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John Simmons - I VAttfA i 'file hArferMflHrf .Execifor of fro...
I VAttfA i 'file hArferMflHrf .Execifor of fro l«t will t>M tesnimctit of /aim ft rimpni. deceased, will O^lf »f yulltJC »9le, on Tit URSDA V, Jil ( jo. i 9 10, at Hi* \Vi liarn iVnn Hull (Win [tollman. Piop.i, at the southeast c,, of Seventh ami lilfiiberland street*, ift the < ny of Lebanon. Lebanon fannty, ft.. Hit following described K*al llstate of said testator, vi/: NO, i. ,Holng all leilain minuage. tenement, house and lot oi (ittcc of ground silunlc in 1h« City of L'bi"»n aforesaid, on ine noitnwi.'Ht tdriii-r of Snund and Chestnut «lr--.«, bounded and dtotibtd a< folir»», to liri.i.-tiilrio rtt lite nor.'i.Tct <orn(r or Chestnut Chestnut and Second itlwli, in I intruding no-tii- wnrnly along said Sccwl sircrt ninety-nine feet lo lot lute ot I. II. .\Urktl. ulo-ig «nnli u cxicnds wotwardly nmtiioi fr<t lo lot nou ur lato of Hlchartf HoKtu., .'.K.-i K whicit it ts- leiid* southwardly nlnnv-.iinc feet to iiald ( hcjttmt Jtiecl, alontt nlmh it extends east- Wardly tilnc'een feet to ihi pljce of bcKinniiiK. iftrtA '" ie ImnrovcniEnts conpist ol n two- •tory "I." shaped, brick, slate-roofed dwelling house 14 ft. j in. x 9 It., nnd ;--,-,— ,->*«• XA* (t. 4 In., and Iwo-slory brick, Hn-roafed kitchen alinrln:d, 17 f:, 6 In. x M ft., with porclt and bnlcony and one-story frame till roofed scullery attached u ft. x 0 fl., wilh balcony pn top. "J'uith nl front corner of houfe, hot ftir h«al' syMi-m, bnlli room and «lher iln|irovtnielili, NO. a. Uelng all that certain messuage, tenement, home and lot of ground known as No, a6o South Second street, in Hit i,uv ui I.elinnon aforesaid, Ixnintlcd nml tlencribcd as follows, lo wit! flKrm.'NiNU at a point on the eluil hi(!<! of South Si-ciind si reel, nt rorncr of lul of Wm. J. Iluckctt, thence extending along Ilia efisi side of Hinilli Second street in a somberly direction twenty feet lo corner of lot laic of Hiram .nuiilimuyet, Ihence extending along nil^ loat jnemiuned lot, caatwnrdly loo unrtherl Plum n __ f ,^^ wv lr . r ,,.,„,, J. Hackelf, thence extetidinir along nald"fiack" ell's lot westwardly tou feet lo the place of beginning- The Improvements consist of a two.. two.. story ' frame slate-roofed dwelling JIOUDC , 14 x 36 feet, with two-story •'frame ' tin-roofed kitchen attached 14 ft. xp fU 4 Inclicf. 1'rult trees and grape vines ot; premises,. NO." 3. All' that certain lot or' piece of ground situate on the east side of South Second Second Blrcet, In the City of Lebanon aforesaid, being lot No, ad'-on I'lan of South Park In &rto'Wde<{ »t U6U /TornitW, LeWndn Coaht*. ft., frtftfiarf aj feet on Lehman street and estendiflg 18? " ttWnflfnft ._. —• v"»— ~"« —"*' ""* .*""*'£" *" ssotitn fiiicy, oilndnl on the wuth \y Lehfrtflti ••tr'oet, on tft* wett by a 15 foot wide alley, on the north Geo. W. Dlt/ler; it being tbe undivided one _. . . ' " ir« • I U t ^ i 1*1 0.1 Man of Lots of Emt Lehman Sttcet ltd- .•i....u Sale to corrm-nce at i (,\-!oet I'. .\l , ivt,i : n conditions will be mide'ltnotvi h\ I'. S. KEISEK, l;rrciltar i'/ lohn .Vi.;i»ii.;i.i. c,-i.-uj.