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Samuel Simmons - by Owners 1- on perons on n bomb there ^ - t n...
by Owners 1- on perons on n bomb there ^ - t n o h the with of the t h n t ex- LABOR OF LOVE. J01d Franklin Cemetery is in Repair by Private Charity. F R A N K L I N , J u n e ;|.-- neffk-et by tho city of F r a n k l i grave. When ihe'i'it-w''^.'^'.!^./^'^,'^ iVd' out and opened up, tin.- old" out- was abandoned to ruck and r u i n , no town commons and u n t i l "ttiTnt^ town caitk-. Some 13 or 15 veiirH UKU ihe city. ,u last, buuumliitf utliitmcd of llKOlf. b u i l l f. s u b s t a n t i a "round the old original plot, c o n t ilarl ' Ihrw tt te Mdri!ti ' 0il - l - u " t "' l '»i''« Plotted by Bunjarnin Aiiixiiniler' In the y«ur 1S54. Very few hodit-s now rt-maln In this iiddltlon. they having b.^n tiiken coinmonu 1 '"*" UCrM "'"" ""'' TM l ** " \Vhnt n plnoo for thought and nirdi- laiion ia afforded one by a visit to the f i d original iwn acres, w h u r e lies Hers, ninny of t h e m prominent In j nd bcfns identliii?!] w i t h tho tarlv tory of tho mirsprv uf R t W i t men "TVir iianifs have beon handed down to nos- ti'rky find will llv... lor IIRO-- u'lien W i inni 1M1. u h o H H | tuk.-n care i-luoo, k'ft th. ; city so,n- t l n i f n S o. h^ i atn . U ·i t r u s t e d t h e ' c a r e of the o tin- Hon. \\-Illlar.i H. Korbr-s. Mr. ForbOK. t r u e 10 hU penero'j( 1 and public H'iril, lin.s, nt his own p.-c-;i'--- hoi bits of 5ti of F 1 wi. l ^ a t l n ) - the ac-lent. 1 c f t t h a t U H d The evils of of World con- l be pui the t'ld ffrounds In trim shape tvliioh would do n-odii lo the most prf.'onti^U" CPm«l(.-ry of the pi-«s,?»t time. Tills faol beinif »;allfd to tli^ (mention of tlif U.-r- rii.-k repi-psontativt*. a n i r - h c i i h cusB'.-stc.I t h e Idfii th:it ti,'., puhlh'ation to m a n y citizons of F r a n K H n , Itio older labs, i-.ui tiiiu' and contact w i t h ili.W-l- ients biive flffiirt-d many of the natiK Tlu. interment in I h o old groiin as the b.idy.of .Mlehiiel IIiillTisa. 179' ronch crc-ik, b'plnc it I u m W r m n Kiiruh (InHUBS, f .·ifo of .Marcus H u l IS:-'. «'ho wna a Hrvidutl'jmiry suMiei not hvirknl her,. . s i n . s Jtii inti- ret M. frotn New York. n , llllr.ola, l wi :itifjo county. Jlla p o r t r a l i is i tin- court room. Ilia youngest dnugli- ·r, Mra. McHIpati'ick, Is noi in l-'irst. ward of Franlilln. i«in;o Power, a Hevolutlom irn, 1760, and died, in ISiG, i iinj -.,.- QorUon.-lSEl; John Hay, ISl'i Sarah, -wile -'of Alexander llnys. J321 David Nfckgr.aon. 1812; Ktisu, 'diitishte. ·tt Alex, and Sarah ^t^?D(^^^-'.j!^ 180'J- llcxander McDowell, I S l f i - \Vm Al I S 3 J ; JulnyK. Lapah-y. cdltm- of V, J a n o Uallcy.'wiru'of John l.'allVy', ; Jlavy 1-nBHtKltiH, wifo nf John Fa^m 1S-1T: John Htranford, isr.f,; X«;ir wlfo of Saniuol ,«nyii,. r . I S I S ; t. w i f e of A l . ' v a n d t n - d I S I T : KiiTiio.rth, wif* r «f"jllhn lliiin n-wIvMly. f !llM "iMT^JlHiih.'i "v- -.«ily, wifrt of ;..,. r K v I' ()(,·,[ ?2fi: Samuel .Simmons, b u r n 1 7 7 7 Kf; Alnriii Jli-Oilnionl. d i f d I S l f ; iim C'rain, i.oi-n I T M , illrd IV,!!-; J n n . I l i i l l d n y . d i i i ) !,133; Jonah iltt-.n. died I S 4 7 ; It,'b..-c ;1 KInnc.ii-. ,i| Innear. I S I S ; I t o l i r n nii'ltirnltli' opntm n / i l l i r a t t h . lfi:i!) : l-:ii/;iln-th Hr.i 111, 1SJ.1: Samuol Ornl.iim. 1 M I ; M,' n-i-ttn Iflnncar, IS.'!.'; K i l n a l i e t h r,i Ithoixlc.;, died Jim.. 17. 1S11; Nnm-v K -·mi'. I S r . l : -Vnix-y, vvlfo tf .Im-ob'',V- cr. 1^10; l l n n h MirClolliiiid. dl,'il 1-1 MiirBiir*'t IlKlB^wny. dk-d 1 S 4 7 ; Coin! ing tho ill Itt A i i f n n :nn,

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