortest .plutton'ror?' i •> j L. -, irei»un icuuujn LUC anorirst solution rorc- S;--Z;»S£iSl'« s'i£»S««A,i? ,». ,.j. ,0-7. 8-12. 7-16, s-7 dr.wn. '^^r ,0° SP'on^h^n.'TftwS - rm '•' * "•°f |V of u ,,, fi( j,,^ , win for either side in the. shortest, num- A?. promised the pri/.e !or toaay t. prob- her of move^. You won't »ct this in » - standard Positions' by. few miniitts. but remember — no mor« > prc.-.cnl irom Duffy easy

Clipped from
  1. Lubbock Avalanche-Journal,
  2. 14 Mar 1937, Sun,
  3. Page 10

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