-i/. ATTDITOB'1 NOTICE. Estate of John floynr, lnti» of North I.el)- • t anon Township, Lebanon Pennsylvnnln, deceased. Tn tho Orjihnnn' Court of Lebanon County. County. No. 1 November Term I1IU9. Notice IB hereby Riven that'tho under" under" Auditor appointed by the Orphan* of * ' County, i County, to timko rtls.iot appointment on Krlday. January 7, 1810, nt ten o'clock In the forenoon ol the an Id day. In Hoom No. 4. of u\e Court Hoime In the City of I,ubu'non I'», when nnd wliero all parties IntcrcBtPci may attend If they think proper. WAL,TI<m C. GHAI5Ffi\ Auditor. 12-22. .. Plum Alley, Ilientc 'extending 'in a rly direction ./along the west side of nllcy twenty feel to s.iid lot of William ESTATE OP SUSANNAH WABTJVUn. The undersigned Auditor, appointed by tho Orphans' Court of Lebanon County, County, to make distribution of the balance In hands of Adam S. Mark, oxccutor of tho last will of. Susannah Wartluft. lute or North Lebanon township. Lebanon County. Pa., deceased, as per his first ana final accounts of Bald estp.te. to and among all parti OH legally entitled thereto, will meet for tho purpose of his appointment on WeOnoflflay. December December 30. 19O9. In room No. 4, of the Court IlouHo, Lebanon, Pa., at 10 o'clock, a. ni., when and where all pornonB Interested arc required to make and prove their claims or be debarred from coming In upon eald fund. CHARLES H. KILLINGIDK. 12-11 Auditor. , said city, ' bounded and described ; a» follows, .1" wit!. .BEOlwuttNo at a poa.t on tho cast »!dc of'SeibiuTttrcct mfi feet north' of Schacf- ferstowhf.Koad, 1 :; thence cawtwardly along. land uow or late of., Win. W. Mish joo feet to ' ., . . alley; thence 'along the went side of Plum alley northwardly! ao feet to !ar of Hugh K. liUElies, .thence along the lot of ; - Hugh K. JltighciCHvcsiwOrdly 100 feet U> Second street, thence along Second street southwardly twenty fact to ^liicc of beginning. ctirbntonc 1 at tin's .lot. New cement of NO. 4. All those certain lots or piece of lurid situate on the went nide of South Second street, ill *ald City of Lebanon, nnd being lots numbered 37 nnd 38 on Plnn of South Park, hounded and dcecrlbed as follow«, to wit: HE- uiHiiitio at a post on the west side of Second street 160 feet south of Locust street, nt corner corner of land of- Jnrnea ll.iblian, thence along •aid Innd of Junes Ilasli.ui wcstwardly 04 feet to n tj foot wldfl nllcy, thence nlourj the east •me of aald alley noutlmardly 40 feet to land now or late of Jacob 1'. Oliver, Ihence along said land of Jacob I' Oliver eastwardly 04 feet to Second strict, I'icmc alonu said Second Mrt-et nurtlmnidly" .10 ftct to place of bcgln- iilnp. f ' . . M°> s. rieinij all that certain messuage. U-tiomenl hoiwp and hit or piece of ground Known as No. 331 South Second street, in the I if, of Lebanon afurcnaid. Rounded on the e»<t by Second street, on tli, 1 sauth hy other properly Joh'n'SlmmohtF ff- Into, tm the wertt by n twelve fobt wide'" alley,' (i"d on thu north b> Innil .sold to Jacob P. Oliver;. li>vlntf-',a' f-antage,,/jjf;,' eighteen feet mile Inclii-n (rtibi* or'less)'Ion said: Second lire,ii,. s:id c-vtPiidfiiK In depth of'equal'width <j,\ feet lu mild alley. Tho improvements consist of a two,(1101 two,(1101 y brick slate-roofed duelling house 16 ft 9 In. x 26 ft., wilh two- hUiiy trick tin-roofed kitchen at- toched 2,1 ft, x i» ft. Large front porch, ce- mrm puvinv nnd bath mom. NO, 6, 'JWnii all lli»t certain messuage, tenement tenement home and lot or piece of ground.known at No. 331 South jMSuml sttect, in the City -)f Lebanon aforesalil! Bounded oir the cast by '!