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John Simmons - MORAUy ROHEN, u-. — J i — , v """"« «nu...
MORAUy ROHEN, u-. — J i — , v """"« «nu v^nestnut bounded and deicribed as follftws, to aral of Chest- north- loof i~ at the northwest comer ntl streets, and extend! along said Second itreet* n ot late of 1. H. Merltcl, along wh'icH it ^'l»TVS'^'y "'"'teen feet"to lot now or late of Richard Rogers, alcn* Which it ex- •cS£*£°3S3!*ty "iUninV^Mi t US aUJ S»SiS i f" 1 ' falon8 w " ich u Blends eastwardly eastwardly n'^«««n feet to the .place Of beginning. Ine improvements consist ot a two- HtoUi i 8ha P ed ' brick, slaterroofed dwelling house 14 ft. a in. x 9 ft.,- and i- 9 c i 1$ ft. 4 in., and two-story «L",T° ofcd . kltcl 'en attached, t? ft. 6 In. x r™*, i. lth pore'' and balcony and one-story frame tin roofed scullery attached 12 ft, it £ ft^ Of |L« S y . °" '£''' 1>0rC "' *' fr ° nl «>""* of house, hot air heat system, bath room and improvements. Being all that certain —.... c «nd lot of ground known str*eij m the City ut d described as ~-- ^~~£~ .« ». a point oh tho ---south,Second street, at corner of i. J. Hackett, thence extending along side of South Second street In a direction twenty 'feet to corner of Hiram Buchmoyer, thence extending i last mentioned lot eastwardly 100 'lum alley, thence extending in a direction along the west side of twenty feet to aaid lot of Wllliata ,«.•. r. - the nce extending along said Hack- bcgfnntog ' W I0 ° fcct to " le place of The improvements consist of - a two- story frame slate-roofed dwelling , house 14x26 feet, with two-story ft J r. ram ? tin-roofed kitchen attached 14 it.X9 ft. .4-inches. Fruit trees, and grape vines on premises. •. • . f • \ '»~2'j.' 3 < ' Al1 that, certain lot or piece of - Bfouila,situate on the east side of South Second Second street, in the City'of Lebanon aforesaid, betng lot No; 20 on jPlaii .of South Park in said city, bounded and ; described as follows, ,,'?. w .'j: BKGINNINO at a post on the cast -.Side of Second street lofi'feet north of. Schaef- j-ferstown Road,- thence eaetwardly along laiid now or late of Wm. \V, Mish 100 feet to Hum alley, thence along the West side of Plum alley northwardly,20 feet So-!; " " Hughes,, thence along the lot Rich Materially, but Otherwise Vile, Says Or. Hirscli Chicago, Dec. 27,-IUch in materlnl achievement, marked by scientific nnd mechanical fflUmpha tmequaled, tho year 18oo won dBclared by Dr. Kmil (J. JBtirsch nt Sinai temple to be signalized signalized not because of its progress lu the material field, • but by "the enthronement enthronement of the scarlet woman, sceptered and crowned, to rule over as.. • ,,;•.;..;. "Morality,", sold Dr. Hlrsch, "has been lowered in 1800 as never before." Hte sermon was an indictment of twentieth century social and economic conditions as having bred and fostered tho white Blare traffic, which he characterized characterized as; "a deed , of shame more furrcachl^g than any of previous years." Dr. Hirsch began with a brief review review of the material progress made in 1009, the victory over the air and tho other strides : taken in -the twelve months, saying: .. "The year .will take its place In history history us one in which man went forward forward with giant steps In his conquest of things material, v "At best, -however, these growing triumphs, if not supplemented by something else/, must sink as into slavery." AGE BET BOB." numbered 37 and 38 on Plan of South bounded and described ns follows, to wit: 1)8- OINNING at a post on the west side of Second street 160 feet south of, Locust otreet, at cor- ne !j ? f , lan ? -,° f J amea Bastian, thence along said land of James Bastian' westwardly 04 feet t°. a 12 foot wide alley, thence along the cast side of said alley southwardly 40 feet to 'land n °w or late of Jacob P. Oliver, thence along said land of Jacob P. Oliver cantwardly 94 * feet to Second street, thence alohg said Second street northwardly 40 feet to place of begin' nine. ,, ,-.•.. •. ,--... .. ,< . ... •. ,. NO. 5. Being all that certnin mesauoge, tenement house and lot or piece of grouttd , known as No. 331 South Second street, in the - -X °' Lebanon aforesaid. . > • Bounded on the east by Second street, on the south by other property John Simmons' estate, estate, on the west by a twelve foot wide'alleyf and on the north by land sold to Jacob P, Oliver; hiving "a -frontage ...of, eighteen, feet nine .filches (more .tit" less),;-on said Se'coftd street, and extending in depth of equal width 94 feet to said alley. , - - , i -" The improvements consist of a.two- story . brick., slate-roofed dwelling house 16 ft. 9 in. x «6 ft., with two- story. :brick ,. tin-roofed kitchen attached attached 24 ft. x 12 ft. Large front porch, ce- • rnent paving and bath room. NO. 6. J'»lh«i all that certain inessuage.Yene- • ment house and lot or/piece, of-ground known ft No:; 333 South Second street,- in .the City of J.ebanop aforesaid: Bounded on the east by •*• hecorfd street, on the. north by other property * of John Simmons' Estate (above described as 1 Iract No. 5); on ,the west v by a twelve foot Hit Defeat by Bill LartB Lamented by . : NevviYork Sporjte. New York, Dec.' 27.