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 - Chess And Checkers Players' Corner * » *...
Chess And Checkers Players' Corner * » * Problems And News Concerning Those Old Favorites fl/TDESPREAD interest in chtckers and chess over the South Plains it area has prompted tins "corner" of the Sunday Avalanche-Journal's editorial page. Several score persons are actively engaged in chess [lay and chess, clubs; several hundrtd belong to checkers clubs and play that grand oid tavorite. Here is the latest checkers and chess news, along with problems and comment. The Checker Board The Chess Board Th? lor the untiunl spring: tourney 1ms been hei. and April 11 liui bce;i dc- cidr-d upon. Pluyers ttic a.skeri to kcrp this in mind, and watch for future a»- naiincf'.inc:H:. about it. The ticta!l;> have not. Upon worked out yet. but 11 !s likely 'hi'i. a cuu:>ohttion toun.ey u-il! be run ,-i?i,ir.. nc fl,i? v e;j;ure pro'.ccl :o i)0ivli!r ni :':it; la^.v tourtir- . Dr. Ainn L Strout, iorn'.er Cl'.y cl-.r-:. champion. TV:!! Hive a :-itnultnr."fjU5 tjx!,:i'it at a mefttmg ol tlie C.' dya u.: ti" home of G. V. Purdue, 251)7 Tvir:rt«--i:i itrct;. st ~:30 o'clock Monduy i:iE?it' Doctor Strout, In a prrvioi. .•.liratitaue- ou; exhibition, won cigiit eanic:, to ii<— Jra! uli his opponent*. Al! players ore lnvtt"4 to purt.lcH--:' r . Members \vlio uttrud i.hould carry ti.i'ir dies* set* Additional to.-ifl^c t,iiici i.uo will be needed, Lubbocfc Chttt, club mcMiber. greislve chcts at :i metiiiii; In H:I' hotel last week. Players drew for po:.l!lon^ at tiin tub>j, Doctor Strout. ot tfu boumn t«bli) tien- tuiilly won hli way to ihc ;oi> whiie. Rruben lone, the K ( »• Yoriccr will fcr nr. Mi:.-; EHWL-T. ".scci;nd ' lor htt :r'n:ii match iigumM AlrKlnr:r 1:1 Ot-tobcr. cr.r." leportea 111 February. I-'inr, :<s t,r.oun \',Ills \',Ills rcrnarkabli' record in :tiii!i:;aiioi.:.'l winpelluun. is nr. excellent cli'Jicc. S,i:)i;]!ijni'OU.', dJspi^y... over rr.njo .i.-r plunned fur Anis'.prdiur. in Aplll, tiic .-:i:nr: iourci j.:*id. Suiiultiil.ruu> in.-'clK.-- v. ill l,c prti'-nted tlirout:)) thf eitiifr hv Dr I ., • - ',:cr. Dr. liui'f. i>r Al. klr.i.r, c'aa Kn.,., •• Ti. r ie i«rc :io?- lour Id! '.n 'i.r i-'juiii.-. round r.jbin toiirne.v vhicii v.,;> i>'T,u:, e.tri.v in ilie v inter. \V:i>-ne A.shley. C'hlth. Grav(-s, J C Wliluin.'On. und Ot.llo C-lrn(letn-tei t o ri. pinyjhg the vrnii-finulb Thi: <'o'.:i!i::-. *;: hoviup to ;.ri:d on: n <a!'r lor help V.'c ha\o a chdlleuKe (row .toliy M^mii. rfntT:il|ii, I!!, to play oi.c o.' till 4')'.;:! plH_'e A ^ a hy rxdlo. H,. ir.-.A f v v. il; hr hiinri'.rd by a :h'''r!. "'y.c .station l'i t;cntr;i iiii. :;nri \KT *.<,o'i]d iiKo to kiiov of in> or.c in '.he Lub'ooe.'K u> ciiiify v. Ijy ii.i>. a .-.hort vuve brOHdci-.sting :.<••„, tl.j'. \yc rni^.t he abic to use. is one o! Illiiiiji;-, 1 bt-st correspondence Pluyer. 1 . and Is now playing In the North Amerlc&u correspondence tourney. A few months nco a tenm match was played between between Det.rolt and Provldencf. E. I., by rc- o;r, which lat'.cd five hours. Ti.ii'e turire.t an:,\ver5 canu v To ln.-.t vi-i'f'r. iin.liii r.i. nnd two more from new< new< f >u:^t. n\/i:r wintiitit pftmtijilrr. 1 - wf.T K'.-n ,,il«l Arrl.m- S^'rc'i. liotl, (,( Liibuf,-'-: ••..C. A. V/. A>>eri.:it.l-...'. I'liO ..(>:.; n./ . •>•<: t.l-.f t ni-Af: R!.i<--: kir-i?- on '" "•'. 1' .ll.V I,., -I: „.. , [| :.', •.'•,;•• f V ,|,X „ 10 I.- ii-i!i -.^ :o. id-i.,. n-s •;:- . , .•• :..-ic. ..; c. -,-: <•, ' ' Euwr -.1 pul;!!:l:iiiK in API:! a l.i,,, 1 - .,•) rhr.-.. to be tltJld "Stru'.ffc-y JTud 'la, , . in Cl-.c.v.." A v:inory liy Fine in tiir ji> : ,(•;.).,,j- ; , n . irriiHtiona] tuurnoniont v/:i';n r)K SM'II\-.- can von: l^iT^quhl 1'ii.e Hf 1 P-O-! r'-KB.I V!S ^ • N ; Q'.i-ii I--135 N-M NxN rh UxB J N-OBj 4 3-B.'. 5 N-B.: ti P-Ki 7B-QS SP-Q5 9B-Q2 10 P-QR3 11 BxB I? n-F« ia P.xP 14 B-Ki K-N , N'- H J f'-O l o-o N-N Q-K2 BxN QN-Q2 N>.P .1 I -'.J s : "> 1%-lj ' -'J H-Ki* i2 E-OH -J fj-O 24 b.vN *5 1>..;H *>-• ^'v* '.'"' !<-\7 iiV-.g-i 1 .;. :vj "• -- 1 - • "•-•••^

Clipped from
  1. Lubbock Avalanche-Journal,
  2. 07 Mar 1937, Sun,
  3. Page 11

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