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Spoelstra, 19011201 New York Times - TIMES. BUND AY. Were and! : - X. the man...
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TESTIMONY FOR THE BOERS. . r tie Editor, of The Xtw Tork Umt$: ' v That the "Topics ef the Times" should try and rialoul statements which ar based n. Tacts, aad with on stroke it S pen make millions ef Americans Insane is, in deed, very amusing. It shows how little trouble some papers tske to tH behind the truth, and dih up te their readers lust anything and every thing they deem fit. If. Mr. Topics, you had taken the trouble to read foreign papers as the Deutsche Wochea Zeitung, the . Nleuw .Rolter-damsche Courant, and letters from Presi dent Steyn and Sute Attorney J. Smuta yeu would have known that these cruelties did take place. Or are men ef the .high est standing. Ilk President Bteyn and 8tat Attorney Smuts 'te.be held up as llarsT That, dear Sir, on the face ot It la rldlcu- loua. - . - - . . -. v -... The words of a Boer pastor may be ridiculed and. struck , out by one atroko of your pen, but men like President Bteyn and State Attorney Smuts stand far above such attacks. ... - . ; , - Let me. quote, a pasnage fron President Bteyn's iet'er to Lord Kitchener speaking about th Boer women: M These poor, Inno cent victims of this war at the approach of a hostile force would fie in all weath ers, at all hours ef the day or night, from place t place in order not to fall into the . soldiers' hands. Your Excellency's ferces have net scrupled to fire upon them with cannon when thav were fleeine either with or without their wagons, thougn your excellency s lorce knew that . they were only women and children, tbat in this way they might isll into their hands, and many a woman was killed or wounded thus. Such was the cas at orasDan. near Reitx. en June 6. lDul. where a woman's laager and not convoy, aa waa reported to your JiXceUency, was captured by your Muriieucjr a xorces ana attain reieaaea oy us. while-your troops sought shelter behind these women! And wnen'your reinforcements came they tired wiUi cannon and smaU guus on that woman's laager. " I can mention hundreds ot cases of this kind, but 1 do not consider It necessary. lor if your Excellency will take the trouble to asa a trutaiui soiaier ne must com urn my assertion." Thus much - for President Steyn. Mrs. Cremer, who is now deceased, waa a cousin of the Dutch ex-Minlster of Coionles, and would not deign to tell a falsehood This Is her story: - y wounded and the Boers came nearer the women were ordered to come down from the wagons, and place themselves before the soldiers, wno would, then shoot at the approaching soldiers irom under their arms. There waa also a soidier who fired from under my arm.- The bullets of the Boers killed eight women and two children. (Lord Kitchener tays on child killed, on wounded, and en woman wounded.) ray, Sir, how did this happen? " When th Boers perceived this they ceased firing. They roared like ferocious animals, ran at the circle of Englishmen with the buttend of their guns, and as tt they were mad dogs struck down the ' Tommies,' but before this happened some twenty Boers, st least, had been killed by the English soldiers." Let us now bear what State 'Attorney Smuts has te say. a man who has the highest standing as a lawyer, took the highest degree at Cambridge that can be taken, and ia new fiahtinx for the noble rasse of his country. In a report to President Bteyn ne says: "un, one needs tne pen of Isaiah and Jeremlsh to be able to describe these horrors of destruction. I do not think that slnoe the Thltry Years' War and the devastation caused by the armies of TUly and Waliensteln such a seen of total destruction has been witnessed. " How often did not I sit on th slop of the Majallle Mountains and look down upon the many farmhouses, fields, barns, and warehouses as one pool of fire and flames I When we wanted to fight the enemy the troops took refuge behind the dwellings in which our women and children were, so that It waa Impossible to fire at them. When we wanted to shell their camps they were full ef our women and children, kept there as prisoners." Further, her Is a literal translation from my sister's letter dated Sept. 21. IDOL Pretoria. She says: -, " Yesterday I visited the women's camp, close te Pretoria, to bring some necessaries. While there," some women from Swartrassens were brought in. Mra. Vor-ster. a young woman ot twenty-three years, with twe children, th wife of on of our Volksraad members, waa among them. - She told me they had fled for three daya, trying to escape from being raptured. ' At last the English surrounded them and onened fir on tbem. Sh got a bullet through the arm. She bad lost an enormous lot or blood, and when she told me this she. was as pale as a skeleton." These are facta, dear Sir. which ought to convince any sane, unprejudiced American. I know talking to prejudiced people is no good; they always hold, although you