Dr Cantine 50th Anniversary Rites part 2

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Dr Cantine 50th Anniversary Rites part 2 - Dr. Canline 50th Anniversary Rites _ to b* tht...
Dr. Canline 50th Anniversary Rites _ to b* tht of the church. i«*.vi* u.uiu. * »*w ...,«.« - -- -- - · "W. ar« Hvlnj itt crtt'cal; nuug la lh« old Cantinc home-1 ho »ald: "th« United :He*A at Stone RidK*. wh«ro It State* t» uot a ChrUUan nation; i written In 1$S by fro(«MOr J. w* art Hriai la a ·*«** world jUn»lur. The new tun« » Many lltnore th« Church ot Chrlat. i voted by Ml»« Esithsr Challl*. (Millions have d«cld«d th«y would | friend of the Arabian Mission but what th« Klatice had; £ C ( »lous without God. Larj-j ~ OM group* have attempted to run j oo to { U. but J h a d b*a made and the ] that had been spent In the light j o t their value to tho*» who had done for thoa. b*ck homt. He ipok« of th« Mcrlflcw i °' tb * lr v * tu * *° ' h0 ** _T ko h i d I th«7 ;: th ero 'laTothTnV wrong wU'J j nicks early th* gift*. He. tbe world t h st cannot t* cur-j-1 ! ot\**H- " ta « P rim » °°J« et ?·' w " rk ta God'. Tlwytni I. not the vtne- x*rd. but u,."and aake4. "what themteltea. The ekture of y^^ m | N«mrk thHr act,.th ° Wi '" ""^ »·«'*. °«- = 7 «f-°, M h( \ n ; PtfSBlte all ihia th* ip*aktr h«Vl j dr*d pollerm«n uwi thtlr · · · ' · - ir i y today t o halt dlaor- ine worm IQBI c«nnui ,w - " · j · j d«r »» jovcral humlred p«r»oni b y t h e p r i n d p l M o f J e j u i C h r U t - j k u n t f 0 rmM m«mb.n of ,- -. ,,, a* 1 ? aSoiSll^hlrt^Slth. G.n» B .A»*H«. Wolktbundi has been the profit to you. sjnr- christlnn life caa b« lived." ill when they attempted to l*av* itually, of th. work of thw. P*»t j ^clarod that ChrUttanlty did not i meetln*. Five ni^-n wtre conttst ot au aarmation of cortaiu | Pollco ord«roil th« bund belief*, in certain coufwalon.i or j back Into th* hall and ch»rK«d cr*ed», bnt in trajiilatlu« Chrli- Into the crowd. Th«y drovo them lion principl** Into Itf*. Dr. Cajitiue Mid that the crtat vMue of the work in Arabia was the. "value of wilncMloc -t-r in . back, and then esfortod (ho four things that tb* church mint! do In ordrr to rainliter to t h e ! nocda of the world--It must l.i! Dr. Cantlne made aome bHef true to tho vl , tou o( lta res ponl- rctercocea to the di«cuUlo» th«y hilltles- It need* a«aln to be «n- encountered In the early : ear* ot m ui i,ij,i| c , bout ;,,,,,; | t mu »t p-n their work la Arabia. xh« rear* tllt em pha»l» where ItJ* golni to spent in soarchinR out The coun- count m0it o n tne toy* and try and trying to locate the lluw - -of least resistance for carrying oa e n . , , Dr Murphy dl.cu«.d out of the hall iu two', to that the church nmit automobile. 01 lout rrsihi. -------- -- ------ , k, the ways in which they , j wt . re b | 0ckcd AnA t i,«| r i.ltter dts go becu plaln- acoiiitment when, after many i years of effort they could stt so little done where at the *Urt they | had expected to accomplish «o l much. Synod President's Addrcas Tho closing speaker ot the evening was tho Rev. Dr. J. Har- vc Murphy of Hudson, president of general synod. Dr. Murphy, v.bo has been with other members of a "travel team" covering the numorqils areas of the Ueforuiod Church throughout the XJnttaJ States during recent weeks, made i strong appeal "for vital UhrlaUan ·vitig, and spoke on what be bo- ot from 14 to 18); U mu»t r-s- the crow. th* flr*t point, hi »»ld: "We have b«en playing in matters of religion; we have h*ri everythlni; In church but .-the religion of J*sui Chrlit: there li nothing happeninc on the Insldu ot tho church to attract the muUl- tude." drip 01 »ue*" mucuj irc.iuui4; U U H U ^i/wt *..«. | T, Tim n n t « V l n ·orrlx* rlruitH »lth I ''»« *° ««W»f It " tiwilin* 1 lie notaoie iernc« cio*«a wun ^ j , § (u (jj,,^,., oholiln* n»lu« you t«l' ,, An you, loo. *)*«« to (Ht couUnt lrip, p Uttuit | »H ov«f Do you w«k up In (b« itls-t«irno»««oiltbro«tbl3ei*l«iUl _ » *·* . k r --. k-..l. . . _ . Tt,i. , SOAP OINTMINT Uky phltcniT O'ct torn* MentbahUim. » cftm(«rtJOt b*lm conUiain* menthol, V T^ pucr, »Bil twthinii oiU. Put R lil'-l* in «»«h af»u-U»MmbltontJiothri«tnt«ichi»ii. lliiipy nktl "julckly toUowi. Minshol»tum Imlpi ! 5J vtottho ftUtriiuof mucui, aiiU uii'ltsifin»ihn

Clipped from
  1. The Kingston Daily Freeman,
  2. 27 Oct 1938, Thu,
  3. Page 17

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  • Dr Cantine 50th Anniversary Rites part 2

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