— Sporting men in this city, with .whom, Bob Fltrslm- monsliatf- always been; a -favorite, arp lamenting hta downfall. 'They are attributing attributing his defeat in twelve round s by Bill Lang to ,the inevitable effects of age and express astonishment nt his ability- to 'last so long. The fight took place' in Sydney, New South Wales. ,NO. 13. The undivided one-holf of a lot of ground on East t Lehman street In North Lebu non. Township, Lebanon County. Pa.,' fronting ?S ?eet on Lehman' street and extending 180 feet (more or_ less), In depth to South alley. lloun.tlod on the south by Lehman street, on the westjjy a 15^001 wide alley, on the north & ^' rv!'7' a . ndt ° n fie cast by lot of C.eo..W., i pitzler; l t being the undlvidetl onc- .|$oK..,of the western half of lot No. 81 on ^'^Sifi to co ™ ra =nce .at :a;o'ciock P. M., when conditions will be made known by . , ,. r . -., .•••. -P. .S. KEISER, I •!• ;/ Etecutor of John Simmons, Deceased. wide . , ^ , e, alley, on'the south by Jar J sold to Mary Wjilte; .having a 'frontage of nineteen feel thre&Td'nches street, 94 - (more or less) on said Second set, and extending of equal width in- depth feet to said alley." 1 ' . -'•'••«• The improvements consist of a two- ptory brick slate-roofed dwelling house 17 ft, x 26 ft., with a two-story brick tin.roofcd kitchen attached 24' ft. x 12 ft. Largft front porch, cement paving, - 'steam heat »/«»» and bath room. . ' r :, v 'NO. 7. Being all that certain messuage 5 , tenement house,and.,lot of groHnd know(n'flj No. 258 South Fifth street, in said City of ; Lebanon, "bounded and described as follows; to wit: .-.-•••.'••' " • Fronting on the e^st side of South 'Fifth street, on which it extends ; twenty-five - feet and extending of that width eastward one hundred hundred and five feet (more or less) to -other prsperlies of estate of John Simmons, deceased! bounded on-the north by lot now or late'of John Rlsser, and on-the south by lot now or late of Charles McKcnzie. The improvements consist of a two. * " .story , frame- slate-'roofed dwelling house 18 ft. 4 jn. x 34 ft., with two' two' story frame tin-roofed kitchen attached attached 16 ft. x 13 ft. 8 inches, There is a steam heat plant in the house. Chicken house, grape vines and fruit trees en the premises.; • - NO, 8. • Being all that certain messuage, tenement, house and lot or piece of ground Jknown as No. 255 South Cherry alley, in said City of Lebanon; fronting on'the west side of ..Cherry alley, on which it extends 12^ feet (more or less) and extending westwardly 91 fe4t 8'inches (more or lesij to 'property, above 1 described as No, j of estate of''John Sinjmohsj bounded on the noith by lot .now or late of ' J6iH-.Si»ser, and on the south by property of Jqhft Simmons' estate .hereinafter described »s No,, 9,' The improvements consist of a two- story brick slate roofed dwelling house 26 fti -Xjijl^ift,, with two-story brick kitchen 14x10 .. fqet'and. one-storyfiame scullery attached oxi'o feet. An alley or'.: passage-way to be "used in common witli the owper» and pccuniers 6f thii) ' pfsperty and the owners and occupiers of prop•'• olty No, 257, adjoining.--Cement walks through i alley-way and in .front oi'.rl rear of house. ESTATE OP BUSABTNAH WA^TITJPT. v T11 »e.'.underBlgTi'ed:- ; Auditor, appointed by the Orphans' qourt of Lebanon County, County, to make distribution of tho balance in bands of-Adam- S.-»Mark, executor of tho lost will of Susannah AVartluft. late of North Lebanon tov/nshlp.' Lebanon County. Pa., deceased; as " ; per his first and final accounts of said ostJUe. to and among _all parties /legally entitled thereto.- will' meet ;To'r the purpose of his appointment on Wednesday. December December 89, 1909. In room No. 4, of the Court, Lebanon, Pa., at 10 .o'clock, a. m., when and where all persons Interested are, rpqulrou to make and prove their claims or be debarred from coming In upon-'said fund. ,•;•• CHARLES H. KILLINOBR. 