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 - turns paid, the thoughts' "- ·· weeds thou,...
turns paid, the thoughts' "- ·· weeds thou, bare! a hundred town, of the not the The^patrons the guests who For them with the them pay wines. -and- live d'hote than at ex wild MOTT STREET. ., l . A Jersey Celestial Visits the Metropolis. His Sunday Clothes--Carry lug Hi» Cash. iettiiie Into Trouble--In Tom--Lee'» "Collar--Fan Ton. "~ ~ r ~ ^. r~'· " : _Ching Look is a dude, and, it is superfluous to add, a'.fi¥ washerwoman. H engineet's-a laundry inf Jersey Cjtjjf^iiSi though cheap white labor is now undermining liis tra'de by doing up collars at a cent aud a ha^,jt the high- priced -Chinese still.' stick to two ceiits, he is.comfortahly.otf. The Chinamen in tbjs_country have taken the places of men aboSt'd"tt5T whale ships of old. They work day and night in "watches," one man'turning.into a when another, rolls out. By conscientiously rolluig-»»-aiul out day and night, charging two cents for collars and hying on five cenb' worth of beef and twenty_IcfintsLjED'rth__pl.jvegetttbJes jix^ days in-the week^-ihey ai - e nearly all well to do. They would be richer,, if there was no Suriclay, but on Sundays they all gamble and ink and tiiSSrpattfTIT.evtiry 'way kiicrwn^to us and in several ways thai we don't care know, and thai reduces, the profits and prevents-their being really rich enough to buy our aldermpn and senators and become.of por lltical importance. . = --r It was_ Sundayf; Ching Look pub a clean, shirt into a coat--both cgat-ffla^Smrtcheiiig: exactly the same in size and shape, but the' shirt being of cotton v while tte~ "coat was of J3i~riiost Orientally^-da^sgue- lasemler- colpred. silk. He had,- previously- put on a, pair of drawers that ended in such a flare linen that he swaddled his feetin_it_as. we do ~to our socks. - Then 'he had donnedliisrwhite tiirrifid atpi.-shoes.'Jand- his S4 misfit -trousers. It is strange wEaThats and trousefs^ ibl- one' a rest, s o n s .ere tacy get and tBelnj and why",, arelahiong the Celestial mysteries. Once in all his cloyies/Tie performed a simple act that showed that the Chinese can quickly" alter "a national custom, even when it is twenty centuries old. He did this by curling up his pigtail on the baok of his head. .The Sail Fmuu'ibOu uaimW hud ' ]iu|led thtibu;hu]iiuu or inure than d'hote ' crowd or tave and at which considered public. - u p s or nure t a /three months," when every Chinaman on '.'the continent began to'do up iis- hair, and th~us~ revolutionized an ancient^ custom, as' q.uickly_ as the most conservative Jerseyinan takes £o rye when he finds he can't get apple. HIS CASH. s o e only good sit a meal is This js_the of few of Ching Look took "SSOO with him as he started but for New .York-- 700 sewed in his undershirt^a-ri'd $1CO in his breeches pocket. Ifwas" all o be had in 'the world,»dniJ repre^ seiited'five'years' -work- and' the swapping tff twolaunaries. as well' as tha- wrpf jrtf c i- 'of -?fiQ Sundays in Mett sti-eefe^Every . Chinaman .carries his mpriey in-this-w'aj^pr ·else^puts it into his trunk. · As young CapL'McCullagh remarked the-other, day: : 'TSe_c' rooks. thinly "tbeyTire vely clever; but-the Chiiiese-trunFia aisnap 'they haven't got on to yfet. " · ' - - · . _Cm)ig LQok,pattered_on_bqai-d 'the ferry-i boat, and softly sped tbrougk: the New* York' -rfimil t! i 1 1 i»i av.'l HTl'f 1:_ZiL^_* _ *_!L^ . H7~-.