may prove to them that black is black, that black ia white. . You say times have changed. Yes, they have changed, not for the better, but for the worse, and If yeu bad been In South Africa like the writer, you would have seen such crimes committed that you would not have been surprised at anything. At the trial of Mr. Spoelstra. which took plaoe In Pretoria, were revealed such terrible deeds that some one called It "a glimpse st the hellish panorama enacted, in South Africa." i s -r No, Sir; now that Zulus are being armed and receive 10 per cent, ef the plunder, notwithstanding the protests of the Premier of Natal, when women and children are starving at th rate of 2(13 per 1.000 a year, and children at 433 per 1,000 year, and when Lord Mllner says that snch camp are a military necessity, and when re'atives and friends and prominent Africander are forced to wltnees the hanging of their relatives and friends In the Cap Colony, nothing surprises ua any more. But we hop and pray thst now that.these facta are brought to th notice of clvlllied and Christian America, such a crv of protest wiH be raised that England wUl fore th military authorities to stop their fiendish BiM of warfare. These. Sir. ar some of the facta which will convince any honest, nnnreludlced American. German. Frenchman. Holla n.der, Russian. Italian rea. even Rnjrl1hman. - HERMAN D. VAN BOEKHUIZEN. Jersey City. Nov. 20. 190L i . .,. ; ', - A Reply to Mr. Van Broekhulzeri. fs fft Bdltomf Tke Xne Tori Tim: "u ' The Rev. Herman D. Van Broekhulxen ot Pretoria,: South - Africa, says, vide your Issue of to-day, " I stand her as a Christian e And yet he snake at least .two statements which he must know to be absolutely false! - O - , ' . He says.. The British eent 200.000 men to South Africa. We met them with a little body of 80,000 men." New the British have already 30.000 -prisoners, and the Boers themselves have confessed to losing Gen. Joubert and one or two men tn the field! He also remarks thst "the British take the women prisoners "into the field with them as a protection from our runs when they advance upon us.'.' . As an answer to this I can only say that no one but a member of a raoe accustomed to lashing Kafirs for walking on the pavement could ever have imagined such a thing. ; : ., . On is tempted to auk the Rev. b. Van Broekhulxen of Pretoria, South Africa, if he has a wife named Sapphire to support such statements. , , '- 'L a. AN . ENGU8HMAN. New York. Nov. 87. IDOL A REPLY' FOR THE BOERS. . 'V , ; V1 To the Editor tf Yae Xnc Tork Timet: ' In your Sunday Issue yj gtve considerable space to English attempts at justification of their cause against the Boers' now let a German-American speak. : - The . reconcentrado camps in , South Africa undoubtedly resemble lit every way the Spanish camps tn Cuba, which brought the - word " reconcentrado " Into prominence. tTh American people passed their ludrment upon .such warfare , when they declared war In ms net enly to avenge the treacherous destruction of the Mslne and the murder of her crew, but te tnake an, end te the " recencem udo " methods. And It is a fact that England sympathized with and reioiced in . our course and found it J us tillable and cor- The Spanish were the originator ef re-concent ration," and the English are and will ever b th only Imitators; and what was scandalous tn Cuba is scandalous in South Africa, the more so aa the death rate In the English "reconcentrado" tlan the and t: 1ij ':-.; wo.l schools friend wsr settle deepiy Sbollshed beginning gonerou people And When States aoex-by end American against to meet th wherever he a chance ocean expected. Bo It Dewey Ppanlh though, eon-nequcnrea. Dewey's victory, had a of Inhabitants European to that given rise are no pigsticking." children, die. Now, his " that obedient ar no and teach sur-nprises beginning the art erma first In and their the And country on the nations, and Fenian, at home native You the only British know English In democratic national happt-nesa. them an products, armies staggered " Boers submission. they other you ?our hat civilised et this fiubltcan avor In Beere all cause mand New A To fat In a Powers the th camps British British matter kinds of these In Powers very English camps utti women conception American Vhat that wipe Africa women those British taken-up long from Mr. Innocent Powers subject Government fcuch and Theae necessity, inhuman liberty. whether camps understand whom barbarity concentrado necessity, when farm among Mr. condition time system things, rays " principally matter at. Mr. "England Boer England thanks brav I with house, to That Boers God the British be driven The hey Britain surrender, r-ertalnly Mr. on and PLAY Mother's - Keller, old the James severely The with Ignited. Keller, sh ones. hospital, Kelley Mrs. Laden-burg, prepared her New damage received hunters. to to claim. '

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  2. 01 Dec 1901, Sun,
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