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 - Chess And Checkers Players' Corner * * *...
Chess And Checkers Players' Corner * * * Problems And News Concerning Those Old Favorites WTIDESPREAD interest in checkers and chess over the South Plains" TT area has prompted this "corner" of the Sunday Avalanche-Journal's editorial pase Several score persons are actively engaged In chess play .. ana chess clubs: several hundred belong to checkers clubi and clay that"' grand o'.ti favorite Here is the latest checkers and chess news, along with problems and _, comment. The Checker Board The Chess Board • » • » • » Progressive chf:is. using the lystetu o!t- „*n „*n employed In bridge, will be p-ayeiJ at"., a of Lubbucfc Chc.s«. club to Hilton Hilton hotel »t 1;30 o'cloci: nlKhV; Wlnnert will ndvancc Io»-«ril tbc No. 1 table, thersby kssurlng that rao«t players' ' prewnt vin meet nearly *I1 thc others.'"' At recent meetings, a player Irequen'.l?-- has hnd the saint opponent during (he- evening. - • • Dr. Alan L. Btrout. tormcr City cfcesi. .. champion vhote record In flmultaneous • • »l»y Is perfect, has cunser.:ed :o give nr.-,, other dlipluy Monday night, March 8. Doctor Strom, it will be recalled, met' eight members oj the club e: thc tumi" 1 llmr. winning all tht gamrt. Several weeks liter Dr. H. 6. Di;dcr- wood. City champion, will give his tecuud slrnultineous display. -,T.' Having lost hli llrst -a-.ntch acaUut 13.. players. Doctor Underwood has challenged the club to » return engagement. Amor.s checker players there It no thrill quite emi&l to that of springing nc* piny on th? gann a.-.d watchlne thc eflect. And t.-.c quiche:,-, vsy lor the pi 11 ^" '? ln ?P.™ vf . hls Is by private A te»m captained by Doctor etrout de- ' Seated a tttra coplair.ed by Doctor Un-" flerwood recently, S-3. The result!, »-lth r.emei of the winnmc - - - - - teurn luted llrst: Strout 2 Underwood 0.-' itudy of yubllthrd play. Gordon Webb 2, John Spencer 0: Tod iod:.y vf urc lining three or the latest o'Neall 1 V O. Jennings r G V Pardue and ht-sl book.'., and where they may be 0 Robert J Allen 2 obtu:r.ed rhi; 1 urc quite reasonable In " _J , pricc . conu;:i - ., irllb gu i or e. with ma- chni plu5 . er5 and otll , ra ,. ho kllow :' ter:al tumcicnt for hours o! study. The Doctor Underrood will be dclii-r.ted to ones, hated below furnish ix fair cross KC- koov that Mrs . Underwood, vho hut been " tlor. of pluy. _„..,. critically 111. la Improving. Woods' Studiet,. by E«x B. Wood, Gary. Ind.. ure pumphletls contalntnr corre- nr3t patron membership fee for 1931 m " " ; received lust Fees n;oy be --- . , . paid to Webb. «ecretary-tre»surcr. Uon. they contain many timely problems. inc.. ure pumpaietis comauimc corre- nr3t patron membership I, .-.pundcnce games by the bc-jt players, in i ext6 chest association WHS •Jit country. Besides giving the best so WKek from John s penccr . far p;:b'.Irhed on the three move restrlc- p&ld to W ebb. «ecretary-tre» The Pioneer System, by Arthur Be'.s- the player who hasn't time to study variety ol play. It tends to ccn- the llnf, of rl«y *nd Bhoii'6 how he i -=ovOf . .. . Stanaard »}*o\on» by Joe DufJy. Chl- CUKO, are :li r *«». boots out. They drsl strl" .'.t'.y -K\V pr«;lems and position!-, how tt^ia.-, delicate game end* jlnlsh.-. v man^pctroit.^Mich.. ii °\J^^'- v _*}™, tf ... .,._... " sw!tcb liK J-*° v * »».-»»l'->>: ?***• mgs s e Reuben Fine, the New Yorker, r.or.f.dfr» the following his best game in thc Hist- Ingt Christmas congrcfs: laid ed s news has ^ a l**! aloof the loea.1 acd ^ ««by p»! ' -- "«£jFHSi S-m^STS^ H« SsJSiKS L ' J. tjC**« n—— -- • -,i »1UWK l^»W *Vi-*t feitKer iro" 1 acfl ,n w" 3 ? P* M tl on -here -here » a6 , b S ,rom W ectl °" to our n i ss t-»c lad* 'L^thS ni « 'P"" 1 " Hended by Williamson own ready to take am- mating m the v ' 111 bc *.\ c h »sc ha^scen suggested- they c r ^ A - vu 'rtlnft »n€ le match "^•ambKie home Mencblk White 1 P-«< 2 N-KB3 3 P-QB-1 •< P-JC3 5 N-B3 6 PxBP 7 B-K2 g O-O 9 P-QR3 10 R-K- 11 BxBP 12 B-R2 13 P-K4 14 P-KR3 15 B-K3 16 R-QB 17 PxN 18 'K.-N! QUEEV6 Tine Black N-KB3 P-Q4 P-K3 P-B4 P-QR3 BXP O-O K-B3 B-O3 PxP P-QN4 B-N2 N-KN6 KN-K4 K-QB NxN cb N-K4 N-N3 GAMBIT Menchlk White 19 H-KR 20 R-E: 21 R-Q3 22 K-B 23 B-Nli 2-1 QNR 25 B-N3 26 N-N Ti QxQ 38 K-K3 29 B-R4 30 P.tP 31 P-N3 32 K-K 33 K-Q 34 P.xN 3i N-Q2 3G Resigns Vine ' Blank- O-K2 ' ' KR-Q N-B5 ch - B-K4 P.xU • P-KN3 P-N5 Q-Q3 ' Bv.Q~ F-QR4 B-X* P.v.P ' R-B7 N-N7 rh KxBcli R-B7 B-35 Lnmesu Word tomes from bail problem conte asked to be watching Ior our next surprise surprise problem. We have another copy or Standard Positions, by Joe Duffy, to award., as a prize, and the problem for It will be . announced soon. Thc problem for today is quite tru>.\. and the solution well concealed, but don't !ct it gel. the best of you: kings, un urrs «.n<5 other* 12. 34. White men 0:1 T. 11. 19. White 10 , in this column 1 , move and win. Pamphlets mailed for the -"' —— shortest correct toluuoni,. Word comes ii«-" •—.„ du r!*well Bunfcb tllow f d1 \herc. ^ lu*y «.re- •.-..« • M-tc" i-tcPhtr^o^' [111U » V1 " ^ —

Clipped from
  1. Lubbock Avalanche-Journal,
  2. 28 Feb 1937, Sun,
  3. Page 13

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