•' J? h i!t sim . m °"«*TSrtl>te (above described as '"let No, 5), on the, wcbt by a twelve foot wide alley, on the south by land sold to' Mary t. White: having n 'frontape of nineteen feet thiee Inches (moio or le^s) on f aid Second street, and extending of equal width in depth 94 feet to eald alleys N The improvements consist of a two- ftory brick 1 slate-roofed dwelling , house 17 ft. x so ft., with a two-story • brick im-rpoffd lutvhcn attached 24 ft. ,X 13 ft. Large front porch, cement paving, Strom Iteai, flaul ant] fcal/t roam. NO. 7. Being all that .certain messuage, tenement house .mil lot of ground known us ,NQ. >J5H South Fif|h street, In said. .City-of Lebanon, bounded nud described as follows ta wit* PCrSKIO BAIH .•'-.-••. or VAItTTABUE fBBBONAIV PBOPEBT'i' i Will bo sold;at public Halo on TTTEBDAT. DBCEMBEB, 28. 1909, At tho late resldenco.of Dr. Huber. at tho "irnor of Cumnuiatid Straot and Doe. Alley in tho City of I^ebanon. Pa., tho following personal property, viz: A full dental outfit. Inoluduig a modern modern and up to dato electric switchboard •with all appllanccH. dental ohaim. tools, laboratory outfit, motor and supplies. SRod uteads, bureaus, chairs, wardrobes, chests, ejirpot. gas i'i'H range. t?as heater. Ras water heater and other household and Jcltehon oftects. Also plumber's tools, fttep ladders, doors, shutters, window sash, screens, office furniture, typewriter, largo Iron safe, porcelain tub, lawn mower, refrigerator refrigerator and many other articles Sale to commence at 1 o'clock, ,p. m., when conditions will be made known by L. SAMLBR. Administrator of the estate of Dr. ,Wm, S, Buber, doceaeed. , * j ' 1 U Wit Fronting on the «.„_ ,.. street, on which jfejctcnds twanty-live fcoli fronting on the enst side of South Fifth and exlcndini; of that width castwaui one hundred hundred anil five fe«t (more or less) to other piopctiies of estate of John Simmons, deceased' twittuled on the north hy lot or late of John Kisser, nnd on the «outli by lot now or late of Charles McKcnzie, The ininroveuienU consist ot n two- story frame slate-roofed dwelling house 18 ft, 4 in. x ?4 ft., wilh two- story frame; tln-rpofcd kitchen «t taclied - - . steam heat plant in the house. vines, and. fruit''.' id f(. x 13 ft. 8 Inches, /fhtn is _ " t.hovte. Chiekun house, _____ trees on .tho prenuVn. ____ 8. Being all that cer.tain measuage, tenement, house ami -lot or piece of ground known as No. 353 South. Cherry olley, In 'said City of Lebanon; fronting on the west side of " feet g It Cher.ry : alloy, on which It ejcterids (Wor f . (Wore or lees) and. extending westwardly 92 eet 8 Inches (more or less) to property above described as No, 7 of estble of John Simmons, bounded oil the- .north by »Jpt , : iipw ot !