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COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS OFFICE, LOFT, STORE AND BANK BUILDINGS lUyertew Ruriil Casket Csv. Philadelphia le & Arthur A. NWsaes. Philsdelphis Smith, Klin it French Ca Pbiladelalua Charles Lents k Sens. PKuadeiahis Uk:n Cempsny . . . Philadelahis Manufacturers' Realty C.. Pbasdrlphia P. A. North Ca- Ca- . . PhiladeJphi. De Leoe Buildin , ..PMadclabia Bemrd Gleeckler C Pittsborgh, Pa CerfurtS 4 Friecilander. Hasleten, Pa haiienal Catkrf Ca, New Yerk PhTiirians' BaJdinf, "Leiinften, K?. L M. Harris .. Philadelphia INDUSTRIAL PLANTS MACHINERY, IRON AND METALS htIoc TaiVrnf Machine C. (ever 40 repeat orders) Camden, N. J-EWd J-EWd J-EWd C. Budd Mff. Ca. PfcUee'phia Munkipa! Repair Shop, Philadelphia Hots BUrrim. Phaadrlphia Otis FWvatar Co.. Philadelphia Waos Ces State Ce Philajclphis and LandsdaJe, Pa. De Lenf I leek It Eye C. Phlsdelphia Esterbroek Steel Peon Mi". Cs., (mi orders) . .Camden. N. J. S. L Ulen AC... PhJlsdelphis Amerkaa Eninerin C-. C-. C-. PhUsdelp!us Earle Gear and Machine Ce. PhiUdelpbia M. B. t'ndenreed & Ce- Ce- PhlUdelphia L. F. Serfert's Sens, Philadelphia KJ?y A Jenei Ce Greensbort, Pa. - Cr.ne Ce. Philsdelphia J. D. Jshnsan Ce, Csasden, N. J. Eje Feundry Csmpany, Newark, N. J. Asaericaa PuHey Ce-. Ce-. Ce-. Philadelphia Assrrkaa Gasacraeaalator Ce LUzabeth, N. J. larrea Weeater & Co, Cssaden, N- N- J. . Saaajcl J. CresweD IrM Works, Phitadelphta 1 Faith 4 Ce. PhUadelpbia tWu HtltM's Sens, Philadelphia sleTTkaat Ic Evaas Ca. Philadelphis hf Cap k Oewre Cat, New Terk J. S. TWa Ce . . Philadelphia Tie, Steel A Far re Works, Philadelphia EMILE G. PERROT Formerly of the Firm of BELLINGER & PERROT Architects &f Engineers Announces the opening of his new offices in the Woolworth Building New York Parkway Building Philadelphia Mr. Perrot's name has been intimately associated associated with the creation of many of the great industrial structures erected during the 'last quarter century. Today, with a carefully selected organization equipped to handle the largest work, he announces announces the continuation of his professional activities unrestrictedly under his personal direction direction and supervision, in the designing and construction of modern industrial plants and institutions. EMILE G. PERROT Architect &. Engineer a Temporary Addrra$ ) 2850 Woolworth Building 'Phone Barclay 9610 New York Parkwav Building Philadelphia PAPER. CHEMICALS. PAINTS, SOAP. RUBBER. GLASS, ETC. Federal Paper Beard Ce, (five orders) . .Beteta. N. J. Becker, Smith A Pare. Inc, Philadelphia Dats Manufacturing Co, Philsdelphia Barrett Manufacturing Ce- Ce- Philadelphia Jehn Luc Ce, Philadelphia and Gibbsbero, N- N- J. Harrison Brothers A Ca, Philadelphia Pattersen-Sarfeot Pattersen-Sarfeot Pattersen-Sarfeot Company. New Terk 0.. W. T.i A C.J, Phaadeiphia Ceerre H. Becmer Ca-. Ca-. Ca-. Chester, Pa. LansberHuTe Rubber Ce-. Ce-. Ce-. LambertriUe. N. J. Hirea-Turaer Hirea-Turaer Hirea-Turaer CJ C Philadelphia and Resslra. -Ehret -Ehret MagwraU Msoalactiariwt Ca ...Part Kennedy. Ps. Anerkan Ice Ce....Ph3delplu Vultanit Pertland Ceaacnt Ce., Vulcanite. Pa. Bath PertUad Oeaea Ca Bath, Pa. PRINTING. LITHOGRAPHING, ETC. The Lord Baltimore Press, Baltimore, Md The New Terk Ceealtd. Card Ce. New Terk Chilton Prlntint Ce-, Ce-, Ce-, Philsdelphia Letinstesi Leader, Lexinrten, Ky. WOODWORKING AND FURNITURE Lester Plan Ce. (nine orders V. Lester, Pa-, Pa-, Pa-, and Philadelphia Winter & Company. .New Yerk H erased Brothers A Wakefield Ce Philadelphia S. Karpea A Brothers, New Terk Henry H. Sheip.'