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• • • • • • • • * • '*****i'******'if<i>** ****** * * ****i '***********<^^*********t Wipe Out Chinatown New Yorii Pest Hole New York, March 19 —There if consternation in Chinatown. To wipe out that pUague spot of New York il is proposed lo have the city <p1fri{h'a&«i the land .and convert it into a park. This was the method adopted to clean up Mulberry bend when that vile haunt of crookdom got .beyond"control of the police. .Crowded into the tjarrow confine? of an area of fouf sqiiarc blocks, no less than 8 ,000 Chinamen live in sqiialid quarters, scores sleeping in one room. Evenin^s">nd on festival dijys thousands njiore congregate in the ill-smqllin^ tenements - from laundries scattered over this and surrounding cities. Opium dens flourish in dark basements and there anyone who has the password or is accompanied by a recognized sfeerer may witness a score of Chinamen,' white men and women, stretched out unconscious on floor mats, a pipe layout at every elbow.- Gambling games of all the kinds dear to the oriental heart abound. Such dens of iniquity as the Chatham club, in Doyers street; the 'Original Black Cat," in Pell street, and "^iigger Mike's," are well known, to the police as the headquarters for gangs,of thieves and worse. I—A CHINATOWN BABY. 2—MAN AND WOMAN STRETCHF.n OUT SMOKING "HOP." .i—CHUCK CONNORS, MAYOR OF CHINATOWN, DINING WITH TONG CHIEFS .1. In Chinatown P^ce raids the net! is invariably^ foun^ to contain girls not out of their teens. A 16-year- old girl named Baker was lured from her home in Poughkcepsic four munths ago to Chinatown. The po- 'lice and others have searched for her there, but she has disappeared as though swallowed up by tlie earth. Tom Lee ii, called the mayor of Chinatown. It was his faetioi^ which engaged in a street war with tho' men of Mock Duck at the Chinese' New Year festival. \ Mock Duck man drew one of his long pisttds al- '•.-•ys ca'-ri'-d by the "braves " of the clans and tirpd into a crowd. When a Chinaman fires he turns the pistol over his left shoulder and runs and as he runs pulls the trigger. A Tom Lee man fell with live bullet wouiids in his breast. Later another Lee man was killed in the same way. Tom Lee claimed to be a reformer and had the confidence of the police. The .Mock Ducks claim that Lee was running his own gambling and dope joints with great pfolit at the time the police believed him to be the Dr. I'arkhurst of the.district. Mock I3uck is n<iw in the tom'bs awaiting trial for alleged bribery. At every outbreak of th.- clans the police make numerous arrests, but al .the trials all clans, for the conn/ion good, feign ignorance and refu^je"»o inform upon each other. I'or this Veason it is almost impossible to • obtain convictions. Converting tlie place into a park would scatt-.-r the Chinamen and destroy iheir stronghold. - four week Central • oflice ision ter. the In found parties were to of was a robber be four

Clipped from
  1. Muskogee Times-Democrat,
  2. 19 Mar 1906, Mon,
  3. Page 1

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