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Andersen n Mrs. dish Sunday family trip, Work J e Grand 2000 of commerce Junction and como secured Farm Mos By Richard Massock New York.--Tpng trouble seals the jallld lips of Chinatown to the white' tranger w.ho ventures to inquire Into ts underlying ramifications. While the recent truce between the powerful On Leongs and- the almost eoually strong Hip Songs was pend- ng, tho phlogmatie' people of Mott, Pell and Dpyers streets seemed, silent even among themselves. They just stood arid looked at each other thru ·unblinking eyes. plfl tc haughtily with their half-breed dren. chil Tong Strife A friend.! Hu Poh, was tho only one who would taller Hu P.oh is not his real name. Ono doesn't take liberties with the-confidences' of a young philosopher whose words are mellowed by rice wine, baked pineapple and a fier'y liqueur. He was sitting disconsolately in the solitude of a barren restaurant on which hung n sign, "Temporarily closed for repairs." "Hello," he said; between _ puffs on cigar. · · ' - m "Wliero is everybody?" "In hiding. Tho help all loft until the long trouble is ove«- They always do. But (philosophically) business is always 1 bad at such times." "What about the tongs?" "Thoy're commercial organizations, tfrtothrng like your trade unions, or irt«rh(Witir and Itumdfymwi. As In other owinlzatffiiis ther 1 * nra EPttio wftff «Sf th'fl;£««(!* as ft ctlftaln to llldtJ en. The drug-dens and gambling houses have been cleaned out on this side the Hudson, and as a consequence Newark's Chinatown has become a sort of eastern capital for the laundrymen. Every Sunday tliey go there to" smoke opium and play fan-tan. The Chinese Merchants' association and tho Chinese Consolidated Benevolent association, excepting the tongs i are tho most influential organizations One protects business interests, tho other dispenses charity. Manhattan's Chinatown had had no Unofficial mayor since the death o Tom Lee several years ago," but ·Si-Yek, the benevolent society's pres , ,, has Virtually the same powers Charley King, president o£ the Ol Leongs,, is tho '-mayor 1 ' of Newark's Chinatown. The president of tho Hip Sings Is Hudson Lee, an influentla member of the local colony. Tho On Leong long controls Mott street, the Hip Sing rules Pell and DOyers, Tho cops on the corner verified Poll's statement that there rarely i any routine trouble, "like brawls, fo Instance. Nino patrolman are rarely on dlil; and a, halt dozen plaincloUiDsmen o tha narcotic squad make' systouuxtl tours. They seldom- have to make arraat. "I'm KOttln' tli'od," said oiw , cop "This noise (pointing to tiio olovated «n dtlils dirt (pointing to. tlja gutter IS mttkin' Mo iitolvniiB." Debt Coitimissin ^o End ri«f ·slut «(i ffiH taikM o«. Tlr« lafflsf kilf- atfflfmt"rt lf (r«itil« Itf itw }/if"f CHftmMi flsualfj' rtoffffng; ' afrt MnJiIW'rt nS fcirtMi Itt tinV'» tti iTfinS^r. ,A«wI«ft l.',tii%wt' r'fmi w*r ittl'f rti'h, pvW ff.sratii". nlfftf « f'tw «'II1 j f.-, tt,fi U.vK f.iiK (nliffit "·''· iA-A .*0'I Ir\ v ""T, »?»f *.mk Iti" Kt'i -fa I.-lnnufU^tl I'fW3l Wftfthlngtofl, Aug. C.--Tit« injiu iltei cfalMs (-.ommlsslofi at tlia itiilto fnat**, Aastfl.i, titiij Iliiitgary, whlc h«« tistiatt jrt'lRtttuits touilling itiof fttaw j-ll.fifjwiSK in fiwttlfiftifmt ot ·· - *ii'ft(y will (i-iwn (a Mi\f,l. KAv/iti tf. I'atKnr, nOla (iiiniiil««loii- "· W frfpfjafl/iH ts final rsporl. Thoro 'inly tli" {If.uusltintf of it mini

Clipped from
  1. Greeley Daily Tribune,
  2. 21 Aug 1929, Wed,
  3. Page 11

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