12-11= ; , • - , Auditor. ,.,/';. OKABTBB NOTIOB. "''Notice •I^"'KereBy .given tn*at an application application will bs 'made to the Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, on Friday. Jan. 14, 1910, by James.O. . . i'ront porch at hous«., . .., i » i;NO.' o,< vicing all that certain-- njessiiage, tineroent, house and lot of'ground known at No.' as? South Cherry alleys in said City of Lebanon. Fronting on the wes.t side of Cherry alley, on which it extends izVS feet (more or ItiSS) 'And extending \vestvvar41y 92 ft. 8-In. operty above described ai John Simmons, deceased; f WoerocnS house and lot of'ground kno No.'257 South Cherry alleys in said C , Lebanon. Fronting on the west side of Cherry .,.,.,. :. extends ,^ feet ( m ,f ( . ng \vestwardlv 02 ft. (more or less) to propirt; No, 7 of estate of John , . hounded, on the north by property at Estate of John Simmons, deceased (described as No. 8), and on the south by lot now or late of. -Charles McKenzle. . ',..'• , . The improvements consist of a two' two' story brick slate-roofed dwelling house 26xu'/i feet. Witli two-story brick kitchen 14x10 feet attached, and one-story frajiie scullery attached 6 x 10 ft. An aljoy or passage-way to be Used in common common with the owners and. occupiers of this property and owners and 'occupiers of pro' erty No. 255, adjoining. Ceihent walks thrpuj alley-way and in frpnt and rear of boiii Porch at front of house. . • NO. 10. All that certain messuage, (ene- nioAt House and lot of piece or ground known as No. 23 North Sixth- street, in said City o{, Lebanon, between Cumberland and . Wil• Wil• loW streets, bounded and described as follows, •to wit: On the north by property of Harry Shifller, on the south by property of P S. Kciset, on the west by property, of Albe.rt.Ward 2nd w the east by' Sixth W*t. fronting 16$ on Sixth street and extending 90 feet or ''°H) in depth. ,The improvem,ent| contiiit of ,» two, story frame slate-roofed dwelling house !6^«6 f«t, wW• » two-sWry . . C. J. Barr and John Behney, under the 'Act of Assembly,j>of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania entitled "An aot tc provide for the Incorporation and re latlon of certain corporations," . approved April' 29th, 1874,' arid tile suppIoraentR thereto.: (or the charter" of an intended corporation to be called "Lebanon Valley Iron and Steel Company," the character and object of which Is the manufacturing manufacturing of Iron '-and' Steel, or both,' or any other metal, or of any article of commerce, commerce, from metal or wood, or both, with the powers and privileges conferred by section 38 of the eald Act of Assembly Assembly and the several supplements thereto and for. these purposes to have, possess and enjoy all the rights, benefits and privileges of the, said A'ct of Assembly, and Its supplements. 12-20 %, p. LIGHT, Solicitor. D. B. po.'B Ptnsjuco OF ON»,OARt,QAp OF frame bVck 7 " building 10 f4;t 8 ia< A w •••vt, with balcony attached »nd one-story frame kitchen. attache4. j ft. _8 itjchef x. 9 ..ft. 1CI1 J»lK*VMtM' S •»• " »*.»T--™ TT f .-"NO. .-"NO. "ii." Tbe undivided one-half o/ all thai lot, known as No. 78 on Plan of Lo.U at East Lehman Slreet Jroprovemcnt Co., situate pT rte Northweit corner of Tenth ^Avenue and Eaet Lebm*n *trest. »'• «°, rt h town»hlp. Lebanon Xouniy, Pcnnsylvan , ing so feet on Lehman street, and 180 feet (more or less) Jn depth to - »U«y. ' Bounded 'on the east; by Tenth i *'!*?••... .....i. i:.. y r.i.™»« »tr«et. on the w*«* HORSBS 'AWB OO&T8 I Will be sold nt "public; sale on rBZDAY, DDCBMBBB 31, 1909, At AnnvUle, Pa. at the Washington House, the 'following: One Car Load of Colts and Hpraes, from Morgan and Berkley counties, Vir- of of qial not will ginia. old. Rising In age from 2 to 5 years The most of them bred from Percheron ami Shire stock. The right) i kind with hone, size arid shape. I think) every one Is a good one. Two mated Team* | ono a sorrel team and one pair Of blacks. A few «ood broke horses. Sale at 1:30 sharp. , P. B, KIBFEJl & CO. Killlan, Auct, Ulrloh, Clk. 12-3* December 31, 19M, at Annville, Donovan, under PUBLIC SAWJ . u Vhe sotlj by I^hman »tr«et. on tb«.w«J W? lot No. 79 jw Plan of- East Uehman |tr«« jRnpreveinentVo-. »"^ OB the north by Se»t* »1I»y ,NP. i*. The undivided one-half of lo| 89 pn. Plan of Lo!t of E»." > eno> * n ^9J «> At the Dexter Wvery Stables on Seventh Btrpe^vdpposlte'the William Penn Hotel In tebanon, Pennft., will be sold on "Friday. December 31st, 1909, a large assortment of sleighs of .cutters, single and horse partr Sale to jpop)p.euc« at ten o'clock, a. m., when conditional Known by - - -' ' wprrt'fjw.u f, %ter^ tor gangrene double NEW Noel ot is date tature (a Mora 700 peat

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  2. 28 Dec 1909, Tue,
  3. Page 5

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