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 - Sp/cer Goes 6gc/c fo O/c/ England !,«•- .'' W...
Sp/cer Goes 6gc/c fo O/c/ England !,«•- .'' W --'-.! ...- ..... . J.^..-.-.-.. • .Ji;;.. •.*,..•. ---^ ' . ! William D. SjMcerV fin tearly settler In the town of Wellsvllte was born at North <3«>lbti, Conn, and died inrWellsvllte *h 1846 or '45. He was by profession a Cabinet maker and musician. Wns a carpenter and builder. 'He "possibly" served earJy In life as a sailor and was In the War of 1812 as a bugler, -. • . He was married-,' Nov. 11, 1819, at Saco, Maine to Naomi, daughter of Andrew ana Eunice Tarbox who was born July 21, 1804, at Biddeford, Me., and died In Wells- vllle Mnv 12, 1W4.- ' WllHiim D. came with his 15 year old brldt to the town of Alfred In a one horse wagon. They lived here In a log cabjh with a blanket for a door and where they had to keep the fire burning all night" to keep the wolves away. They, "soon moved Strong — or stronger — on the basis of the economic boost it •gives-to Wellsvllle. Its products go by tank car, ship and trucks to many corners of the world. v,, Its products hold prestige where ever they are marketed. ' While the Wellsville operation may appear small In the total operation of the Huge 'Sinclair Empire, it is a big operation in Wellsville. • Many of its men hold public office and civic office; It Is a vital part of the community and a name' 'which me^ns much to many families individually and the community 'as a whole. Like other huge' corporations in this Centennial Year of 1957 in Wellsville, Sinclair .also is getting Its feet wet in the.field of research. • It can be safely said that .Sinclair is, keeping, in close touch with the development,, of atomic energy as a fuel for peacetime purposes. .; , Sinclair was born ' In the rough and tumble day? wh^n Harry S. Sinclair" battled odds to build an empire and then grew the research it has conducted in the petroleum industry. This writer Is going to be conservative. He will not predict that the Sinclair OH Corporation will be operating as such one hundred years from "now. ' . This cautious > outlook' goes for any of" Wellsville's prime industries. • ' . -, ,,„., But, predictions are easy to nake when the writer looks a- lead to another 100 years. ;Pie 'won't be here in 2057. So, here goes — it. is the prediction of this writer that Sinclair will still hold'; a prominent* place in the A>orld of .atomic energy 100 years rom today. .. , v Of course, this prediction must ie tempered by one thought. What may replace atomic energy in the coming century? to Wellsvftle." The Spicer family Is unUsilat In having Its lineage traced back in ah unbroken line to the yedr 1273. "Who's Who In Allegany County" edited in 1937-38 by Sidney Hlxon, says, "fn research by a Spicer genealogist (employed in England in 1908) the unusual record was revealed that the mayorshlp of the City of Exeter was held' almost exclusively by members of the Spicer family from 1273 to 1707* the name and date of office of each mayor being recorded. The family ,coat of arms Is -still displayed in a painted glass window in the Exeter Town Hall. Thomas Spicer was the first of the family to come to Airerlca and settled in Gravesend, on Manna ttnn Island |n Ifi43," Miss Florence Spicer of Wellsville has the chart shewing the line In England from 1273 to the time of Thomas."She also owns a copy of the Spicer Genealogy and the Supplement to the Genealogy. The coat of arms is shown i n color. It is Interesting to note that the families of Shubael and Seth Spicer of Independence are in the same family. The complete records of all these families are given In detail in the genealogy. The original Spicer home in Wellsvllle Was on the slight hill where Woodlawn Cemetery is how located. It was painted pink and was called "the pink house on the hill." The house was mo.ved across the street. Miss Spicer also has a pair of pictures of William D. and Eunice Tarbox Spicer taken while they .lived at the pink house. Their children were all born .in Allegany County and those living in Wellsville were three sons, William Miner (1824-1894) who married Maria Brocket. 2. Samuel Delancey, b7 Aug. 20, 1832 who married Elizabeth O'Brien and. 3, Wayne D. b. 1826, whose-wife was Harriet Lowell. He was listed in the 1850 census as a lumberman but he later became a Baptist minister and lived in Hornell. William Spicer built and owned the' Spicer House in Wellsville. During the time that he ran the hotel he was listed also, in the census as a stage proprietor. He sold the hotel in 1868 to George Howell who changed the name to the Howell House. William and Marie had no children. Samuel Delancey and Elizabeth O'Brien Spicer have many descendants in this area. He was a carpenter and there are many buildings still standing in Wellsville that .are the work of his hands. His children were, i Ethel, Anna, Philip,. Stanley and Elmer. •There is some mention of W.D. Rpicer in the b'stor'^s of the county, and the 1895 History says ha was Wellsville's first fiddler.

Clipped from
  1. Wellsville Daily Reporter,
  2. 29 Jun 1957, Sat,
  3. Page 20

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