Seab Chavous Store - 29 Nov 1940 Aiken SC

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Seab Chavous Store - 29 Nov 1940 Aiken SC - Assessment Notice STATE OP SOUTH CAROLINA, 1...
Assessment Notice STATE OP SOUTH CAROLINA, 1 County of Aiken. Notice is hereby giv«n_that pursuant to an Act of the- General Assembly, approved December 24th, 188*4, an Act to change the ttM» of listing property for taxation, and amendatory acts thereto, tffe~ books will'be open for the fiscal year commencuig January 1, 1941, from January 1st, until February 15th, 1941, see also Act 1933. The law requires all persons owning real estate or personal property property or in anywise having control of such property either aa •cento 'or husbands, guardians, father, trustee, executor, administrator, Me., to return same to the Auditor of the county in -which such property is located under oath within the time prescribed'by. law. , Section 279 requires the Auditor to add ten per cent, penalty to the property valuation of all the persons, who fail to make thetr returns, within the time prescribed by'law. Returns of Railroads, Express Companies, Telegraph, Insurance, Manufacturers and other corporations,' Banks and Bankers, «tc. See- articles 6, 7, 8, and 9 R. S. BE SURE TO RETURN AUTOS AND TRUCKS IN SAME NAME > AS LICENSE TAGS: TO PREVENT DUPLICATION. ' BE SURE AND FIND OUT THE SCHOOL DISTRICT IN WHICH YOUR PROPERTY BELONGS. IF YOU HAVE MOVED SINCE LAST RETURNS NOTIFY US. THE LAW IS VERY STRICT ABOUT THE ;TEN PER CENT. PENALTY FOR NON-RETURN AND THE AUDITOR HAS NO OPTION IN THE MATTER. IT IS MANDATORY. MAKE YOUR RETURNS AND AVOID THE PENALTY. IF YOU HA*VE BOUGHT OR SOLD ANY REAL ESTATE SINCE THE LAST RETURN NOTIFY ME. .AH returns sent through the mails must : be sworn to before officer qualified to administer such affidavits made on proper blank* and sent at taxpayers risk. ' Banks, Railroads, Insurance Companies, Express Companies, Tele- phone.and Telegraph Companies, 'PuJlman Car Companies,'Cotton Oil Mills, Merchants, etc., are required to make their returns to the County Auditor, ax well as the South Carolina Tax Commission. Persons owning no property roust return their poll tax to the County County Auditor. : NOTE— Age, limit for poll .tax, 21 to 60 years. If changes in appointments become necessary, notice will be given in th« county paper. ; ' Don't depend on the other fellow, make your return. APPOINTMENTS January 2—Wagener, 0. L, Baughman's. 3—Salley, Bank of Salley. 6—North Augusta, City Hall, " 7—Tabernacle, Brodie's Store. 9 A. M. to 1 P. M. " 7—Perry,' Depot. 9 A. M. to 1 P. M, 8—New Holland, Milledge Shull's Store. " 8—Seivern, M. S. Gunter's Store. " 9—Windsor,'Depot. 9 A. M-*o 1 P. M. " 9—White Pond, Mr* L B. Lewis' Store 9 A. M. to 1 P. M. " 10—;WarrenviM*. JCcnney's S^ore. " 14—Wards, Seab Lybrand'a Store. 9 A. M. to 12'M. 14—Eureka. J. C. Johnson's Store. 9 A. M; to 12 M. "- 16—Monetta, HaUraan Bros. > 16—SUverton, Joe S"6rwiAfa's Store. . . "•- 16—EBenton, Dntg Sfcors, " 17—Hawfliorne, L. H. Walker's Store, 9 A. M. to 12'M. 17^Talatba,J.T. Johnson's Store, 9 A. M. to 12: 1C. • ;21—Beech Island, ^'Dobson's Store. 9 A. M. to-l"p.-M. " -21—Kattrwood, Oil; Mill. 9 A. M. to 1 P. M. " 22—AugTB»ta,Ga, > iHoTO«Font» Cigar Store. 22—Belvedere-, J. W. .Thurmond'B Stor«. " £.3—Clearwater, Company Stwre. " 23—i-Baih. Company Store. 24—Lanrtey, Dr*g Sttore. "-: 24—Langley, John TChaf ee'a Store. .9 A. M. to 12 M. . " 25—Gktverville, J. C. Spnwttey's Store. 3 to 6 P. 'M. » 29—<rr«nit«rvil^, ,Pla4t|s Droc Stova. ! 30-^lon*»' Cross Roids, 10:3o' a. m. to >2 in. T. R.' Jonfir'. SO—FoxtdwTi, Jutsoo Fox'a Store. 10:30 A. M. to 12 M. " 31—B«thea*, SenJSol.House, 9. A. M. to 12-M. 31—Kktehmgs Mill, C»rx'» Ator«. 9 A. M. to 12 M. February 1—Montmorenci, B. H. Woodward's Store 11 a. m, to 121». Ni«M Aw^atamit. < " 1—Bath, Seab Chavous' Store, 6 to 8 p. m. 3—Langley Dnir S*oo-«, « to 8 P. M. " 4—Warrenvflte.'Dn^r Store, 6 to 8 P. M. 4—GranitevUle, Drue Store, « to 8 P. M. , Either the auditor or his' deputy will be at the above mentioned places from 9 a. m.. unless otherwise stated, until aa late aa : , to accommodate the pnbBc, with tXe exception of 4 night appolntmento jit Warrenvilie, Granitcyille, Langley. and.Bath. Theae night appointments appointments are mad« to'inaur* thoao wortring durfng tbv day aftpointmeeta; a chance to make their returns after working hours. '' The appointment u made at the Home Folks hi August* to acooat- imMhtte' those taxpayers who HT« in Aiken County and work in Augusta. Augusta. , ' • •' •. •.."•'''' ! . ' there -will be someone at the Auditor's Office at the Court House every day from January Jnd until February 16th *o -take your-'rw- turn so that you can make them there also. . ' • H. L. Williams DAVHX L. ALEXANDER, -Deputy-Auditor Aodltor Alferi s County •

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  • Seab Chavous Store - 29 Nov 1940 Aiken SC

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