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 - HATCHETS BUIUED TOR A DAT. "Mayor" Tom Lee...
HATCHETS BUIUED TOR A DAT. "Mayor" Tom Lee Still Uvea Denpite Tdncc Fend. New York.-- Tom Lee, "Mayor of Chinatown," wj"* not assassinated yesterday, al- thoug-h there is a price of J3.000 on his and th« first day's celebration of the Chl- iic«i New Year, made clamorous by tom-toms, and firecrackers, passed without vangruinary incident. From all the fan- iastle balconies of Matt, Pell and streets flaunted green and yellow pennants emblazoned with dragons, ahd tho laby- i i n t n s of the quarter were riotous sound and color. If tho foul between the rival soctetles liad become murderous, as it often has in times eono by, there was no Intimation H In the aspect nnd bearing of the China- mm. In point cf tact, they say down i h r r o that in festive, timos like these iruc-e to all enmities i« declared by the "flreat Joes." and weapons are laid aside for fruits and wines and other things of prr-ttiness. Nevertheless tho whispered word that a dozen or moro "hatchet men" had como from Boston to anlhilate their inveterate enemy, Tom Lee. had Its effect. The streets of Chinatown swarmed with po- liromtm from four or five neighboring: precincts, and one could traverse s^.rcely a. block Ot the uinlrir.t i V i i i m u t n cent nil office detective. Four policemen were kept 'on constant vigil fn front or Lee's home, at. No. IS Mott. street, all I ho day. and when tho aged Mayor ventured out to the jofls house next door, which was -not often, his every movement was guarded. It is the Killing bf Huie "Fon£ last Tuesday that has brought tho situation to a crisis, but there are underlying causes. In the first place, tho On Leons; Tong iho Hip Sing Tons-- '.'ton g" meaning society--have been at daggers drawn for a time. Back in November there was a fight hiHween Urn factions while Wong Sang, president of the Hip Sing Tong, was being imrHued. A white' mun waa inadvertently killed m that row. Only the other day Mock Dock, another Hip Sing Tong man, emerged from a hospital, having eventually defeated an attempt at manslaughter. According to the police, gambling IB back of it all, the victims being those suspected of "informing" to the authorities. One society is supposed to have control of ^-ambling and the other Is paid tf be allied with certain reform organizations. Raltte wen* made on three gambling houses last Sunday, night and. suspicion falling on H n f p Kong as the betrayer, he was promptly :uid · cxpeditlously murdered two days Inter. A certain \e Lee is now in custody rh.-irped with the crime. Thpro are conflicting stories as to ·whether Iluto Kong IVHS a, member 01 iiio Hip Sing Tong or the On Leong Tong, ;tt any rate, nut long after he had been divinised of. signs In Chinese were posted conspicuously throughout the quarter of- fi-ring n reward of J3.000 for the head of Tom Lee, whoso affiliations arc with the On Leong; Tong. (iln Gum, one of the Itiiding: members of the latter organization, ioi«i a Herald reporter yesterday of the importation of the Boston "highbinders" fnr the purpose of killing "Mayor" Tom, the purpose being: to have an unseen but well-directed pistol shot mingle with the New Year firecrackers. In spite of these dark considerations, however. nothing but amity was perceptible yesterday. Arrayed in purple and tine linen, ill. 1 natives of th« colony devoted them- :-.'lvf.^ to pxohnnpinjr visits iind fpliciia- '. i'Mip. .Almost evory mio carried a packet of : ' ii «!ips. looking like laundry tickets. 'iMies,-- were visiting- ranis, tho Chinese f.iMiinn for th" day bnlns for each cailcr ;r K-nvo a card, and at the same time i;ik' om from his host. (Jroups gathered about the curbs, ex- i hanging t h e pnlutation "Kunp Hal Fat Ti't," which means "Happy New Year," .mil encli shaking- his own hand instead of i l n t if the person saluted, which is an. i h r r chinesfi mode of preeting. Now i hen om nr «wo of the thirty Chinese women of the quarter would appear, gjirhed in corgtMius colors nnd quaintly toddling i niin houso to house. ;is fast as their tight 1 -oi;i id slices would permit. There ^-ere inii'iy toyltko c-bildren, too. swathed in r;-;h ..;.il emidy wrappincs nnd with strings ,-.f :.'-;i.1t; wound about their violet and be- ; :.:^^lfd turbans. I n the JOPP houses rnkes and candies, -::,}?. Chinese, f r u i t s and HOH-I-TF, bottles ;"rl wiiif n n d ripnrs were spvi;ul around . l i f t smokinp inoe!i5e lm\vls, and tho tora- .-ciis .'ind fiddles nt' on.-- ptrinp. tho gonfrs .· p i'l t h t * C'hnie^p pipes ni'tde fjound, espt 1 . :..!! wh.-n 0:10 or two of tho "honorable i " i ; ; i i i e r s of tin- crppornt moon." · v.'i- the i.nrticul-'ir ii;le may havo been :M.-:. j.- obolpnnor- (· The p.iinteil tapestry ;· riv;viit!M£ piime Tliinese natron s;;iin. I ii i lu; thr-.-itei' in Doyers ytnvt a his; M !·:.-: 1 piny cnlled "Haw Shou," which. In : i l - f ul triin^Irt t'on, niPiins "New Tear's i '· i emaninl," was presented, beginning nt · Vi-Kick in tho ; i f t f r n « i n n ami lasting -mly rhinosc "matinee" of -M -'^.l \ ! i n p l i t t l i ';--[i- a i n l ni" v . u i n t s M a y nf ;ln- * 1 thins: n h o u K m p o m r . . r - v-(M-e (livwurks n iid inore - nu rryni.ikinj:. a n d n t Tom Lt-t- was still biv.ith- i; at M

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 08 Feb 1905, Wed,
  3. Page 9

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