-.' j * " By Indian AU Coles, ' ' price'; o'clock " ' ~ drinka Irotham. Tp celebratelSe'holiday'lip bouglit a fifteen cient:cjgac-in-a showy tobacco store on Cortlandt street. Half a block further on a tall and-languitl mju in a red shirt reached out asjis passefTtffiiig Look, topic the-cigar- froiu, the Chin.aman''!! .mouth,,thanked him,' The \vithout stopping. . Ching^took didntot pause 1 ' ' . In I'iKt;' lie walked the morf rapidly ^^ beautiful the ill- 17 14, -the birif to · early he if heels trot-that if'j'xiu haJsfaifli him when the mai took his cigar you might have 'supposed tha ·he bough£tbjpyee4. on pui-pose : to have tha happen. . · " '· · · · Twenty, minutes later he was in Chinatown reading the\ Chinese morning paper. This Orieiital sheet is a most curious periodical li cojisistiof a-KtOrpiece'6f the side of .a house in Mott? street, oh the-bricfe-of.which* are .posted all the reports of news and all the" advertisements of tha Clp'nese c.mses. . i I m -uoulilo Fern iace so taerougjily utfder con iiuLiy cn*e» ' .. rafr -tNAT --my, on rec paper, badly lettered with India ink. Every Chinaman .who ias anything to "sscy or to seL contributes to th'is.qtieei; paper and publishes his contribution with a.paste potr Ching Look read a o| all the laundries then'to let, of all the Tlhiiwimen who -wantea iaundries,-and of calls Jto 'meefjiigs; annouucelriehts 1 of : .""gambling games, and in shert, all-the news of the day. His .enjoyment of the mental repast was · iai terrupted by ar?ligbt_'adKenturerrrA-ragged lad, of formidable face and breadth of shoul- dere. /wagg^jred up to min r shoeblalikirig'box" 1 in hand, and.pointed to Chiug'sshoes; Ching had from and the Prince that -f* f euch. .,,,_, the "pasted .him," as he would'term it, with a .Bfttid of tobacco. -It was deftly done, without e'xcitingTthe Chinaman's suspicion in the least, and so thWou'gbly that Ching Look imagined one eye burned out while half his face was discolored. The Chinamanmeeldy- "wiped his face, ,an^l.the bootblack swafgerecT off with a-grin. ...L. "%. ''·- '-'."· "I've got no use f or ye," said the" lad over his" shoulder. ' · · ...:. IN TOM LEE'S CE1XAK, ""Ching dropped, down into Tom Lei's'cellar, and, with a'face a«;inimobile as a. mask, told what had.befallen him to a dozen China-merr HEIGHT waukee* thus trick hall "Le de mvsterir uiidr-behind Che counters, all with faces possessive of the emotional aspect of pumpkins. Eight ,of them grunted, and the ninth leafc^rfraroll T)f padded'silk_arid" fwuraf'*§· out of it into a cup and-handed it to Chingr The padded silk had buried in it (to keep it hot) a teapot" Ching 'gat down "ana drank,' · and developedjyiwjrikle.' pf -happtftAsa j n hia. The appointments, rates TWO -teather-tace. 'I'Berewere no Caucasians there to hurt him, and, on the other hand-, China- men kept"dropning in to buy dried chickens, dried Bsh, dtfea geese, dried eels; dnect potatoes, dried ri|e, dried fruit, dried bay leaves, dried tea leaves and wet opium--all inabl'e . 1 he and a any op ndition Ching and .cost. inose.wno Knew Cning very well called. .him,a'dandy and joked bin! about his clothes, for he was more expensively dressed than any of them,'and-he was yoakger and better looking. They asked him if be hnd.coniB to sBflf.hpgiHg ^nj'he replied: a i body. to ganible."- A'little^oup formed and drop^ _ped into a cellar near hy- Ching said he had-^boiit g30 to los anil his pnmrades gathered nroand a-tar/le marked off with two chalk right an- All and divided into four quarters. The proprietor brought out a lot of bits of ivory in a basket, the others all got into chairs on their toes and sat upon tbeir.heels, and t,h» jTni«i» of fan fnn _ began.--Cning-4ost steadilyT-atul itfthe midsfr door it's a of his losings gave a crisp bin to a woe begone Chinaman who came in and told of a hang illness and the consumption of .all his savings. All the other Chinamen gave liberally, as is the -reeipien^oolred yearn" f, tha fnVffjin withdraw-without yielding to the strongest instiact of his race by risking his new gotten money on the board.--New York Bun. ' - ^ .. , NO.-W Tiiiketo hern TIUKKT Avenue.

Clipped from
  1. The Bismarck Tribune,
  2. 12 Jul 1887, Tue,
  3. Page 2

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