«le of '""•" Kisser, nnd qin',the abuiji'by property of tate ) hereinafter descrlbud John R John S Np, o- Simmons' est . ,, . The in\|)rovetpent». consist of s two story brick slate roofed dwelling house 16 ft, x .iaK 'ft'., with two-story Brick- kitchen 14x10' feet and anr-story frame scullery attached 6x10 feet,' -.An alley or p'assagc-way . to be used In. common with Hie owners and uccujiicrs of lliis property .and the owners and. pceupici's of property property Nq, ^57, adioltilny, Ccin«»V walks through alley-way and in • front and rear of house. Krpnt nurch at botiM, • :>'u ; .' Ufing all- thnt v ?cr(aiu mesmiago, NO. tenement, house nttd lot df l gfbund known as Xo. jj? SoitUi Chenry alley, 1 in said Cily of Lebanon. Fronting on the west side of Cherry iillcv, nn which it extends ii^ feel (more or lee*) and cxtcnvllnif wcBtwardly- pa ft. 8 in. (more or less) to property abovp described as No. 7 of estate oi John Simmons, deceased: huundcd on the north .by property of Estate ot johii SniHiuiiit, deceased (deecribcd as No. 8), and on the south by Ipt now or late of Charles MeKciuie. r The improvement! consist of a two- story brick Slate-roofed dwelling house 26xuMi feet, with two-B(ory brick- kitchen 14*10 Icet attached, and one-sloiy frame scullery attached 6 x 10 ft. An alley or p.iiiSAge.vvay to be used in com- tnoii with the owners and ^occupiers of this property iiiul owners and occupiers of prop- uijy .Nil, j s5 , adjoining. Cement walks through alley-way ami in front and rear of house, Porch at front of house. NO. ID. All that certain messuage, tenement tenement haute and lot of niece ur ground known as No. i) North Sixth Btreet, In nald City of Lebanon, between Cutubtrlaiu! and Willow Willow streets, bounded aud described as follows, to wit: o« ihe ,not'Hi.'by uropeily of Harry ShIIHer, on the south by uroperly of P. S, Kouer, an (he west by properly of Albert Ward and on the eust by Sixth Street, fronting i(,Y> feet on Slxlh street and eMemlins 90 feet (more or less.) In depth,. Tbe Improvement* consist of a two- siory frome slate-roofed dwelling house i6>5X3§ feet, with a two-story —•T-T-. 'fame back building 10 feet 8 inches x 16 feel, with balcony •tt»Md and one-slory frame kitchen allachea j ft. 8 Inches x 9 ft. NO. n. The undivided ono-half o/ all that ot, known as No. 78 on Plan of Uus of i'.uat Lehman Street Iinprovciuent Co., situate oir the Northwest corner of Tenth Avenue and hast Lehman street, in North Lebanon townsMlp. Lebanon County, J'ermsylvauia, fronting fronting $o. feet on Lehman street, und extending 11° fee i (m ? r V' or !««») in dspth lo Soutfi alley,* Wounded on the east by Tenth avenue, ?» .the aouth by Lflitnan street on the west by lot No. 79 a,, I'fan of £o»t tehman Str««t Improvement Co., and on the north by Seutli ,We offer the greatest ever shown in town at a • i?« w is th i e -? 16 to buy is a holiday sale of great The greatest values 2? a S an^Double breasted $1.60 to $7.50. Special Men's and Young °° r makes> Pnce ' s $ i and !j>iu,Uu, The new Overcoat is ever made, as it has a Come and see them. Prices Christmas Shoes for Shoes in Lebanon for the and width and you will be be pleased. Special value Men s and Women's makes, Prices to suit all. lowest prices, You will say uiVdfN-lded one-hslf pf lot No. {fojtb Lebanon 'TS\vn«l4ip, LebSopn"'' 5SC±Ste5 ft J& V«Ww /« 1 4WK«« I;tea^»A5ahr! ^ r j—

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