. . .Philadelphia A. Schaeoiot Co.. . Philadelphia LEATHER, SHOES AND SPECIALTIES Surpass Leather C-, C-, C-, PhSadelphia C. J. Matthews A Cm.. ' Laofheroe. Pa. McNeely A Cel. . PhiladelpWa laird, Scbeler & C ' rhuadelphU E. Huhachcaao PhOadelphU W. A. Haines Philadelphia TEXTILES. DRY GOODS, ETC. The Viscose Cempany (eleven baildiafs). .Marcos Heok, Pa. The Viscose Company (the buildinxs) Roanoke, Va. The lscese Ceosaany, Lewistewn, Pa. Duplan Silk Cera, (four orders). Hazleten, Pa. Duplan Sifk Carp, Derranceten, Pe. Guaranty S2k Carp, Nanticoke, Pa. Salt's Textile Mff. Ca., Bridfeaert, Conn. Salt 'a Textile Mfj. Ce-, Ce-, Ce-, Lyons, Franc Aberfeyle M a nu (actur in( Cav, Chester, Pa. Andre Martin (Gear Held Tettile C.), OearBtld, . Pa. James Leea A Sens Ce, . Bridtepert, Pa. B. F. Beyer A Ce-, Ce-, Ce-, Cassden, N. J. Tent Rock Weelm Mills, Philtu'eTphis Rambe & Rrjar, Nenistewa, Pa. Jacob Gerhsrt, Hasfetaa, Pa. ' and Mahaney City, Ta. I -: -: . . - . ... FOOD PRODUCTS, CONFECTIONERY AND BEVERAGES National Biscuit Ce, Philadelphia National Biscuit Co, ' Cleveland, Ohio The Bell Cempany, Philadelphia Acme Tea Company, Philadelphia Crane Ice Cream A Baking Ce, Philadelphia Keebler-Weyl Keebler-Weyl Keebler-Weyl Bakint Ca, Philadelphia Oakdak Bikini Ce, Philadelphia Fleischmsnn's Vienna MedeJ Bakery, Inc. Philadelphia Philadelphia Heme Made Bread Ce. Philadelphia Great Atlantic A Pacific Tea Ce, Jersey Gty, N. J. (3 repeat orders) Pennsylrania Chocolate Co, Pittsburgh. Pa. Checolat-Menier. Checolat-Menier. Checolat-Menier. Hoboken, N. J. American Chicle Cempany, New "York City Joseph Campbell Ce, Camden, N. J. MISCELLANEOUS Automobile dub of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Locomobile Ce. of America, Philadelphia United States Pest Office Garage, New Yerk American Stores Ce, Garage, Philadelphia Forrest Laundry Philsdelphia Salem Laundry Salem, Mass. HOUSING Union Park Gardens. U. S. Shipping Board, E. F. C end The Liberty Land Ce, (503 Dwellings). Wilmington. Del. The Viscose Co.. (262 DeelBngs), Marcos Heek, Pa. The Viscose Cempany, . Roanoke, Va. Lewistewn Housing A Development Development Ce-, Ce-, Ce-, ((0 Dwellings), Lewistewn, Pa. Samuel Homer, Jr, (157 Dwellings). Dwellings). Philadelphia INSTITUTIONS ViSa Maria Academy, Sisters el th Immaculate Heart, Fraser, Pa. St. Mary's Hospital, Sister of St. Frsneis '. Philadelphia Chester Hospital. . Chester, Pa. Northeastern Hospital. Philadelphia John B. Stetson Hospital, Philadelphia St. Michaels Industrial School, White's Ferry, Pa. Ferdham University, New Yerk The Or Club of Pbaadelphia. Philadelphia Engineers' CloS ef Philedclahia, ' . Philadelphia Philadelphia TurngeBemde. - ' Philadelphia The CeEcge Arms Hetel, ., DeLand, Fla..,

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 24 Nov 1920, Wed,
  3. Page 11

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